Friday, 3 December 2010


Well here we on Friday again, it's minus 11 degrees outside (I kid you not) a fellow neighbour was busy trying to get his car to work and it fed him the temperature although it wouldn't let the handbrake off his car!  Dear hubby has walked to the main road in an attempt to get a bus.  Said 10 year old is wrapped up in a blanket in his pyjamas watching re-runs of Tracy Beaker!  But it is 
 So here is this week's gratefuls in no particular order.
Central heating because without any other source of heating (ie fire) this has been a blessing this week (although not necessarily looking forward to the bill at the end of the winter LOL)
Journal Your Christmas - a time to step back and take part in a beautiful part of Christmas, it's so motivating and focusing - and this is my third year of Journal Your Christmas and I adore my other two books! 
Blankets, I have a stack of fleece blankets on the sofa, to snuggle up in when it gets cold, our TV room needs some work on and so it's quite a cool room even with the heating on so an extra layer or two on the sofa usually does the trick!
Community spirit - last year when we cleared the road of snow (we live on a cul de sac so grit vans are mystical beings LOL) it was just us and occasionally a neighbour would show part willing, but yesterday there were four households involved in the snow clearing in our road so there is a way out albeit this morning it's just black ice mmmm - maybe we need a little bit of warmth out there to start to defrost this white stuff now, in fact said ten year old declared that he felt "Trapped!!!" yesterday in the house because he's been stuck in all week!!  
Night-time crafting, as always I seem to be behind on Christmas crafting but a little bit of work here and there is just starting to pay off!
Microsoft publisher as it made light work of the yearly newsletter I send out with the card run - yes I know it's not apparently not the done thing but I don't care it's become a yearly tradition and it's our very own newspaper to boot!
Probably the final one has to be the ability to cook (not great but not bad either) which has meant that despite the decreasing stock in the cupboards and freezer finding interesting food to eat at night (plus running the freezer down ready for Christmas - genius!) 
Can't leave you without a little bit of crafting, here is a double page layout that I did earlier this week from my cousin's wedding, decided to choose different colours and still ended up with green and blue LOL!
Still stitching on layouts, finding it immensely therapeutic in the evenings and making some headway into my photos - which continue to grow!!

Finally I found a photo of the last time I remember snow like this, yes that is John and Melanie in the photo in a Winter back in the mid-eighties!  Feeling very nostalgic!
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  1. I have attempted to link up. My first week of Rockin my world!

  2. Brrrrrrr! Thank goodness indeed for central heating. We too love snuggling up under blankies while watching a film together. We're 'trapped' too, no trains, no buses (but then we haven't had buses for years) and the roads are, as son says, "well dodgy."

    Sweet LO's - lovely pictures of their special day and the stitching is gorgeous. V clever.

    Keep, warm, keep safe.


  3. Oh that snow 'photo is lovely! I think we got used to having no snow at all for a few years didn't we? Our son was born in December '81 - he was a month old before I was able to take him out in the pram due to the snowy weather, so this abundance of snow has brought back memories of then! Like Malakite says - TRAPPED! But it was good to read of the community spirit. The scrapbook pages are lovely Virginia, love the stitched hearts - :)

  4. Lovely list of gratefuls - we don't have much snow just the ice and chill!
    I love your double LO and am pleased to hear I'm not the only one who finds stitching on paper therapeutic.
    Have a great weekend.
    Sue xx

  5. I'm not trying to scare you Virginia - we don't have central heating just a tiny leccy fire in the living room. We had it on all day yesterday and it took £6 off the meter. Absolutely ridiculous.

    Love the community spirit that's emerging in some places.

    Your lo's are gorgeous - love all your stitching.

    Am adding my linky here as am not sure if Mr Linky registered it :)

  6. That snow photo is fab!

    As are your LOs.. fandabbydozie....

    *big hugs*