Thursday, 18 November 2010


Well look at me go - I finally got my very first ever circle journal home today - it has been something of a roller coaster of a day some really good and some not so great parts to it - not that I can control the not so great in any way but you know sometimes you wish you could just influence something in a positive way - so I'm sending some positive vibes that things come right - anyway this is so not why I was posting so I'm going to show you my beautiful book.  My theme was Quotes - basically quotes that people loved whether it be ones they live their life by or whether it be favourite lyric quotes or favourite film quotes - just quotes that made sense to everyone and the stories behind them and this is what the beautiful ladies in my group did! 

This is the cover and I'm going to tart up the book rings with lots of ribbons and fibres now it's home
My layout which is quite plain - again I'm going to add to it now it's home didn't want to make it too heavy before it started it's journey.  I've put the quote included on the page before each picture so eyes down here goes

"Stay Gold"
"Do not let what you cannot do 
interfere with what you can do"
" Mother's of little boys 
work from son up till son down"
This layout has photos on that I don't feel happy to share without permission of their Mum (I do for the one above in case you were wondering) so rather than wait to share I've done a little bit of photoshop to enable me to share the layout without the photos - if I do get subsequent permission I'll put that on my blog at a later date but you get to see how pretty it is
"Don't judge a man 
until you have walked two moons in his moccasins"
"A house is built of bricks and beams 
A home is built of love and dreams"
"Life is the sum of all our choices"
 "Look after the pennies 
and the pounds will look after themselves"
 "If you can dream it, you can do it.
Always remember that this whole thing was started with a dream and a mouse"
 "Life is too short to be unhappy, 
laugh when you can 
apologise when you should 
let go of what you can't change, 
love deeply and forgive quickly, 
take chances, 
give everything, 
have no regrets, 
take the good with the bad 
smile when you're sad, 
love what you've got 
and always remember what you had
Always forgive, never forget, 
learn from your mistakes but never regret."
 Not all treasure is silver and gold mate!


So there we have it, my book is home, with gorgeous pages, beautiful quotes and a little bit of creativity from 9 other creative ladies plus myself!  My heartfelt thanks to you all and a huge thank you to Claire - who ran our group for the duration of the last 10-11 months she's been an absolute star and kept us on an even keel when occasionally we started to lose ourselves in the process!  


  1. You're going to have to go and have a lie down by the end of the week if you keep up this amount of posting!

    This is a wonderful quotes book - I love how each page has the individual character of its maker. Lovely idea.

    Hope your day turns out positive,


  2. Thats a fabulous book,will become a family heirloom.
    Its such a great idea.

  3. Ooooh its lovely, some stunning work with some obviously personal quotes has made a truly wonderful journal. Enjoy your CJ Virginia and its been my pleasure to host, you and everyone else have been a great team, take care xx

  4. Stunning!
    Well done to you and all the others who psrticipated - I love all the quotes.:)
    Sue xx

  5. Just had to pick myself up from the floor from laughing. You didn't want to make the book to heavy you say? S'cuse me I may just go again :P

    Oh I can't wait for when you showcase the one I've got my mitts on at the mo ;)

    Love all these quotes, some I hadn't heard before - laughed aloud at the pirate themed one. You've ended up with a lovely book. I have to say I'm loving this more frequent posting Virginia :)

    As for my bonce. Still hurts, felt nauseous and headachey all day but the bump has gone. Have had to fend off my Dad, sis and Craig all but carrying me up the hospital today - worrywarts. Told them I'm not wasting their time with a bump that aint even there any more.

  6. Treasure indeed! Lovely pages Virginia, you chose a great hteme and there are some great quotes. x x x

  7. This is fabulous, what a great idea. Love it. Lynne xx