Friday, 7 January 2011


Good morning Rockers and Rockettes - tis that time of the week when we take a breath, followed by a large step back and summarise the positives and gratefuls of the week!  This is the first "Rocking" post of 2011 so eyes down starter for ten no conferring

Extra days off before starting back to work - means I've got a two day week which I can sooooooooooooo cope with honestly!
Warm milky coffees and cups of tea - being perpetually drunk as the evenings extend into these lengthy hours that I'm simply not used to!

Little man having a great school trip out to the theatre and arriving back safely!

Catching up with cousins and Aunts even if only for ten minutes tonight was lovely!

My amazing sister who is starting 2011 with a very positive proactive outlook - I'm liking the new Melanie!

Having a teetotal week - it's been great and meant loads of crafting which I'm liking.

New Year pledges - awesome stuff, we as a family have taken to sitting and reading in our bedroom for half an hour a night, little man reads a page to us and then we all sit and read in silence for the remaining time, in essence it was to encourage little man's reading but if I'm honest it is simply bliss for all of us just to have some quiet time away from square noise box that sits in the corner of the room!  

So there you go my list of gratefuls for this week.  

And not to leave out a little bit of crafting and let's be honest you've been well and truly spoilt this week LOL another double page layout and a little bit of upcycling in that the ribbons came off the Christmas crackers - it was a lovely layout to do - really enjoyed it.
and the leftovers as I said in previous posts I'm trying to use the off cuts up as I go rather than waiting until I do a batch of cards - trying to make some of them more masculine so that I've got some male cards in stock!
So there you go another Rocking Your World done - if you join in put a link in the comments, I've previously used Mr Linky but when you go back over the months they disappear off the page so I'm not able to go back and look at your lovely postings so going to ask you to put your link in the comments - OK officially waffling now! If you're not joining in but want to say hi just leave a comment - I love hearing from you all!


  1. Two fabby L/Os the pics are great. Have a good weekend. Lynne xx

  2. I've just caught up on your previous posts... some great scrapbook pages in there Virginia!
    A happy start to the New Year, quiet time with family, plenty of crafting and feeling better for the teetoal thing. Good on you! x x x

  3. Loving your list and your crafting - I've saved the ribbons off our crackers too -lol (OH thinks I'm crackers!).
    Sue xx
    p.s. will be back with my link when I've posted.

  4. Hi Virginia!!
    I attempted to make a scrapbook today, because I am so in love with the one you made me. So I was sat on the floor with cardboard and a roll of old wrapping paper, I didn't even know where to begin!! I think I might need a few more supplies, it just ended with me sitting on the floor with wrapping paper stuck to my face... haha! x x x

  5. Hi Virginia, I'm always happier once everyone is home safe and sound, so I understand what you mean about your lovely little man getting home safely from his theatre trip. Great LO, and I love how you're immediately making use of the off cuts, great idea.

    Lovely list today, and I really hope Melanie's positive attitude continues.

    My list is here


  6. My list will be up tomorrow as I've just done an award post..and you're one of the "lucky" recipients. :)
    Sue xx

  7. Just wanted to let you know we have a new Rockette joining in today - please go and visit and leave a message Fi usually does poetry on her blog which is awesome but she starting to branch out into crafting and I'm sure she'd love some comments! Here is the address!

  8. Definition of 'expounding plank' on my blog....


  9. Bliddy Hell is it Friday? Need to run orf and do my list!

    Love yours Virginia - love the reading sessions and the using up of off cuts straight away!