Wednesday, 1 December 2010


Well December has finally arrived in a flurry of snow - or should I say in about 10 inches of the damn stuff - yes that is a metal ruler in the snow outside our back door this morning!
 So what to do on the first of December, well as it meant a non-school day and a hubby unable to get to work and a me at home day - we decided to have some time together putting up decorations. 
I know I know, not everybody wants to put up their decorations so early - but we've only managed three out of the four trees up to now so you can't shout, plus the stair garland and the new garland around the mirror.  I don't think it's the decorations that I like the most it's the lights - I'm obsessed I tell you!  So a few glimpses of said decorations I love the Noel's and the crown decorations  that I've got, why don't the do more like this!

 Then I'd love to say look at this arty photoshopped photo of the stair garland - but actually it was snow on the lens from being outside LMAO!
 To be honest I think it looks better than the clearer one I took after I cleaned the lens what do you think?
 Then the new garland around the mirror - they make the Celtic knots stand out don't you think!
Onto the weather - ooh anybody fancy a giant ice cream?  No?  Well it is a little cold for ice cream but you have to admit the hanging baskets in the back garden look very ice cream like!
We ventured out this afternoon, I've not been out since my scary journey on Monday so I was going a little fruit loopy and struggling with four wall syndrome, we walked to the Post Office and to the shop close by, no bread, (no milk and no eggs either but we didn't actually need them), me thinks there is panic buying afoot!  So Jacobs cream crackers and naan bread were our lot, together with a bottle of their finest vino and some popcorn for little man!  

This was the main road out of our village today at rush hour!
 Apart from the snow and the decorations I've finally managed to kick start my Journal Your Christmas, bearing in mind last night it was still just plain cream card, today I've got all the pages prepared (bit of ink here, bit of paper there) and the front and back covers started. 
 And wait for it - the first page with my manifesto, I took Shimelle's idea and designed my own on publisher, using similar design principles, it's taken me all day to think of what I wanted to put but now it's done!  I also intend on doing a quick write up on today because it has to be said that it's been one of the surrealist starts to my Journal Your Christmas - not that I'm complaining, if you pop by then I thank you for taking the time to listen to my ramblings - don't forget to say hi!


  1. LOL Sounds like us and snow around here. I love your manifesto page. :) Enjoy the class.

  2. A fabulous manifesto for JYC have been busy! Your Christmas decs look gorgeous - that is one fab garland on the stairs. Also your mirror garland is sumptuous!

  3. Love you first page - and your decorations!!

  4. Your manifesto is wonderful. Love it - I say it every year but maybe next year I'll take part in this - I just can't seem to find the time for anything this year :( I need to organize myself better I am so snowed under (ahahaha! Geddit!)

    We've had about 8 inches overnight and it's still snowing - am so cold, have got my fingerloss gloves on, 2 pairs of socks 2 jumpers, a t-shirt and a vest... we are looking into getting a grant for some central heating next year as landlord says thats the only way we'll get it. Brrrrrrrr.

  5. Love the deccy photos - those lights on the stairs look magical in the first pic! Note to self: take all Christmas photos with snow on the lens! Well done for getting your Christmas Journal started, great manifesto.


  6. OMG I just love that garland on your stairs, what a fantastic idea. God luck with the journal your Christmas. xx