Friday, 14 January 2011


Good morning Rockers and Rockettes how are we all this morning?  Friday - the word "phew" comes to mind.  It's been a busy busy week primarily work, but trying to get into better habits at home have meant evenings have looked a little different this week, not in a bad way, just in a - 'this is going to take some getting used to' kind of way.

Anyway this is the time of the week when you slow down and take a little while to glance over your shoulder and make out what positives and gratefuls you've got for the week.
The first grateful has to be the arrival of my weight watcher pack, (despite the points calculator not working) I've still managed to work through on the plan this week and wow has it changed!  I'm still ploughing through the reading material, but seem to be set on the right path at the moment (despite there still being Christmas cake in the house LOL).  I'll let you know how I get on.

Hubby for embracing the changes I'm making - these may seem normal to everyone else, but sometimes when you get in from a long and usually stressful day at work, are tired and have to face making tea from scratch its become all too easy to reach for a quick processed meal from the freezer or worse still a takeaway - but not now!  We've worked together to put some great meals together and get this - have prepared in advance lunch for work - again something we haven't done in quite some time, so big thank you to hubby for that!

Long long long evenings of crafting, sheer and utter bliss if I'm honest, once little man is in bed, I sit at my craft table, hubby finds a DVD to pop on and we while away a couple of hours in each others company.  Wednesday night's film was "The Bone Collector" which I've not watched previously and with it being a thriller it meant that I didn't get sleepy in the slightest whilst crafting, sat on the edge of my seat yes - sleepy nooooooooo!!!!

Blogging friends because I love to see glimpses of your lives, its wonderful to find out what you're all up to, what you're creating etc.  I've learned this week that my scrapbook class has been permanently cancelled (boo hoo - just waiting to find out the details).  It isn't that I 'needed' to go and learn new techniques etc, although it has to be said that when new ones arrived Sandra was amazing at getting us in the 'know' but it was the friendship that I've built up with the other participants and I'll be sad now that they aren't going ahead, it was my two hours of girly chat on a Monday evening.

Finally blueberries - yes bet you weren't expecting that one, they've been a welcome and new addition this week into our lives and make porridge that little bit more interesting - who said I can't be grateful for a fruit LOL

So that's my list this week albeit brief, have a go yourself, think about what has made your life that little bit better and nicer this week and join in, leave your link in the comments so we can come and visit.

Mustn't leave you without crafting as I'm getting into better habits on this front also, problem I've currently got is that I've gone into double layout mode and as a result show you twice as many pages in half the time - so I'm running out of pages to share - must get on with some more lol and yes that is the great leaning tower of clocktower in the background, alas it is no more!
The papers I used were from a scrapbook that I bought at TK Maxx after Christmas, the papers are gorgeous as are the embellishments etc, only problem is there was only one of each page, so with a little imagination and little of my own stock I managed to get them to work on a double page!  Another page from the Chatsworth country fair.  Hope everyone is having a grand Friday


  1. That was a lovely upbeat post, Virginia.

    So far so good with the WW, made so much easier with the support of your hubby. It's keeping up the momentum that the tricky bit, but together you stand a better chance of cracking this healthy eating thing.

    Good to hear that you're getting to do more crafting too - it's great for helping to switch off after a busy day.

    Clever use of those papers so you can produce a double page, and more lovely photos of happy days.

    I'll be back later with my list.........


  2. Gorgeous LO and I love your list of gratefuls this week. Your evenings sound like heaven. Well done on WW and healthy eating and getting organised.
    Sue xx
    p.s. I have a great recipe for blueberry muffins - a reasonably "healthy" one at that.

  3. Hey Virginia, I'm back with the link to my Rocking Friday

    Hope to see you there later!


  4. Hi Virginia!

    I totally agree about the Blogging friends bit, It is so nice to read about the positive instead of the negative! I am loving the Layout this week, I hope you have an awesome weekend! x x x x x x x

  5. Just wanted to mention that Fiona AKA has joined in with her Rocking Your World again this week but not put a link so I thought I would she also doesn't have many followers (1 and that's just me LOL) she mainly does poetry but she put on some art work she did recently which is awesome! Hope everyone is having a grand day

  6. Hi Virginia, I'm back with my link:

  7. I am really not down with this blogging thing... hehe! X x

  8. Bone Collector - I still have nightmares about the scene with the steam pipe. *shudder* I prefer my monsters decidedly mythical methinks ;)Or of the undead persuasion. Don't know why human monsters in films scare the poop out of me way, way more than zombies and whatnot. Have learned just to not watch things like that anymore - never even tried with things like the Saw films yet as I say, vampires, zombies... no trouble. Maybe it's because human monsters really exist and that makes them that much scarier.

    Love your fabby list, so glad you are doing well on the plan. Am also doing well on Slimming World.

    Your pages are as always gorgeous. Love your stitching and the stamped journalling.

  9. Ooh what a gorgeous LO :)

    Good luck with the weight watchers... until I stand still for 2 months or so I'll stick with Slimming World but who knows? :) xxx

  10. Hi Virginia, love reading your blog, it's always so positive even if you're finding life challenging. It was so nice to bump into you and your lovely family at Meadowhall on Friday night. I hope you had a nice browse - and yes I did end up buying something at Paperchase (well you have to don't you).
    Best wishes - Liz