Friday, 19 November 2010

ROCKING YOUR WORLD FRIDAY and some crafting!

Crikey what a roller coaster of a week - there have been some massive happies and some massive issues - but I'm still here and it's Friday (well technically it's Thursday as I start this and I'm hoping I survive today and therefore what I've written above will be the case) LMAO - are you following this yet?
Rocking my world this week starts with the return of my very first circle journal - I haven't seen this little beastie for 10 months and as it left my hands it was all empty and blank - it's returned with some gorgeous layouts and quotes - I've put the entire book on the previous posting if you want to see what it looked like once it returned.  I'm truly humbled by an amazing group of women who took time out of their busy lives to share their creativity with me! 
Another grateful is to Laura - who is allowing me to post her full picture from my circle journal on - so here it is without the masking!  Just showing you how gorgeous it is! 

Next grateful is hubby who despite having a hectic and busy week himself has just allowed me to be me if I'm honest!   On occasions I know I'm a nightmare to live with (sometimes) but he's so used to me now that he realises it's easier to just let me get on with it rather than try and stop me in my tracks. 

Next grateful is a new keyboard and mouse - I was really starting to get a little frustrated if I'm honest with it - particularly when it kept asking about sticky finger - haven't got a clue what they were talking about - but now shiny new keyboard in place which actually types - hurray!

Grateful for my Mum this week who helped me with a bit of the old Christmas shopping it's slowly coming together - I still have things to buy but I'm making headway now.

Grateful for my scrapbook class and the lovely ladies that I share the class with, I hadn't realised it was going to be the last one before Christmas if I'm honest.  So a big thank you to all those who attend and deliver - it's been a great year!  

Also grateful for my wonderful Rock In Peace circle journal buddies who are having to put up with my enormous journal - Carmen, Marie and company you are all angels!  I abided by the rules - no bigger than 6 x 6 - but nobody said how deep it should be - and to say it got a little out of hand before it left me is an understatement - so a formal apology for it's weight and size and an absolutely honest grateful for putting up with me LOL!

Finally I'm grateful for escaping from life for just a little bit of time this weekend - I'll fill you in more next week - but let's just say after the week I've had I really really really need some down time to switch off and re-boot! 

Finally a little bit of crafting to share - I kid you not - how spoilt are you all feeling this week with everything I've provided you with!  

I rarely get the benefit of using pink in my layouts but with this one I thought what the hell and did it anyway!  I managed to use up an oversized brad I've had ages - with it being pink never thought I'd manage to use it but this layout just worked with it and my hubby and my son are definitely two peas in a pod.  Bit of stitching and some pink buttons to boot!  Look at me go with the layouts - I'm still trying to sort them out so I don't do duplicate layouts which is proving a lengthy (but hopefully worthwhile) project.

So there you have it - so what are you grateful for this week?  Leave me a comment and add yourself to Mr Linky (who is hopefully behaving himself this time) and we can come and visit. 


  1. That is one funky pink fab brad! Love all the stitching you have done, must have taken you ages. Have a great weekend hope you get to 'switch off and reboot' always good to do now and again. Love Lynne xx

  2. That circle journal is a real work of art. WTG on using pink on your LO - I too rarely get to use it.
    Hope your weekend brings you what you wish.
    Sue xx
    p.s. what is this Christmas shopping business? i.e. eek! I'm slowly getting nowhere with mine.

  3. Hi Virginia, I think all our hubsters deserve medals putting up with us, don't you? Us creative types can be a bit of a nightmare (though life's never boring, eh?!). Love your layouts, and it's lovely to see you enjoying all your scrappin'.

    I'm not sure if Mr Linky's working, so I'll leave my link here too

    Have a great weekend with your lovely family.


  4. You don't have to be grateful to us Virginia - it's we who should be grateful to you. It's such a bautiful CJ, the design is so ingenious. You are not going to believe it when you see it - everyone has put so much effort into it... postie will need a forklift to get it through your door though ;)

    I think my Craig and your Craig are very similar in some ways. I don't know how mine puts up with me either :p

    Loving your pages, and all that lovely stitching. Hope whatever is interfering with the good vibes doesn't last long/keep happening.

    Big hugs.