Tuesday, 30 November 2010


Let it not be said that I don't spoil you LOL - crikey there's so many double negatives in there I think I've not achieved positive but negative again LMAO - yes I'm here and it's only midweek!  We've woken to yet more snow this morning (albeit less than forecast) I've been working from home for the last two days, attempted to get to work and school etc yesterday (but to no avail - just way too dangerous - almost got written off on 9 separate occasions on the circuit I did - I kid you not!)  However, said self and said 10 year old and said Micra vehicle made it back in one piece just a little shakey once I got sat down at home - think I stiff drink was called for so had a large mug of tea -yum!  

I cannot believe that it's the first of December tomorrow, the start of my journal your Christmas and it's so not prepared (unlike previous years when I've been prepared and ready to go) think this one will be done on a wing and a prayer, although I've still got a few hours to sort it out haven't I.

Finally made a start on some Christmas shopping although it feels mighty 'stunted' this year, some years I've been all sorted by now, other years I've known what to get just timing when to get it - this year - well haven't got a clue - I've managed to sort a couple of people but that's it so best foot forward or should that be index finger forward as I'll be click clicking myself to Christmas this year - shopping centres and gift sets that no one really wants are just sooooooo not my thing! 

Feeling grumpy a little bit at the moment because dear son's school are closing their after school club, no consultation just not financially viable so closure, now anybody with children and a job will know that it's incredibly difficult to get good provision that you trust.  So having given due consideration to the options my Mum's come to the rescue, together with dear hubby's work when necessary and my work (although they don't know it yet LOL).  Just so frustrated with this it's untrue - so I've written a two page letter - not sure if it's made me feel better or not but at least I'll feel like I've had my say and let it be said I'm not called Little Miss War and Peace for nothing!  

Anyhow I can't tell you stuff like that on my Friday post when I'm being grateful so you get it on my mid-week post instead, maybe I should start a posting called Tantrum Tuesdays or Whinging Wednesdays LOL!  Nah on second thoughts best not - they'll end up so long you'll get bored, maybe I should have become a politician so I can bang on about stuff like this - mind you if they're all like Lembit Opik or whatever his name was on I'm a Celeb - maybe not!

Anyway I'm waffling just wanted to jot stuff down, I like jotting stuff it's fun and it's good for the brain!

Well onto the crafting  because that's what it's supposed to be about, this double 12 x 12 layout from a stone circle we went to when we were at the Yurt! I seem to find it absolutely essential that no matter how gorgeous the patterned papers I still insist on adding to them - hence the masked ink colour at the top, more stitching using up more embellishment stash that I've had for an age, the good old corner rounder and well you get the idea, I like it and it's another to add to the collection!

Hopefully the snow isn't causing you too much grief, if you happen to pass by and fancy saying hello then I'd love to hear from you!


  1. Hi Ginnie! The snow IS causing me too much trouble! I'm supposed to be going back to Durham tomorrow to my beloved (having missed hospital, Drs AND college because of the snow!) I am going on the train because it's really bad up there - will I get there? I hope I don't get stranded on a cold train in the middle of the countryside...ooo - get me - I've caught the 'war and peace' bug from you!
    Anyway, onto the pages - very nice indeedy - I like the addition of the sprayed ink through the stencil! I've managed a little playtime over the last couple of days - stuck in the house - what's a girl gotta do? hehehe!
    x x x

  2. Love the LO and your midweek post - I could go for the idea of Tantrum Tuesday!lol
    What a shame about the after school club - don't blame you for writing a letter.
    Sue xx

  3. Hello, wow if we started a tantrum Tuesday or a Whinging Wednesday I would be constantly on here whinging and tantruming all over the place so maybe this is not a wise plan. I'm not prepared for Christmas but the better question is when am I and the quick and simple and truthful answer is I never am lol!

    Also my pages for my journal of Christmas is dire 3 half finished pages is rubbish even for me lol!

    I have now bought 13 whole presents and I am now clapping myself on the back most organised I have ever been lol!

    Love snow but feel worried for all those that have to travel in it so I will be thinking about all you all xxx

  4. Devvie didn't make it to school today - car died on me but Phoebe did. However they closed at 2pm so had to bring her home again. I don't like it. It's to cold - when do we lose that childlike immunity to the coldness of snow??

    Am quite smug in the bought side of our pressies - bit behind but not to much. However I am on red alert panic stations with the made side of things. I'm surprised you can't hear the WHOOO WHOOO sirens from there. I'm so behind, so, so behind. *sob*

    Yur pages are, as always, gorgeous - I'm the same with papers - they need that bit of extra texture and uniqueness ;)