Thursday, 6 January 2011


Good morning bloggers how are you all this morning?  It's still dark outside and I'm sat all ready for work, another half an hour before we have to venture out to school, first day back at work - going to feel mighty weird after almost three weeks off me thinks.

DH went to start the car this morning and spent an absolute age trying to get her to work but to no avail - then we both had the same thought as we are picking a new car up (new car to us that is not new as it were) later on - is he insured to drive the old one?  Mmmm maybe a bit of divine intervention or what?

Anyway, these new longer evenings are so long................... they're great, getting loads of crafting done, at this rate I may get to a point (eventually that is) where I run out of photos to scrap - but that is still a long way off.
Feeling a bit better this morning, still not a hundred percent but definitely getting there and only a two day week this week - yay!!!!!!

So on with the crafting which is the reason you came for a look isn't it!
Last night's layout 
 This is a really vibrant layout which sort of fits the photos.  Taken at Chatsworth country show this 'stall' was basically a large swimming pool full of inflated balls - little man had great fun in it - which is a good thing given that this little amusement was about £6 for 5 minutes!  

I did the 'film' strip using my bind it all to create the edge of the strip primarily because I liked all three photos and there was something of a family debate as to which one to use, ended up I managed to use all three albeit that I cut two of them down!  I also hand cut the bracket and used my circle cutter to cut all the circles!  

In an effort to be less 'wasteful' when it comes to projects like this, I've taken to converting the 'leftover' papers into cards - now these papers had to be converted into bright birthday cards (rather than Christmas cards - another story that I'll tell another day) so this morning my evenings crafting looks a little like this.  Don't get me wrong I don't normally throw away the leftovers, they go in a 12 x 12 plastic wallet where I always promise myself that I will use them up at some point - but let's be honest, sometimes this just doesn't happen, so by converting them immediately it means my intention turns into reality!
I've already got a few more papers and photos ready for later, so watch this space.

My weight watcher pack has still not arrived and we still seem to be eating up the rubbish that's left from Christmas, can't wait to get started properly now.

Finally I'll leave you with another Christmas gift, this started out as a pack of party bags and a sheet of wrapping paper from Paperchase - now I know I could have simply bought a Paperchase book in the range, but where would the fun be in that?  So I cut off the handles, cut some cardstock down and rounded the corners, had hubby cut me some chipboard covers which I covered in paper and bound it all together with book rings and then presented it to my niece at Christmas!
Inside looked like this

and this
So how's your week this week?  How's the crafting going and the New Year resolutions and pledges, how's your blank canvas doing?

See you tomorrow for Rocking your World Friday! 


  1. Oh wow! I love the book you gave your niece - great work! And what a fun LO too.
    Sounds as though your WW pack is hiding along with a load of my parcels. :(
    Sue xx

  2. Love that book! Gorgeous.

    I'm trying to use my scraps up too - quite handy with the journalling squares I think.

    I finally started healthy eating again today after weighing myself on the wii (after I nearly threw it through the window when it told me my 'fit' age is 53!!!) and I had lost a lb just from going down the unit washing the walls and painting over 2 days so imagine if I'm eating healthily and doing that too? Aha! It was my lightbulb moment! Hope your pack turns up soon - I'm using the SW one I got last year :)

  3. I'll echo Susie with Oh Wow! The book you made your niece is superb, I bet she loved it. Fun LO - it might have been expensive but it looks like he had great fun, and you've made sure he remembers it with this page.

    I've made quite a good start to my New Year, keeping up with the artin'/craftin' stuff. However, we've still got a mystery bad smell in the house, there's water pouring in through the dining room window (leaky gutter causing problems) and our DS isn't talking to us (16 year old grumps, we are just, like, so BOR-ING). Could be worse, I suppose.

    See you tomorrow, Rocking Queen.