Wednesday, 2 February 2011


I love blogland and the camaraderie of it all and I also love how sometimes you come across something and for the life of you you can't workout how you found it you're so glad you did - this can be said for the Scrapology blog  which had a fabulous January sketch challenge that I fell in love with - and it was a double page layout to boot!  I love sketches, when you need a boost to your inspiration a basic layout can lead to some great crafting - so this is what I did last night and checking on the blog this morning - I haven't missed the window for the challenge!  Phew!  

I'm really pleased with the finished results and it means the four photos of us on the beach haven't been split up into different layouts but combined to show the 'whole' visit!  

 The pages up close - I changed the circle for a heart and of course it's stitching! 
 I'm not sure said 10 year old was really grasping the idea of skimming stones - more like throwing rocks! 
I made an error on the stamping at the end of embracing life - I put the exclamation mark on it's side which just made me seem very special - but being a true Virgoan this would have driven me insane, so I hand cut some hearts and placed them next to the statement and went round them with a black pen - twice to make it look intentional!  I am a great believer that anything can be recovered if you set your mind to it!
So here's to discovering new blogs - thank you Scrapology for a fabulous design - can't wait to see the February challenge!  Off to post my link - hope everyone's having a great Wednesday - it is Wednesday isn't it?  Apparently it was Wednesday yesterday too (see previous post) - sorry - don't know whether I'm wishing my life away, whether I can blame my cold or whether I'm just losing the plot! 


  1. Fabulous pages Virginia! The photographs are gorgeous :) Glad to see that you're still loving the stitching. Sorry you're not well either :( Hope you feel better soon x x x

  2. What a fabulous LO Virginia! Gorgeous photos and lovely stitching again.
    Must check out the website. TFS.
    Sue xx
    p.s. the hearts look intentional! lol

  3. p.p.s. the word I had to type was "spays" - sent Max running to the hills!

  4. Great LO Virginia - love all the stitching - and some beautiful photos. I am not bad at skimming stones, though looking at your shots it does remind me of a time when my DH stood to close to me and I got him in the leg with my stone...(fortunately we both laughed lots about it!)

  5. Great LO Virginia, I love scrapping pictures of the beach the light always seems different there. Love the stitching and stamping. :-) xx

  6. Wow Virginia, What a great double layout, and I enjoyed reading your blog too. Welcome to Scrapology and thank you for taking part. Lookforward to seeing your February layout.

  7. Lovely natural colours Virginia - great use of different techniques like stamping and stitching, and I look forward to seeing what you do with the February layout!

  8. Great LO.
    Thanks for joining in this month :)

  9. You're losing the plot, girl - but that's ok, you can just join the rest of us in 'plot losing corner'! But today you're all good, it IS Wednesday, and it is Planet Earth.

    Great LO, wonderful colours and happy happy photos. Love the stitching.


  10. Hi Virginia

    What a fabulous LO - love doube page LO's. How much do I love Wemyss Bay - isn't the railway station so quaint? Better than that, love taking the ferry over to Rothesay - did you do that? The toilets on the promenade are like something out of Harry Potter - a must see.