Friday, 24 December 2010


Morning one and all and a very Happy Christmas Eve to you all - where has December gone, I'm sure I had loads of time to get everything ready and prepared from presents to the big day itself - and then I woke up it was Christmas Eve - I kid you not!!!!  I'm kind of blaming the snow at the beginning of the month that removed a week of my life grrrrrr - anyway today's post as always should be about positives so 

This week's list in no particular order - my sister for rescuing me and my washing - yes my dearest washing machine has gone to the great washing machine heaven in the sky just before Christmas which has meant frequent flier miles to dearest sister - thank you hun you are a star!

A week off work - but if I'm honest I didn't notice that i wasn't at work as the week went that quickly plus I've had a few phone calls from work so keep having to flip into work mode!
Royal Mail for finally getting all the parcels I was waiting for to me - I had almost given up hope but they came good - almost gave the Post Man a heart attack on Tuesday as he arrived at the bottom of our drive to find me at the door with arms waiting for parcels!  He seriously jumped LOL - then produced two parcels from said bag thinking I'd be happy but then I said I was waiting for another one - he said he'd keep his eye open for it - do you think he might just have been having a laugh with me?  anyway said other item arrived the next day woooooo hooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

An evening out with girlies from the neighbourhood - we all work and are so busy most of the time that I've never really got to know them, then a little note through the door would I fancy a venture out into the village and off we went, had a good laugh with them all so a big positive there!

No snow - thankfully, occasionally it threatened it but none became visible hurray and for me it can stay that way!
Visitors from Stafford battling through their snow for a visit which was lovely - little man so enjoys catching up with Ellis and I get to sit and chat for hours catching up on latest news and gossip - bliss!

My local scrapbook shop being open the other day when I was almost out of double sided tape - thank you Lynn - you are a star!

Nobody realising how quiet Asda is at 7am when you are food shopping hurray!

Finally hubby arriving home from his works Christmas do yesterday sober enough to allow us to get on with the gingerbread challenges for Christmas day and for helping us make the clock tower - one less thing to do!  And if you haven't got a clue what I'm going on about (which you probably haven't) we make a gingerbread challenge for family to decorate on Christmas day, this year's houses are crosses between barns and tardises - I kid you not this is what happens when you leave me in charge of gingerbread LOL!  Anyway once they were done we put them together and put our Christmas challenge together, a family affair decorating this year's challenge of a gingerbread clock tower - what do you think?

So there you go this week's posting!  If you join in then put your link in the comments so we can come and visit!  If you just pop by for a read don't forget to say hi!  And can I take this opportunity to wish you all a very festive season - may your day be filled with laughter and family and friends.


  1. Oh wow I love your gingerbread clock tower Virginia - however will you outdo that next year? Love the icing icicles :P

    I have been laying in wait for my postie too :P Luckily all but one which I knew would arrive late and one of my Secret Santas are delayed otherwise, they all trickled in on time! Woohoo!

    Merry Christmas Virginia! Hope you all have an amazing day!

  2. Ooh Virginia that clock tower looks so nummy!

    Hope you had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all xxxxxxx