Friday, 10 December 2010


Well here we are - Friday again - this my dear Rockers and Rockettes is going to be as they say "short and sweet" 

Rocking my World this week in no particular order 
My little car for not giving up despite the horrendous access road into our estate that has still to be gritted!

My hubby and my little lad - they are both amazing - love you guys!
Potted beef on toast - a great breakfast in a morning when you buy the proper stuff not supermarket rubbish!

Victorian markets that weren't very Victorian but that did provide a couple of very cold hours perusing of stalls - the poor stall holders had been there all day so the least we could do was have a good look at what they were selling -hence the potted beef, a random pate, some assorted pick and mix fudge and some chicken and lemon sausages!
Christmas "do's" - we don't normally have a Christmas do but a lovely work colleague volunteered this year and we went along last night and had a lovely evening - so a big thank you to Liz!  

Crafting - loving my crafting even if it's a few snatched minutes here and a few snatched minutes there - hoping to catch up on this this weekend!
The sight of green grass - yes I know this is a weird one but for me it's bliss I'm so very very tired of the white stuff now I just want it to melt and go away, so to wake this morning and see some green grass on the front garden is sheer bliss! 

Well peeps I think that's me done for the week!  If you fancy joining in then add a comment below with your blog address - having issues with Mr Linky at the moment and don't want to miss anyone so let's go back to the old fashioned way!  LOL
If my normal Rockettes are now going into stress mode ie - haven't time to blog Rocking my World ... too busy - don't stress it - head back when you've time for your posting, this isn't supposed to be an onerous task, it's supposed to be enjoyable and it's a great way to reflect on the week you've just had! 


  1. A lovely list Virginia - even the green grass:)
    Sue xx

  2. Potted beef on toast? Never had that one, but I'll take your word for it! I know what you mean about the welcome sight of grass, I've just about had enough of the white stuff now. I think we're in for a near tropical weekend (6 degrees!) and then more severe cold next week. Make the most of the milder weather!

    Thanks for reminding us that it's ok if we're late with our list, I think mine's gonna be!



    My Friday post is now on my blog.
    Sue xx

  4. My list was late due to PC issues so I'll do another double whammy this Friday :)

    Love your list - our snow has been away a while but if possible it seems to have got colder.

    Big hugs x x x