Wednesday, 17 November 2010


Yes don't faint another blog post and it's not Friday what the hell is going on with the world!

I'm finding by blog posts the little bit of therapy I need to keep myself feeling sane at the minute - it's like having a chat to a bunch of girlfriends - well I suppose that's exactly what it is really!
On Monday night I headed down to the local scrapbook shop and finished off my 'happy accident leaves' layout (also known as serendipity) courtesy of the gorgeous Sandy Poppins - we'd sprayed and collaged and inked and die cut and heat embossed then we assembled - the pictures aren't up to the usual high standard so apologies for that but you get the idea - don't you!

You won't be able to appreciate just how gorgeous the leaves are but they really are so very pretty - poor quality macro shots but you get the idea!

 Not sure what I'm going to do now it's the last class before Christmas - how scary is that!

Another 12 x 12 that I've completed recently - I know I've already shared the photo of the butterfly a while ago - so here's proof that it made it to paper as it were!  Using up more papermania scrabble letters - although I'd run out of one of the letters so I went back over with ink - badly - so then had to do them all to make them all look the same and normal! 
and the stitching detail - I'd used a template and done a circle on the page - but it was lost - so rather than it being a broken circle I went around it again with my thread - so it was an unbroken circle and still it didn't float my boat!  So then I run a thread through each stitch on top of the paper and got this as the end result which I was mighty pleased with! 
 And finally the giggle of the last few days - 

said 10 year old reading the other night and said Dad not paying attention and said Mum asking the 'what?' question

He read "that as far as he was conquered was that"
Mum that's what it says "as far as he was conquered was that"

Frown - stern look at hubby - who then puts brain back in gear - "err let's have a look"

"as far as he was concerned"

Mmmmm - guided reading extraordinaire my hubby!
then last night 

"Mum I'm watching Rosemary and Theme"

Puzzled frown

"You mean Rosemary and Thyme"

Nope "Rosemary and Theme - it's spelt t-h-y-m-e"

"Yep that spells Thyme as in the herb"


Giggle yep - but no where near the near miss in the car with my Mum

We'd been to Meadowhall and were chatting on the way back about her hubby potentially purchasing a new TV 

"I've told him that we can have a high definition one but that's it"

"Haven't you considered a 3D one?" I asked 

"I've told him I don't want one of those"

"Why not? - apart from the price the pictures are fabulous"

"I know the pictures good but I can't be doing with it?"

Puzzled frown across face - but what's the difference between that and a HD TV?

"Well it was bad enough sitting in the cinema for 3 hours watching Avatar with those glasses over my own glasses without having to watch the TV at home with those things on all the time"  

Laughed til I cried and explained she'd only be wearing 3D glasses if she was watching a 3D film - that the TV looks normal at other times - apparently this was a revelation! Love you Mum!


  1. Beautiful LOs - those leaves are fabulous and the!
    Your giggles made me giggle too. :)
    Sue xx

  2. Ummmmm... I was with your Mum on that one! *blush*

    The craftiness is gorgeous - that butterfly picture is just amazing seeing it again. Love all the stitching and the serendipity leaves are yum!

  3. OK, who are you and what have you done with the real Virginia? This many posts in this number of days??!!

    Great LO's, funny anecdotes. Great post.

    'See' you again soon (?)


  4. Great LO Virginia, love the circles they go with the splodges on the butterfly (it makes sense to me). The stitching around the edge really brings it all together.

    Don't kids make you laugh, when my daughter was little she used to make up words for things when she didn't know what the thing was. On our first family camping holiday she asked if she could hammer a gizzler in (made up word don't know how to spell it), what she meant was a tent peg. Tent pegs are now known as gizzlers in our house. People give us funny looks when OH asks where the gizzlers are when he is pitching the tent. :-) xx