Monday, 20 December 2010


Did I lose a day or two?  Did I forget it was Friday?  Did I not realise I should have been Rocking my world!

I could make up lots of excuses but in all honest truth Friday was my first day 'off' and I worked from 6.15am to very late that evening (so late I can't remember) trying to get as much done as possible!  
So I'm going to be late on this posting - but that doesn't matter does it?  the intention was there?

So I'm going to do my posting late - here's what's been Rocking my World this last week!
A day off from work - Friday was that day, I didn't want to waste it - not a single moment even though the house was bombed and presents were still not made!  I was cleaning at 6.30am and in Asda buying gifts at 9am - by 11am I'd managed a quick jaunt to my sisters and had a coffee with her and my brother, then home to wrap things, make things, tidy things, do things - Friday was lovely - can I have Friday again pretty please I still have so much to do!

A break from work - technically shouldn't be back until Thursday 6 January 2010 (although did get a phone call on Friday - it was hard swapping hats and mentally going back into work mode)
Hubby - he's just amazing doesn't mind that I'm still making gifts and wreaking havoc throughout the house - he just goes with the flo!

Meeting visitors - this technically happened on Saturday but I'm including it because it's happened now!
Having such a laugh with my Mum on Saturday night - she makes me howl sometimes - particularly when she's been on the red wine!  My brother was talking about a video he'd seen online of an alligator eating a tortoise and how it was the noisiest thing he'd ever seen and my Mum came into the room declaring we were talking about her toast eating!  In all honesty laughed til we cried - she was still adamant that John was talking about her toast eating!  John was rather bewildered and sad at this thought he couldn't believe that she was accusing him of something like this - but what makes it funnier is that if John were to describe Mum's toast eating he probably would describe it like an alligator eating a tortoise - I mean he said that my sister's snoring sounded like a cement mixer in a tornado recently!  

Oooh dear I'm laughing again - maybe you had to be there to appreciate how fantastically funny it was - but it so made me laugh!
So there you go another one for the list - laughter!  Always good medicine!

The to do list is starting to disappear (well sort of nearly almost) I ended up with Clare (whose been stalking me about American cups recently LOL - see earlier posts to understand where I'm coming from on this one) sending me links to other things and before I new it on Saturday I'm buying leather necklace stuff and metal washers!  I haven't finished the other gifts yet!
Anyway I'm going to leave you now with a couple of links

who kept going with Rocking your World Friday even when I wasn't around - so go and say hi and see what's been Rocking their World this week!

If you pop buy say hello - if you join in definitely leave your blog address so we can come and say hello!


  1. aaahhh I can just imagine your mother devouring that toast! I am trying not to imagine the alligator and the tortoise!

    happy holidays to you, may there be many more moments of shared hilarity.

  2. Giggling too - I love your stories about your Mum - she reminds me so much of mine just from what you tell us :)

    I wouldn't worry about being late - it's usually me that is and I would say you had a very, very good excuse ;)

    I took an evening off from Christmas mayhem last night to create a button fairy for another swap I am very late with and it was so relaxing and she turned out so lovely I want her to stay - so am making another for myself and my new stu-stu-studio :P

    Almost up to date with Christmas - a couple of bits to make yet but luckily they are for the kids so have right up until Christmas eve - though they are now demanding fairies on top of the bracelets they wanted!

    Can't wait to see your leather creations! Ooer missus!

    And if I don't speak to you again before - HAPPY CHRISTMAS to you and yours Virginia :)

  3. ROFL at your brother's descriptions (even if he didn't actually say it!).
    Great list, thanks for making me smile and have a wonderful Christmas and New year (just in case I don't get to post on Christmas Eve - I am nowhere near ready for the festivities!).
    Sue xx

  4. Your family are such fun!

    This is a lovely upbeat Rocking list, Virginia. You sound busy busy busy! My list is late too - it'll be out later today. I'm pretty busy busy busy too! Something to do with the time of year...???!!


  5. What a lovely list Virginia - hope to get back in the swing of things WRYF-wise very soon. Keep up the good work!


  6. Looks like I'm late to the party again! Here's my Rocking list this week

    Thanks girls, KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON!


  7. LOL ha ha ha!
    Ive done the same as you and gone for a monday posting!

  8. Ooh thats the first time ive been labelled a stalker!! LOL. I suppose i may have been verging on one tho ;o)

    Oooops sorry for the links but I was sure you'd like them, obviously if you're buying washers and leather string you did like it ;o)
    I just hope you don't get as addicted as me, I'm still making them & now I've started making fancy little present bags to match to put them in.
    Merry Christmas.x

  9. A funny post Virginia, I like the 'laughing' part this week - your Mum is funny without trying! Have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy the break from work :) x