Friday, 26 November 2010


Morning all and how cold is it this morning?  Very I hear you say but still no snow for us - which is a sigh of relief for me and a sob from said ten year old!

So what's 
For me well it's been a busy week again (you'll have noticed due to the lack of postings) I'm behind on the blogs I follow, I haven't read anything on facebook in weeks and my circle journals have either ended (sob) or been quiet due to the looming deadline date LOL!  However this posting is about positives so without further ado...

We had a weekend away last weekend, off to Center Parcs to get into the festive mood - yes I know it's only November but we've never been to Center Parcs at this time of year.  We had an executive lodge (with sauna and ensuite bathrooms), which had a rather distinct aroma about it, we unpacked but the aroma was getting worse (believe you and me aroma is a nice way of putting it - I couldn't put what we called it on here for fear of offending someone).  Anyway housekeeping came and sniffed and said they'd shampoo the carpet etc so we thought OK we'll see how that goes, the two ladies came back keys in hands for a brand new villa - an upgrade - so the fastest repack in the world and we were on our way!  The new lodge was absolutely gorgeous and was a true home from home for the weekend!
So my first grateful is to those two ladies at Center Parcs who didn't mess about simply got it sorted!  

 This is what we found on the bed in the first bedroom - my little one was so impressed I think he'd have left it intact for the weekend if he could have - it was his mother demanding showers at regular intervals that scuppered his plans!  Now I'm grateful to see that some people take their jobs so seriously that they create swans out of towels - genius!
Grateful for chalkboards that provided ample amusement throughout the weekend and led to many smiley faces!  Together with the world's longest itinerary on Sunday!  It also provided me with the opportunity to wipe of the blackboard in its entirety on Monday and made me wonder if I'd missed my calling as a teacher - only to think - no - they don't have blackboards in schools anymore - so nowhere near as much fun!
Grateful for lights - these beautiful lights along the path made us feel like we'd been followed by a set of patronuses (Harry Potter fans will so get that comment - others won't)  - tee hee - and made us feel very Christmassy!
Also grateful to hubby whose been my rock this week!  He also seems to have captured me and Melanie in something between an Avatar phase and a Close Encounters phase - no photoshop on these - just a blue lit Christmas tree in front of us!
 Grateful for having such an amazing Mum who has raised the three most sarcastic children in the world (sorry Mum we can't help it - sure it's genetic)  and still puts up with us!  She is always up for a challenge - no matter what as the photo below proves! Yes that is my Mum on a climbing wall - despite being afraid of heights!  This is the woman who was doing a happy dance for her free bus pass earlier in the year - I kid you not! 
Grateful for laughter, it is such a good therapy, it calms the mind, keeps us focused and when we are together we laugh and laugh and laugh - it's sheer bliss! 

Talking about laughter I think there should be a big grateful to said 10 year old and his new found friend as per the photo below - there's quite a story to this one!
 We had loads of squirrels visiting after putting nuts and seeds outside, this little guy kept coming up to the door and was more than happy to feed off the wooden door frame, then he edged inside and fed off the floor!  All was going well until anothe squirrel caught onto the activity and before we knew it we had two squirrels inside - the first was unhappy so they had a bit of a barny resulting in the second one scarpering outside and the first one coming inside fully!  
Said ten year old scarpered immediately shouting at his Dad 
"Dad the squirrels come inside" 
as he made his way frantically to his bedroom.  
Craig headed over to the doorway to see where it was and by this time I'm laughing so much I'm crying "where is it? Craig asked and the answer

"He's sat on the sofa" 
and he was sat there looking around as if he'd just adopted a new family, thankfully we managed to escort him back outside but it was certainly one of the highlights of the weekend!

Family time is incredibly precious and should never be taken for granted - I am grateful for each and every person in my family!

I'll leave you with crafting photos of the first ever entry into the first ever circle journal I did.  The subject was 'favourite things' with specific instructions, however, as I was the first to have the journal I had a full choice and chose favourite song!
 Used plain pink cardstock with black inking and photos that I had from a gig.  Stitching and bling finish it off.
Plus a little mini book - I can't help myself sometimes - particularly on something I feel passionately about! 
 Details of the song, why it means so much and further photos hidden within!
So there you go another Friday posting!  How's your week been and what are you grateful for.  Link below and leave a comment - love to come and have a nosey at others lists! Have a fabulous Friday.


  1. Lovely list Virginia - love the Patronus comment :P

    I cried when she sang that at he O2 and am teary again now as just went and You Tubed it - the Grammys video in particular is lovely and clear. She is an amazing woman - you did her proud with that CJ entry.

    Oh and BTW - in my humble opinion sarcasm is the highest form of wit :P Just wish everyone else agreed with me and didn't just think I was a stroppy mare ;)

    Be back later with my RTWF... oh and your Mum ROCKS! Tell her to get blogging again!

  2. I could do with a weekend like that - it sounds fabulous and funny and re-energising.
    Had to tell OH about the squirrel - he wondered what was making me laugh!
    So pleased you had a great time.
    Sue xx

  3. Wow pictures are great and I'm thinking I look better as an Avatar lol. Love the Patronuses they look amazing as photo's don't they!!! Also amazingly I have actually managed to do a little blog myself! I know your gasping now Virginia but yes I have!!! love me X

  4. I'm lovin' this list - your Mum is so cool! We love Center Parcs too - we have always gone the week before Christmas - tho won't be this year, no ££££££'s :0( - loved the squirrel on the sofa! The Avatar photo is still making me giggle - I keep going back to it for another laugh!! Sorry, don't take it personally. Cool arting too.

    Looks like I'll be doing by Rocking list tomorrow when we'll be snowed in - or as much as Kent is ever snowed in.


  5. No snow but I got my list done anyway! Have you got snow? Just had another giggle at the blue people!!