Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Yes I know this is the second post of the day but I've realised that the Anything Goes Challenge has moved on to its next challenge and I haven't shown you the last one LOL!
I've been watching this blog from 'afar' for a while but when I saw the sketch I thought - why not!  I'm really into sketches at the moment so head over to see the sketch in question Lynne from the Craft Den always makes you feel welcome!  Anyway this is my take on it (most people have generated gorgeous cards with the sketch but you know I'm not a card maker! so you'll have to put up with scrapbooking).  The title of this layout "On Top of the World" - has something of a story to it, it's from a set of Bo Bunny stickers that I bought and loved due to the colours etc - but when I got them home I realised that all the sentiments said Grand-parent this and Grand-parent that type things on it- hadn't read the words grrrr - anyway being a Yorkshire lass the term waste not want not comes to mind so I cut the sentiment out and did my own putting it into the newly cut circle!
Up close you can see I added glossy accents and bling - the sticker actually had 'bling' look on it - so I just stuck bling straight over the top to give the added dimension!
  Anyway I liked the sketch - so I did another page of little man and his 'homemade' tardis - he never did get round to painting it but it did keep him occupied for quite some time last summer!  Both of these layouts has the added stitching around the edge.
Up close you can see that the strip across the bottom is in fact ribbon to add to the texture and yes that is faux stitching around the journal oval I added it after I stuck it down!
Finally (you didn't think I could stop at two did you!) is this one which looks visually different because of the colours documenting sisters 30th last year!  I did indeed stamp 30 stars around her photo and her name Melanie means dark star so it seemed apt!  The journaling has been stamped all around the edge and yes before you ask it took ages!  Really pleased with this layout though
And up close you can see a little more of the detail!
And a final comment - a big thank you to all of you who left positive comments this morning - they really have made the world of difference to me!  I've actually got my art journals out this afternoon and done quite a few pages - but in all honesty this art journal is simply not big enough - Dyan I need a bigger book - a much bigger book LOL!  I can't do small - there's not enough room and my pictures are way too big!  
Anyway as you'll have already guessed I've not had the greatest of days but as well as that today has also been a none-driving day - I have these occasionally when I'm just not in the mood or focused enough to drive - tried setting off from three sets of traffic lights in 3rd gear - sod!  Then I came home and little one has made a hama bead coaster which he wanted me to iron - I did such a great job that the peg board he uses got too hot and shrivelled up and in an effort to sort it out I turned it upside down to try and flatten it but stuck the coaster he'd made to the ironing board so I had to use a bread knife to remove it - honestly some days!  

Right off to encourage hubby to make me some boxes he's been promising since the weekend.


  1. Beautiful pages Virginia, I can just imagine if that was me trying to stamp the journalling I would have done a typo (stampo?) halfway round and then had to kill something!

    As for the car, ah yes, I can remember doing things like that and then last car we got was an automatic. Joy of joys! All you have to worry about is the other nutters on the road and such a difference doing long distnaces. First time we drove to Scotland I had to get out at our rest stops and massage my leg and do lunges at the roadside (I can only imagine what people thought!) Last time we drove up in the automatic and no cramping at all. I was able to actually rest and have coffee at the rest stops! I'd never go back to manual - at least not without creating a big stink and major huffage first.

  2. Gorgeous LOs Virginia - I really don't know how you had the patience to stamp all that journalling! Melanie looks fab-u-lous!
    Sorry today hasn't been much better.
    More Hugs and sparkles xx
    p.s I gave up on driving a long time ago.

  3. Loving your scrapping!
    Sue x

  4. Hi ginnie!

    I love the layouts, the 30th birthday one is beautiful! and man, I know how you feel about the driving, some days I am just a bag of nerves and do the most stupid things, I think you're right Carmen about automatic cars, I am seriously considering one! Hope you're feeling happier and more positive soon!

    Love Fi x x x x

  5. Having a bloggy catch up after a manic few days :) Great great pages Ginnie - I had a BIG smile when you didn't stop at one with the sketch :D!
    Sending big hugs to you for the tough times. Miss you :( x x x