Sunday, 14 November 2010


Yes I know - don't faint - it is only Sunday and I'm doing a posting - I mean what on earth am I thinking - bet you thought my weeks only consisted of Fridays these days didn't you! 
Scary scary stuff how quickly these weeks are flying by - I mean it - I'm sure last week it was January - where has the year flown to!
Anyway you'll have to put up with my Sunday evening ramblings you know what I'm like - little Miss War and Peace.  I'm going to share a circle journal page with you, I've only partaken in two circle journals to date.  The first of which finished last month and my first ever circle journal is still not home - I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed that it actually makes it but it's difficult to tell whether it will or not, however, I'm remaining hopeful! 

My second circle journal is also proving as stressful, we've had one person go AWOL and take two circle journals with them - we're rallying round but it's been a difficult one to date.  This is the page I did for the person who went AWOL - we had initially intended on carrying on with the circle journal however given the two missing journals it's been returned to it's owner unfinished which is sad.  This is my layout that I did, I loved doing the page using the silhouette of Jared Leto on the page - so thought I'd share it here as I don't think it will be seen again!
Then another page - don't faint - yes another 12 x 12, the photo was taken at YSP in the summer - the wooden sculptures are simply amazing and I loved the jaunty angles that my hubby took this photo at.

 I enjoyed doing the stitching on the page as well as using the masks, I was unsure of the colour combination but it always amazes me how sometimes perseverance means that it just works out fine once it's done!  A close up of the stitching - I love stitching templates they really can bring things together and mean that I get to use some of my hoard of embroidery threads up!

 The weekend has been mighty strange - it's gone so quickly I can't quite believe we're at Sunday evening again, we've managed to do quite a lot though and I finally feel that I'm making progress on presents - just not very fast LOL!

Today has been a really Christmassy day - why you may ask - well hubby has cooked the Christmas cake (he's had the fruit soaking in rum all week!) and I've made what has become our traditional Christmas pudding - so all the spices have been permeating the air today - bliss!

So there you go - my weekend in the blink of an eye if you stop by don't forget to say hi - I love to know whose been around!


  1. Sounds great, home made Christmas cakes and puddings. It is simple ages since I made any, not very organised nowadays. Lynne xx

  2. Love your artwork Virginia and the LO -those sculptures look amazing.
    I was going to make my cake today but then realised I didn't have an orange - shall try again tomorrow after a trip to Waitrose.
    Sue xx

  3. Busy busy busy eh, and it will only get busier in the weeks ahead. Great to see more journalling and fab pictures of quality family times. x

  4. yummmy, I love the fruit and spices, thanks for reminding me to get onto making the cakes for this year.

  5. Hi Virginia

    What a lovely surprise - you're putting me to shame with two posts in as many days!! And how organised are you - I love the smells particular to Christmas baking!

    I came, I read, I imagined - YUM!!!!!!!!!


  6. Hey Virginia, good to see you're craftin' and cookin'! I bet your house smells gorgeous. Shame someone dropped out of your circle journal, very disappointing for you. I love that last photo of you and lil man cooking, it's what Christmas is all about.

    Have a great week.


  7. I can al most smell that kitchen from here. Mmmmm. Lovely to see and inbetween Fridays post :D

    It's a shame about the CJ's - it makes me glad I take pictures before I send stuff out - flaming typical I had used an Alice Cooper piece in there I had made and saved for something special. Ah well. I love that page you did for her journal. Am behind in getting my new one done but will get there :)

    That Scrapbook page is stunning - the stitching fits so well with the etching on the sculpture.

    I haven't forgotten your birthday pressie either ;) Just have been well behind on everything it feels like :)

    Big hugs.

  8. Hi V, Love your pages - the stitching looks amazing and your leaves are perfect. Always like to hear about your families rambles both verbal and on foot! they always make me chuckle. Thanks for popping by and your kind comments. Pen x