Wednesday, 5 January 2011


Good morning one and all - my last day off before returning to work and I've woken not feeling a hundred percent, running a temperature during the night - thinks I must have picked up a bug!  Drat!  Not how I wanted to spend my last day off, so I'm drinking copious amounts of tea and avoiding food like the plague (most unlike me).

The last of the Christmas decorations are down and although the house now looks clean and tidy it also looks just a little bit bare!  I really miss the lights on the stairs when we take them down.

I was amazed and so pleased that everyone "got" the blank canvas feel to my last post.  I have an Aunty that I rarely see these days who used to get into the new year and have something happen or occur and then simply write the year off - stating it was going to be another one of those.  I always feel it's really sad to do that, life can be difficult as I stated but there's no need to decide that the entire year will be awful just because of a single issue!
So how's life this new year for you?  

For me I haven't made any new year resolutions - why?  Because I've made pledges!  The word resolutions makes it sound like something you have to do not something you want or choose to do and for me this has signalled quite a big change, why would we want to make ourselves do something that we don't want when we can pledge to make changes that we do!  Are you following me or have I lost you?  

This year I have made quite a few pledges to make changes, the first of these is to be teetotal in 2011, I've done spells of about six months at a time when I don't drink at all and they've always been so fruitful and positive that I've decided to make 2011 a teetotal year.  I sometimes feel that life races along so quickly that I struggle to keep up so I'm wanting to be completely awake and aware of every moment so I can feel that I'm living it and so I decided to stop drinking, primarily this is to stop me falling asleep on the sofa at nine o'clock which is the norm if I have a glass of wine LOL.  I'll keep you posted as to how I'm doing.
I'm also re-joining Weight Watchers but doing it from home I often find the meetings evolve around a long list of things we can't eat rather than focusing on the positives - again I'll keep you posted - I'm still waiting for the pack to arrive to get my head around their new system - should prove interesting.  

In these new longer evenings I've been enjoying, I've also managed to do a few layouts - I know step back in amazement so I thought I'd share a bit of crafting for a change.
This is one that I finished last night - part of a double layout 
the second page looks like this
it documents the Red Arrows at Chatsworth's country fair - they were simply spectacular, I decided to imitate the Union Jack flag, did a bit of a painty base and then hand tore the design for the top!  It's a real onslaught on the senses because it's so busy - but I think it captures the essence of the acrobatics on the day!

I thought I'd leave you with a few more homemade Christmas gifts that little man made, the first is for Aunty Melanie who is a momiji doll fan - when he did the outline initially I was somewhat distraught as he said it looked like Shrek LOL however, that changed once he'd add the detail! 

 The second one was for my Mum - can you guess who she works for?
 And the last one is for his Grandma!
They all went down a treat and were really good fun to make, I'm really impressed that they've now brought out new porcelain paints that you don't need to heat up in your oven for them to set as the aroma that comes off

the oven isn't always that great!  However, we have loads of the 'old' sort left so for now we'll continue using up!

So if you meander along to have a read and you get to this point - post a comment or send me a little wave!  If you've made resolutions (or pledges) this year how are you doing with them?  Or if you don't make them do you think naming changes and choices pledges might make them more person friendly?
Hope everyone is having a grand day on this rather wet and cold Wednesday morning here in Yorkshire!


  1. Hello!!! I'm on the computer, blog-hopping, ignoring all the stuff I 'should' be doing and I'm really enjoying catching up with all my favourite blogs!! Happy New Year to you all - kids are back at school today (all except James who has the coldy-fluey bug that we all had over the holidays) Felt like it was the middle of the night when we got up this morning - think it'll be early to bed for everyone tonight! Loved your Union Jack layout (you know I'm a fan!) and the wee man's mugs are awesome! Off to have a healthy lunch and put my feet up before the afternoon school run. xx

  2. OMG that double layout is amazing - Iwas sitting here trying to figure out if it was paint or paper - I knew paint had to be in there somewhere! Wow Virginia - one of my very favourites of yours!

    I totally know what you mean about the pledges. I'm starting back on Slimming World but just to get me in the healthy eating habit again. I've been doing a bit on the wii fit everyday (am super champ at rythm boxing and the obstacle course *g*) and am finding the wii fit doesn't aggravate my back where the wii games kill it dead but am happy enough doing the fit side - great fun!

    My pledge is to accept me - just try and het healthy and if I lose the weight too - all good. I bought 2 tops and two pairs of jeans in the sales (bargain at £16 the lot!) Wait for it though - they were in my actual size not the size I want to be!!!! Not done that in YEARS I can tell you.

    Also - other goals are to get organised, and create MORE!

    My sister went teetotal a few years ago. She went out with a friend who spiked her drink all night (I hasten to add they are no longer friends) she woke up in the middle of her living room floor with no clue how she got there. She said it was the most frightening thing and it was enough to say enough is enough. I think I could do it - I rarely drink now apart from the odd spirit now and again of an evening - you get used to being the delegated driver. It's the Christmas crappy food I am trying to kick now. Have put on so much weight :(

    OK, am going to be rivalling you in an epic comment here so shall say tata and YAY! to your posting more :)

  3. Hi Virginia!
    Love the mugs (clever wee man!) and your Red Arrows LO - you've captured the display perfectly - I've seen them at Silverstone several times and it's always manic - twsitng your head to follow them etc.
    I like the idea of pledges. I too made no resolutions but did make plans.
    My word for the year is "laughter" - there was precious little last year so I've pledged to change that.
    Good luck with being teetotal - I won't join you as I know it wouldn't last.
    I've been considering rejoining Weight Watchers - I did it online a couple of years ago and it did work - needless to say I've put half the weight back on. I wish you all the best with that too.
    Sue xx