Sunday, 9 January 2011


Good morning bloggers, today finds me in a particularly positive mood primarily because of my awesome family, we've sat and had a chat this morning a little reflection on the week, how we are doing with our pledges and plans for 2011, making little adjustments along the way and keeping positive.  

Tomorrow sees the official start of my healthy eating in 2011 - I am so tired of eating the rubbish that's been around the house just ready for some nice clean eating and new points system to boot, I'll keep you informed of my progress.
I sat last night looking at some photos and some papers but it just wasn't coming together (it was looking rather twee argh!!!!) so I worked on the circle journal that I'm behind with I found a little piece of paper was waving at me out of a box and suddenly paint and paper and ink and stamps and the page was done - quite impressed if I'm honest LOL wasn't expecting that!
Got to head to Melanie's in a bit - my washing machine died before Christmas and she's been my saviour over the last few weeks letting me use her machine in the interim whilst I'm waiting for the new one to arrive!  Bless her.

Another layout to share with you this one was fun to do documenting little man's lack of enthusiasm to actually shoot a gun with bullets.  We were at Chatsworth's country fair and we paid for him to shoot at a target, when he realised the gun had little bullets in them he simply freaked out and Craig ended up using his "go", however he was quite happy to use the air rifle as can be seen in the layout.  It was nice to journal the story as it shows that despite having a few games on the PS2 and Wii that involve fighting (namely lego characters I grant you but still fighting nonetheless) that he wasn't quite so enthusiastic when it came to the real thing. 
Another teacher gift from before Christmas, this one done for his main teacher, with a little of my arty Christmas photography to boot (ie tree in background)
 How's everyone this morning and how's the weekend?


  1. Oh, I'm with you on the diet front, started today. We've been away for nearly 3 weeks and never stopped eating!! Love the page and I adore the mug, bet the teacher just loved it. A Happy New Year to you and your family, hope to catch up soon. xx

  2. What a lovely story about the guns and your DS.

    Am really enjoying being back in the zone healthy eating wise - felt really sluggish for weeks.

    Am happy bunny as have spent some pennies my Dad gave me for Christmas so have ordered my new camera, joined a new online class and ordered some paints. Most I have spent on just me in... blimey, Ever... I think! Felt so naughty but so good at the same time :D

  3. Lovely story about your DS and the gun. I think we underestimate children - most of them are sensible and realise the difference between a game and the real thing.
    Gorgeous mug for his teacher too.
    Sue xx
    p.s. love the LO!

  4. Ooops, sorry - I thought I'd left a comment then it suddenly came to me that I hadn't!

    Good to hear that you have that positive spring in your step. Sweet mug - I work in a school so I know how precious personalized mugs are! Good luck with the WW thing.