Wednesday, 12 January 2011


Good morning all and how are you this fine Wednesday morning, I like Wednesday's primarily because there's no breakfast club (so a slightly later leaving time) and I pick little one up from school which means a three o'clock finish - hurrah!  After a mighty long day yesterday it's nice to allow me to catch up with me - if that makes sense!

So the weight watcher pack finally arrived, and I read and searched and searched and read and then rang them and said - "How am I supposed to work out how many points I can have?"
The answer - the electronic points calculator in the pack - mmmm me confused then the damn thing didn't work grrrr - but I'm on plan nonetheless trying to get my head around what's allowable, what's manageable and definitely what's changed!  I've also managed two nights doing two miles on my glider - I hate that thing, the only way I don't hate it is to have music playing in my ears (MP3 player) and be reading at the same time, but I've discovered it becomes more leisurely gliding in those instances because I can't glide fast and read grrrr - so I'm having to cope, plus the time I've been using it at is usually little man's TV time where he watches repeat after repeat of utter rubbish on TV - the last two nights have been 'stealing, accident crash' type Police programmes!

So still doing the whole teetotal-ness it's bliss if I'm honest not missing it one bit, only difficult part of last two days was hubby cutting himself the world's largest slab of Christmas cake last night - I have a slight weakness when it comes to such things and it smelt absolutely divine - but he's in Christmas crap eating mode hoovering up what rubbish is left so he too can join me on plan come next week so I shouldn't grumble (much)
Anyhow thought I'd share a couple more layouts, I'm galloping through pictures - which is brilliant - I'm loving getting things scrapped!

This is another double page layout from when we visited Beatrix Potter World in Bowness, the garden outside in the height of summer was simply magical!  I managed to use my new nestabilities dies on this (next time something new comes out I'm going to find out about them - I assumed they'd be hard work to use in my big shot but turns out they aren't - what they turn out to be is utterly addictive!)
I chose subtle peaches and greens with a hint of pale blue, I used sequin waste to colour the peach paper, I stamped dragon flies and cut them out, I stamped the lettering and covering them in glossy accents

 Used a bit of ribbon in the main picture on the second page to help tie it together and overall I'm really pleased with the outcome! 
Finally I'll leave you with another Christmas gift (yes I'm still trying to show you these) 

I made two of these both different but similar (I'll share the other later) this one for my brother, I scanned photos from a holiday we had in 1997 and had them printed, then I created this book using a Voodoo Vixen template that I adore.  I created a document of the holiday, I don't think my brother had any of this information or photos so it was an unexpected gift.  I kept a diary that holiday so I used the information to create a mini book, although I had to laugh I seemed to document what we bought and what we ate more than what we saw - how times change when it comes to journaling!  Apologies for the slightly blurry picture
 The inside of the book looked like this!
So there you have it a little mid week posting, I'm enjoying blogging more frequently!  Hope everyone is grand this morning!  If you pop by say hello - particularly if you always pop by and never say hello then leave a message I'd love to know who is out there today?


  1. Love that LO and what a great gift for your brother.
    Well done on the WW front - I'm still debating whether to rejoin whilst trying to eat more healthily. We still have Christmas cake left too - and I love it. Think it might be sent to Bristol next week so DS and his housemates can finish it!
    Sue xx

  2. Pretty LO with great photos.

    Good luck with all the WW stuff - typical that you've waited all this time for the pack to come, you're all fired up with good intentions and then the points calculator doesn't work! Grrrrr! That glider thing sounds like torture, as do the rubbish tv progs. You really deserve to lose weight putting up with all that!


  3. OMG I love Christmas cake. Not sure I would have resisted... actuallly - there wouldn't be any left at this point in the year ;)

    Well done on all the exercise.

    All the scrappy projects are just gorgeous. I assumed the same about nesties - are you now telling me otherwise? Is this another pro to me rebuying a Cuttlebug?

  4. Hello Virginia! I'm playing catch up again :) Thank you for honouring me with the blog award - double :) :)! I'm loving seeing your scrapbook pages, great style! (A little sad that we won't be having our regular Monday evenong slots aren't you) :(
    Will keep in touch via email and blog x x x