Saturday, 8 January 2011


Ooh I've received a lovely blog award from the fabulous Susie
 I haven't received one of these in absolutely ages so it was a lovely present surprise when I got home
The rules are to tell you 8 things about myself and pass the award on to 4 bloggers 
  1. I have a fierce temper but a long fuse 
  2. I write my Christmas lists in shorthand so OH can't read them and then struggle to read them back myself.
  3. I like to make Christmas cards in January - it's stress free and great fun
  4. I'm not sure that I like my current hair style primarily because I think it looks a little like "lego" hair (you know the ones on the lego characters LOL - although mines not removable)
  5. I'm re-reading the last Harry Potter book having watched the last film because I can't remember the ending 
  6. I've dragged out my glider to get fit on and my 10 year old has spent longer on it up to now than me LMAO! 
  7. If I write a to do list I have to finish it regardless of the time or how much damage I do to my back - so I have to be ultra careful when I write them now!
  8. I have atrocious eye sight and everything is blurry when I'm not wearing glasses!  So much so that my Mum claimed once in church that she couldn't read the numbers on the hymn board and I took my glasses off and said I couldn't see the hymn board! 
Right now I need to pass the award on so here goes


So hop on over and have a look

Now on with the crafting

This 12 x 12 documents the gorgeous carved monument at the top of Robin's Hood Bay which was part of a treasure hunt that we did, which was placed there in the year 2000 hence the title.

I'm so loving time to do layouts at the minute, its a joy to spend evenings doing this although I'm starting to need to turn to paint as I am following the Union Jack layout I did the other night - I'd forgotten how much fun getting messy with paint actually is!

A busy day ahead with a busy and lengthy to do list so I'll leave you for now, hope you're all having a grand weekend.  If you pop by leave a comment I love to here from you.


  1. Had to laugh at your eye sight comment Virginia :D I was pretty chuffed in that I think I guessed most of how Harry Potter would end ;) Especially the Snape bit - he'd always been a favourite character so in my head I knew he had to turn out the way I thought he would... and he did... trying not to give anything away there to people who might not know :P

  2. p.s Ooooh and how rude of me - I just realised I am THAT Carmen! Soz - have woken up with a hacking couch today and am not quite with it! Thank you Virginia :D

  3. Loving your list, especially the Christmas lists written in shorthand! Cool LO - great photos.


  4. Love your list Virginia - I'm afraid I had to laugh too at the eyesight comment - snap!
    Great LO too - it's years and years since I was at Robin Hood's Bay - I do like that stretch of coastline.
    Sue xx

  5. Finally :) Think you are guilty of spreading germs through the screen Virginia. Bleurgh.