Sunday, 6 February 2011


So after the fraught day of yesterday today was a little bit calmer - of sorts.

As I said sometimes you have to have the rain in order to enjoy the sunshine!
Today has been plain old weird - but fun - so I don't mind so much!  

We decided to head to a certain cash and carry today after obtaining a card for it!  We told said 10 year old that they sold all sorts of things including foods in giant sizes (also known as catering packs to you and I) the idea was somewhat lost on him - he thought this meant everything was giant!  He was going to take his lego keyring so he could compare it with the giant version that would obviously be there - we started to think this trip might not live up to his expectations LOL!

Anyhow we eventually found it and wandered around - these places are so damn big - managed to find my fiskar cutter's blades at a very reasonable price - so had to get three packs of those and some take away bags - I so love to make my own gift bags given half a chance so now I have 125 to keep me occupied, then we bought strange food stuffs and lots and lots of fish!
Whilst walking around we also found the giant condiment aisle - said 10 year old could not stop laughing that they sold in his words "paint decorating pots of tomato ketchup" followed by "Dad Dad you have to see this giant Tabasco sauce" followed by - "Mum look at this sack of sugar" - all very amusing but when we hit the sweet aisle it was drool city - honestly!  

Anyway it was a fun trip, spent far too much but it was fun, stopped off at Melanie's for a cuppa and to take my Mum some monk fish we'd bought her which was at a bargain price!  Melanie and John were on their usual form which means funny - Mum was chatting about her busy week despite the fact she's not been hundred percent and all was good!
Yesterday we bought some fish from the supermarket, Melanie was at our house when hubby was buying it - so he got her some 'bargain dab' - now some of you who know Melanie know what great company she is - she's also an amazing Mum but she's not very confident in the kitchen - so I was a little worried at the prospect of her cooking a flat fish on the bone!  

Anyhow - we got the inevitable phone call this evening
the first one was 

"how do you gut a fish?"
she wasn't keen on the fact it was staring at her anyway - so hubby had to convince her that had already been done

then she cooked it Jamie's Oliver style - apparently burning the first lot of pancetta and pine nuts and then without a fish knife managing to turn it into - as she put it - something that resembled scrambled egg!
She'd chopped some parsley up and wasn't sure if she should use the stalks - but she did - so when she came to eat the scrambled egg like substance she couldn't tell if it was bones or parsley her description of her tea tonight

"Graveyard on a plate"
whilst telling me the above tale - you should liberally scatter it with swear words - because that's what the conversation had - I laughed til I cried - please don't be put off cooking again Melanie (I daren't even go down the soup broth fiasco) but next time maybe a filleted fish might be more appropriate!

Love ya hun and for those of you not friends with Melanie on facebook you might not have seen the new 'do' - doesn't she look amazing!
And then just because it's Sunday a little more crafting - this one was using a scrap lift off my new 'group' on UK Scrappers - I've not been in a group before it's a whole new experience LOL.  The style was quite busy and I wasn't sure if I could pull it off but I really like the finish layout of hubby, me and my sister - (before the hair colour change)!
 Then the detail rub ons, glossy accents and ribbon
 Stitching as always
 and a mixture of embellishments!
Hope you've all had a great day!


  1. ROFL - that post has done me a power of good! Have lost the whole weekend to flu - no crafting,no TV - only my vampires have sustained me (now on to book 5 and poor half castrated Vishous - sorry!).
    Sue xx
    p.s. I'm still burning up and slightly delirious so excuse anything too graphic. xx

  2. p.p.s. the word I had to type for my post was "craze" - just about sums it up. xx

  3. Sounds like a fun weekend :) Fab red hair too. Beautiful LO - love the glossy accents and stitching - it looks great.


  4. I've just finished book 5 and have had a damned good cry - poor Jane. Saddest one yet.
    Sue xx
    p.s. forgot to say that I love the colour of your sister's hair. xx

  5. Ha ha thanks Virginia, reading it back even I had to laugh and my hair looks really really red in photo's lol lovely lo btw hugs x