Friday, 5 November 2010

ROCKING YOUR WORLD FRIDAY and some crafting tee hee

Good Morning lovely Rockers and Rockettes - 
it is indeed Friday again!  And apparently according to the 
hairdresser last night a whole 7 weeks until Christmas
whoops when did that happen!
So what's rocking my world and yours this Friday?

Well for me first thing this cool Friday morning is definitely central heating, black out curtains, winter weight duvet - I almost didn't drag myself out of my slumber this morning it was so nice and cosy and warm!  
A catch up with my sister and my niece at the beginning of the week was fabulous and much needed, for those of you who know my sister she is having somewhat of a tumultuous time at the moment - not necessarily all negative just something of her usual roller coaster but it never stops me as her older sister worrying!!

Hubby's DIY skills - on finding a leak under the sink he promptly dealt with and sorted and it's now ready for everything to go back into the cupboard - hurray!

My hairdresser who listens to me - slightly different style this morning - I'll let you know how easy it is to manage.

And most definitely a start on Christmas presents - I'm not being funny but until last weekend I had absolutely nothing - and that doesn't sit well with me, as I've usually got them bought and wrapped by this time, so to have made a start is a very positive thing indeed!  

Right onto a bit of crafting!  I'm so pleased with this layout - it just came together, lots and lots of layers, stamping, stitching, bliss! I love the colour combination - the hood on hubby's top being perfectly balanced with the blues in the layouts - it took an age to do but I'm finally happy with it!
I've got loads of metal tags left that had cotton through them - think they were made by papermania and I've had them an age - I could never get my head round a way of using them because the cotton always seemed such a none starter - but I'm trying to use what I've got - so I cut the cotton thread off and put some organza ribbon through then tied it in a knot, added a bit of stamping and made it part of my layout!  Bliss

 Mixing papers is something I love to do but wasn't sure if I'd get away with this basic grey/K and Company combination but with everything else on the page it just seemed to work!  
So I managed some crafting this week!  Hurray!

I'm also going to include a little anecdotal tale from the 10 year old - 

this weeks question - 

wait for it

"Is fish meat?"

Now repeat this question and follow it with the answer

"No fish is fish"

That was last nights conversation - honestly!

Finally Mr Linky - I've learnt this last week - then when I put a new Linky up I lose last weeks (I'm sure I can probably upgrade it - but at a cost), therefore if you are linking also drop me a quick message giving the link as well - so that when Mr Linky disappears people can find the other posts linking with this week - Hopefully this makes complete sense! 

Hope you're all having a great Rocking Your World Friday!


  1. Loving your list this week. The LO is awesome - beautiful colours and stitching.
    Great conversation too! Well it made me smile!
    Sue xx
    p.s. I'm off to soak in the bath and ponder my gratefuls. :)

  2. Have linked mine up:

  3. Christmas presents?! Grrrrrrr (you've probably guess I haven't started mine yet!). I really think we should see new haircut and pass judgement.....! I love the colours in your LO. Good to hear hubster is your lover and great at DIY skills, what more could a woman want?!

    This is the link to my post

    Have a great week, Virginia (how's the back?).