Saturday, 4 December 2010


Right eyes down starter for ten no conferring - this is me trying to catch up and meet one of my pledges to blog more this festive season!

Yesterday found us trapped yet again in the house, hubby managed public transport to his various places of work but me and little man were stuck, I put one foot outside of the front door, felt the glassy ice under foot and said no way!  So I promptly sat down and looked through the Journal Your Christmas prompt which was Christmas Cards, now how to play, mine were all done and enveloped, stamped and sat on the table - mmmmm then I thought well I haven't done any cards for immediate family, then brain kicked into the 8" x 8" cards I'd bought recently without realising that Post Office are none too keen on you using this size without a large size stamp!  So I set too, now any of you who follow my blog know that I don't do cards, I make them because I have excessive amounts of scraps left over in my supplies from scrapbooking, so to sit and make cards was quite alien! 

So I sat and spent a few hours card making, first of all I used up the paper pack that came with the last Scrapbook Magazine, used the free Time to Celebrate stamp from the Craft Stamper magazine and made quite a large number of cards, now I can share this one as it's going to my other half and he doesn't read my blog, but can't show the rest because they are for family some of which wander along here for a nosey! 
Whilst this was going on said 10 year old had Home Alone 2 on which was great fun, after the film I downed tools and we headed for the kitchen and a little baking!  First we made banana and chocolate chip muffins together and then we got a knock knock at the door and the enticement of making igloos with the little lad next door proved too much, so he abandoned me and the baking for making ice bricks and left me the film Elf on to boot!  Now I didn't mind him abandoning ship what I did mind was him leaving that film on which is complete and utter drivel, as a result I changed the film for the Hogfather (love Terry Pratchett) and decided to make a bunch of cookies.  

Last year I made a bunch of cookie jars as additional gifts for family members using a recipe from the Bakerella website, they looked great, were easy to put together and I got a great response from them.  However, I never actually made the cookies so decided I should to see if they were any good 
they were gorgeous (actually as it turns out they were nicer hot but hey) I offered them to little man and the lad next door whilst they were igloo building and then set too on some random berry and chocolate muffins which turned out OK!  

As a result of the cookies I've made some more jars of cookie mix for teaching assistant gifts, I've used a famous coffee brands large coffee jar that I've been saving, I've boiled the plastic cap piece up and sterilised the jars by putting them in a hot over before letting them cool and then adding the ingredients.

They started out like this 
then I added papers, tags, labels, ribbon and the instructions to turn them into tasty cookies
I'm really pleased with the finished results, if you fancy trying them check out the Bakerella website they are awesome! 

I also made a homemade mulligatawny soup, it has to be said that being trapped inside I've had to make do with what I've got in the cupboard and I had all the ingredients for a batch of home made beef mulligatawny soup with naan bread, it was gorgeous and incredibly filling!  

On with today's challenge of a perfect day, well I thought I'd failed miserably on this, we headed for the shops as did everyone else, everywhere was busy, no one was interested in being courteous when driving and everything felt a little fraught, the word 'perfect' didn't come to mind. 

Thankfully when we returned home dear hubby had other ideas and he dragged all of us on foot round to the local church who were open for a Christmas Tree festival.  Well to say it calmed the mind and soul is an understatement.  Is it the church lit with Christmas tree lights at night that did it, or the beautiful welcome we received or the hot coffee and home made mince pie I'm really not sure but it was a great 'time out' from the craziness we'd witnessed to simply relax and stop! 
So the pages completed in the blink of an eye

Documenting the cookie jars and the baking session on the 3rd
Some of the cards I made 
 Then the Christmas tree festival today!  Bliss and all caught up on my journal!  Right off to the sofa for red wine, snuggles with hubby and the remainder of Constantine on the TV 
If you stop by please say hello!


  1. Sounds like a prefect day to me.. You have been a hive of Christmassy activity :)

    The jars are fabulous.

  2. A delightful post Ginnie - these JYC's are really something to be able to look back on with lovely memories. x x

  3. Those biscuits look yummy! Love the way you have dressed the ingredients in the jars they look really nice. Your journal is pretty cool as well.

  4. I LOVE your cookie gift idea!!! I'm definitely going to have to try this. It looks so pretty! And I love that you scrapped about it. Thanks for sharing!


  5. A pleasure to read your blog, as usual.
    I love the cookies in a hat idea. I've looked on the web page, did you follow their recipe? I noticed it's American & uses cups instead of ounces. Do you have another recipe? Pleeeeease.

  6. Hi Ginny
    Lovely to haer from you on my blog and a treat to pop over here to see what you've been up to. What an amazing idea with the christmas cookie jars - must have a go at them. Hope you are all well, sending much love and gentle thoughts
    x Michelle

  7. I meant to write "cookies in a jar".!!!
    Blooming predictive text.

  8. Just wondering if you had a recipe for the cookies? I was going to make some jars for the kids teachers but don't know how to convert "cups" into "ounces"

  9. The Christmas cookie jars are awesome, what a fantastic idea, yhou are so clever. A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your lovely family Virginia, maybe we will get together in the New Year. xx