Friday, 12 November 2010


Thought I'd do this the other way round this week - to prove that I do still craft it's just few and far between, biggest frustration is when you sit down to craft and then your mind goes blank grrr - anyway more 12 x 12 layouts!

This one is from a visit to Yorkshire Sculpture Park during the summer, I love the colours and the combinations in the picture. 

I also used a piece of chipboard covered in paper, with a little wire and bead assembly as an embellishment - I did this an age ago and never found anything it would 'go with' until I did this layout! 

I seem to be going through an autumnal phase on the layout fronts at the moment

 So you see I do still scrapbook!  Just not as often as I would have liked!  

Anyway on with the gratefuls
My hubby - rocking my world as always - just for being him!  
 Love you hun!
Chats with my Mum and sister and niece, even if we didn't manage any crafting - Melanie was late - there's a surprise LOL and so it was tea and chatting only.

Books, I'm loving the reading books at the moment - pure escapism, I'd lost them for a while but this year have re-captured my love of fiction.
I'm grateful for on-line buying, as Christmas presents start to tumble through the door I start to feel a little (and it is only a little) calmer.

Sensible eating with no stress - being a true Virgoan I have to do everything to the letter and if I don't then that always equals failure- I know that's not failure but it's just the way I am - so I tend to do all or nothing - to extremes - always - this week I've just tried to be sensible - I've not counted or written or listed or checked on or anything - just a 'normal' weeks eating - whatever that is - so here's to trying to break the genetic makeup and just going with the flow!

So there we are my grateful list for the week - last week we had one person join in - I know we're all busy with Christmas but the Friday morning grateful post always leaves me feeling positive even when madness is all around - biggest grateful I'm alive, I'm here, I'm breathing, I have a loving family, a roof over my head, a warm home - big gratefuls there!
The weekend ahead - well who knows - few items on the 'to do list' which I'm trying not to actually write down (as I always make them huge and then obsess about getting them completed - regardless of everything else) - last time I did one of those the list was too long and I damaged my back - so the 'to do' list can only be in my head and given my amazing memory (not) is usually manageable! 

Anyway I'm off for the day - link in the comments - Mr Linky being awkward this week - so leave the trails so I can come and visit!  

Hope you are all having a fabulous friday! 


  1. Sorry I missed last week x Love your pages and your list x Have been a good girl and added my list this week x LOL hugs Janet

  2. Great LO Virginia and a lovely list. Pleased (?) to see I'm not the only one who writes unmanageable lists and then gets stressed - think I'll follow your lead and just list in my head!lol
    Will do my post later - this weeks craftinf is already on my blog.:)
    Sue xx

  3. Hi Virginia, he he, thought you'd confuse me by swapping round the order today, huh?! You've got to try harder than that! Love that LO - fab photos. And as usual your list of gratefuls is lovely, but there's one in particular that hits the nail on the head, "I'm alive, I'm here, I'm breathing." Just about sums it all up, doesn't it?

    Here's my Rocking list, in on time for once!

    Have a great week, my friend.


  4. Hi Virginia

    Love your Friday lists - they make a lovely start to the end of the week (or start of the weekend?).


  5. I did crafting this week too! I did, I did! But that's already on my blog. My grateful list is here ;) Sorry I missed last week - it was already wednesday before I realised I forgot! Naughty, naughty! Am slapping my wrists for you!

    It's spooky how similar we are this week! Ooer! Love your scrappy page!

  6. mmwah x

    I actually did one too but i completely forgot what it was called

    sorry... lol

    At least I did one lol