Friday, 21 January 2011

ROCKING MY WORLD ON FRIDAY !!!!! and some crafting

Wow - blink - yep missed it - a whole week gone in the blink of an eye - how on earth did that happen! 

 So here we have it this weeks list of gratefuls, what a joy to look back at the positivies and celebrate them - it feeds my soul!  Fancy some of the positive feel good factor join in, leave a comment and a link to your blog then we can all be grateful together, no blog?  Don't worry leave a small list of gratefuls in the comments box that way everyone wins!  Woo hoo

Anyway this weeks list in no particular order
Bumping into Liz in Meadowhall last weekend, Liz was on art journaling two course at Dyan's last year, we bumped into each other as we were heading out of/in to Paperchase, it was so lovely to see her!  So big wave to Liz!!!!!!  Funny thing was Liz said she'd only been reading my blog that morning and yet I didn't know she had because she hadn't left a comment, I was amazed people out there that visit my blog how surreal I assume it's just the handful of people that leave a comment (if I'm lucky) but apparently not!

Weight watchers, the new system seems to be working eight pound weight loss in week one is something I was mighty glad of - really got me off to a positive start!  I'm writing a blog on my weight dilemmas on a different blog because let's be honest you're here mainly for the crafting!
Clarity - it may seem a strange thing to be grateful for but time to be clear in my own head is something that I love, at times I seem to run around my life busy 'doing' without 'being' so mental clarity is something to be grateful for because it allows for clear thinking me time!

Family reading, teetotalness, menu planning, hubby's homemade soup making, fruit, milky coffees, options hot chocolate as my daily treat, my glider (even though I still hate getting on it), MP3 players, headphones, crafting time, film watching ...
Just thought I'd list a few one liners all together, the ability to craft at night whilst hubbies watching films is proving brilliant - he gets to watch what he fancies (even if it's not my cup of tea) and I get to craft.  It also means that I get to watch films that in all honesty I'd have put off otherwise, this weeks film list has included 'Shoot Em' Up' which is a crazy crazy film - recommended by my sister to my hubby who absolutely loved it - my thoughts - it was very strange!!!!  Lock Stock because we haven't watched it in a while and last nights little number Revolver now there is one very very deep film!

So my list of gratefuls is full and plentiful this week, you might think that you haven't got anything that you could list, so dig deeper and think harder.  Did someone pay you a compliment, did you have time to read a good book?  Receive a phone call from a friend?  Have a happy moment that made you smile?  Enjoy a good meal?  Whatever it is if it lifted your heart and fed your soul then it's something for your grateful list and let's be honest the greatest one to be grateful for "I'm alive, I've had another amazing week living on this planet in the middle of a huge universe and for that I am eternally happy"
Crafting because let's be honest I've made you wait long enough haven't I

This little number was made using the paperpack my hubby Craig who the photo is of, bought me for Christmas I absolutely adore Die Cuts With a View paperpacks, so utterly versatile, high quality and utterly gorgeous so it seemed only right to document this gorgeous photo with them as I broke into the pack!  

So what's Rocking Your World this Friday?


  1. Love the LO Virginia and also your list. And wow! You are doing well with weightwatchers - I really need to do s'thing like this. Keep it up girl!
    Sue xx

  2. Mine's done and here's the link:

  3. 8lbs in a week is FANTASTIC! You go for it, girl. We love watching films - we all watched The Infidel last week - it's so funny! Sweet LO of your man, such pretty colours.

    I wonder how many people read our blogs that we don't even know exist - funny thought isn't it?!

    Here's mine

    Hope to see you there later.


  4. Right well I have already done my normal post for today so here I will list the things rocking my world. In no particular order, my family, who listen, motivate and never judge. My cooking skills this week, a homemade healthy meal every night, which I have enjoyed cooking as much as I have enjoyed eating! A good book, finished J.R Wards fantastic first fallen Angels series, Covet and finally exercise, one run and one gym session over the last few days. There are many more but I don't want to fill this up with a list so I'll stop now lol. Virginia as usual beautiful LO and now you have reviewed Revolver that's on my must watch list so thanks. I hope everyone out there has many many things rocking there world! x

  5. Hi Virginia!!

    Congratulations on the weight loss! That is amazing, 8lbs in a week!

    I love your LO this week, gorgeous colours! I really understand you about the Clarity, it is so nice to have a clear head!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend! I'll be seeing you soon hopefully!

    Love Fi x x x x

  6. Loving this page, lovely colours and the sentiment is so apt. Fantastic weight loss, good on you girl. I join Slimming World last week and only lost 2lb, but with the high dose of steroids I've been putting 2 lbs a week on, so I've told myself that's like a 4lb loss, who am I kidding. Thanks for your lovely comments. xx

  7. Ohhhhh I'm late AGAIN!

    Love your list, love your pink scrapbook page that looks so right with your man there on it, love everything love how jumping and positive this post is :D

    Going to get on with my list right now!

  8. Here I be :)

  9. Hi Ginnie, WELL DONE on the weight loss! Keep at it, its great encouragement for us :) Your page is lovely, glad you keep showing them so we can see what you're getting up to. I'm loving Mels posts too :) x x x