Saturday, 5 February 2011


You know how it is - some days no matter what, you are just that little bit more raw emotionally than you mean to be - today is one of those days.  Sometimes it's best not to over think things (I'm trying not to) some days it's best just to go with the flow (I'm trying to do that) but sometimes your mind wanders and you vary between mighty cross to mighty sad.  

This'll be cryptic but it's the best way 
 I am a hard person to know - I know this, 
I am a hard person to live with - I know this 
I have high expectations for myself and I'm never ever afraid to be me - people around me know this 
 you never see a 'diluted' version of who I am - as it simply wouldn't be me!  

So for those that get let into the inner circle - and believe you and me there are very few - they get the real me - both my good points and my bad.  Now don't get me wrong this would indicate that I obviously think I'm 'perfect' wrong - far from it - I am my own worst critic - I just have a strong sense of being - for this I do not apologise and those around me know this.

So today I'm feeling a little emotionally raw when the inner circle is feeling a little bit oval in shape at the minute 

I haven't changed - I am who I say I am 
So today I'm feeling raw - so thought I'd share some crafting plus ruglets on (little man's name for rugby when he was little and it's stuck) and I'm crafting, I've managed a single page layout for which my Urban Faeries team on UK Scrappers will be mighty pleased - I'll share it later!  

But for now here's one I prepared earlier and just to make you smile - yes this is Harry Potter lego that I've documented!  Little man was sooooo pleased with it on Christmas day a present from his Nutty Nannan and Boxing Day morning was spent building said lego!
Up close - I used my DCWV Christmas Stack again - which is bright and vibrant - do you like how I got the Christmas tree in the background - one of Shimelle's ideas!
 And the other page - I honestly never thought I'd find somewhere to use my 'eloquently evil' stamp on a layout!  But here it is! 
And a little more up close from the glossy accents on the rub on title
to the hand cut stamped journal blocks
to the usage of old brads (using up that stash in 2011)
and finally a close up of the stamp 
So there you have it an emotionally raw Saturday - but hey you have to have the rain in order to enjoy the sunshine don't you!  

Perhaps it's time to return to the art journals - now where's that paint!


  1. Sorry to hear you've had a bad day Virginia and hope tomorrow is better.
    Love the LO and the lego - I miss those lego days now DS is all growed up - esp. the trips to Legoland Windsor.
    I'm laid low by a flu bug so didn't get to Scrap Club and haven't felt up to joining in the online crop. :( Thank goodness for my vampires - I've nearly finished book 4 - I see what you mean about crying - that woman is a superb writer.
    Sue xx
    p.s. that stamp is fabulous!

  2. Oh sweetheart yesterday was a curve ball, as you say we don't always see them coming and we don't always know what to do with them when they arrive! I wouldn't change anything about you, I always think that perfection is in our uniqueness! So to me you are completely unique many many hugs, your sister Melanie xxx

  3. Virginia, I know what you mean completely. Think I have had a fair few of those days. I think all you can do is roll with it - the people that love and know you will understand and be there. People that are in that inner circle are very lucky indeedy.

    Now Harry Potter Lego on a scrapbook page :P Totally brilliant and totally you. I do like the tree in the pic what a good idea I'll have toi remember that!