Friday, 28 January 2011


Wow Friday again - I'm telling you these weeks are rocking and rolling along - before we know it we'll be dragging those trees and decorations back out of the loft to put up again - unless of course you buy a real tree each year in which case it would be mighty strange to keep a tree in your loft wouldn't it?  Would it?  

 So without further ado!

Making Christmas cards - yes it may seem madness itself but believe you and me when you don't have the 'pressure' of that season to contend with they are simply lovely to just plod through and make!  My current set are stampotique stamp based with a cheeky acrylic stamp quote - what do you think?  I've added stickles (for that Christmas bling) to most of them bit of ripped paper on this one
 My new nestability die on this one (and some stickers that in all honesty I didn't think I could use)

 Recycled Christmas crackers - yes that's where the gold nestability die cut piece of card came from!

 Then finally some free papers with the last Scrapbook magazine plus using up some snowflake brads I've had forever!!!!!!!!
And before you know it you've got this 
 So I challenge you to use your scraps to make Christmas cards in January - you can slow down and really take the time without any pressure whatsoever!!!!!

Next on the list of gratefuls has to be my new washing machine - it purrs - no I mean it the other one was a monster that would walk across the floor even with the lightest of loads, this one purrs, does a 34 minutes quick wash and has a 1600 rpm spin which means they come out practically dry!  Plus I had to do without one for over a month (thankfully my sister saved me from ridiculous piles of laundry during that period) only negative on this - it still has to be paid for LOL!

Gobblet - nope it's not a new book it's a game, last year (as some of you may remember) we went to a Play in the Park event that was organised by the local council for free in the main park in town and we got chance to play with some unusual board games - now don't groan it's not another monopoly type game it's Gobblet a completely addictive fun wooden game that has kept us amused since it arrived!

A day off (but sshhhh don't tell anyone) yes I did say a day off, after the hectic week I've just had it seemed sensible verging on essential to just calm down a little!  As a result I intend on going on a birthday present hunt with both hubbies and Mum's birthday on Valentine's day I need to get my thinking cap on!  

Work - yes I did say work - for as crazy and mad as my job is and the fact I run on stress levels to the enth degree this week I've achieved quite a lot and therefore work is up there amongst my gratefuls (so is pay day that also happened this week LOL)

My hubby, he rocks - there are no two ways about it - he's on with my weight watcher plan, he gives me loads of crafting time at night when little one has gone to bed, he is just awesome!

A few others in brief - the weight watcher plan despite the fact I did lose a morsel on Monday I'm still enjoying this healthier lifestyle, clean house - it's amazing how when you keep top side of things it makes life so much easier, blueberries and banana porridge at breakfast, chocolate options of an evening, JR Ward's Covet book - completely addictive reading and finally craft nights with my Mum, niece and sister.

Leave you with a bit of crafting and yes I know it's not Christmas any more but for a change I'm trying to get my Christmas photos scrapped!

And a little bit of detail
So what's Rocking Your World this Friday morning!  Hope you've had a great week, feel free to join in - leave your link in your comments and we can come and visit, if you don't have a blog leave your list in the comments, don't fancy joining in then just say hi!


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  2. It would appear that Fiona has managed to beat us all to "Rocking Your World" with a 4am post LOL - thought I'd put the link up here

  3. And I thought you were early!
    Lovely list of gratefuls Virginia and well done on your Christmas cards. Also love the LO - cool tree.
    I'm now going off to ponder my list - from the comfort of my bed!lol
    Sue xx

  4. That was an awesome list Ginnie!! I love the christmas cards- I love the "Define "good". hehe!! I am considering getting my cards and shopping done now after the crazy rush I went through this Christmas just passed! Your layouts are always gorgeous!

    I hope you have a great weekend!

    Fi x x x

  5. Dear Virginia, is it me or are you quite bonkers?! Christmas cards??!! I know you are right about the pressure being off but you must be the only person I know who can bear to even THINK Christmas thoughts! Great CHRISTMAS LO too. More bonkers.

    Keep going with the Weight Watchers, it goes like that, in dribs and drabs. But GOES is the right word, and it is going, isn't it! And you know it's better for you as well.

    Hope you enjoy your day off, and your present finding is successful. I've never heard of Gobblet, I'l have to look it up. Sounds fun.

    Carry on crafting!


    ps my Rocking list is here.........

  6. Here's the link to my list:


  7. @Joanna. Yep, Gobblet! is a pretty new game appeared about 10 years ago. But it is awesome. Simple rules, like tic-tac-toe, but much more variable. I like it. There are versions for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. They are nice, but the real game with its wooden pieces is something special.

  8. Christmas cards? You are one organized lady! hehehe Love your layout again Virginia..and that's a happy rocking list :) x