Friday, 22 October 2010


OK so what a peculiar week - I mean - seriously strange 

Started it last Saturday by pulling my back - yes I know I said I'd hurt it the week before but that was nothing to the back opening (yes that's what it felt like) episode that went on on Saturday morning - the pain was unbelievable and left me bawling like a big baby for the rest of the day!  However, you'll be relieved to know that this has led to not one not two but three gratefuls 

1 - A grateful to my hubby who did a mad dash to Argos and Boots to suss out TENS machines and came back with one in tow - I genuinely believe that this has actually kept me upright.
2 - A huge grateful to my sister who came over and kept me company whilst I was feeling so low - and believe you and me following that Melanie had a Saturday night to end all Saturday nights - nothing to do with me - but big hugs and kisses go out to her at the minute!
3 - The TENS machine that Craig bought - it's lovely to have use of it! 

Sunday brought a works away day and despite bad back I still got there and managed to drag myself up the stairs despite the back issues.  It was a good day and I really enjoyed it - so that's something to be grateful for!

Tuesday night brought a trip to the theatre - John Sims in Hamlet at the Crucible theatre - absolutely amazing!  It was a strange evening though -broken car to begin with, taxi rides (unexpected), Shakespeares longest play - all strange but all 'fun' in their own way.  There were loads of us that went including niece whose 11 and my son whose 10!  I wasn't sure what they'd think of a Shakespearean tragedy I mean in all honesty what were they going to make of it?  Well 10 year old thought it was great - his only question "What's a nunnery?" and when I asked him at the interval if he understood what was going on - his reply was "ooh yes Mum" - so left him too it!  11 year old niece - well she fell asleep and woke up during the last scene somewhat confused!  Sometimes it makes me giggle to see the difference!  So grateful that just occasionally we get to remove ourselves from life to sit and enjoy that which is live theatre!

Grateful for hubby this morning (Wednesday) resolving issues with the car - despite the fact that he didn't really want to - he was a reluctant hero (leaving me somewhat grumpy due to his reluctancy) but it meant i could get to work, I could collect child from school and I could get home!  All fairly important if I'm honest!  So a big grateful - even though you won't read this I'm pleased you resolved the issues -even if you didn't want to!

Other little gems this week

A beautiful gift from my circle journal buddy Suzy - which was unexpected and a lovely surprise - isn't it awesome when virtual friendships lead to something proper full blown friendships - awesome stuff! 

A gorgeous text message from Sandy Poppins on Wednesday in amongst that which was the madness known as payroll - sheer bliss!  I hope you had a fabulous day as guest tutor at Dy's - I was thinking about you! 

Beautiful messages from precious people - one from Karen who I made last weeks baby gift for - she was overwhelmed with it and sent me a gorgeous message which made my heart sing and another by Suzy when her journal returned to her!  

Friday gratefuls are essential and key and special and if you'd like to join in just pop a blog post on your blog and then link back here!  Simple! 


  1. Poor you with your back - such a bummer. But you saw JOHN SIMS!!! Fantastic, and great that you took the kids (even though it became a sleeping opportunity for one!).

    Lots of other lovelies on your list today too. Hope you feel better soon.


    ps gonna do my list later!

  2. Hey there!! Loved reading all about your week - sad about your sore back and the difficulties that brought and laughed at the kids reaction to Shakespearean tragedy!! Too funny!! Missing you and Mel and your lovely Mum...need to co-ordinate a course in Harrogate soon. xxxxxx

  3. I've never thought to try the tens machine for my back you know - it was amazing when in labour. Luckily mine hasn't been to bad this week but I do feel for you and yours :(

    The theatre sounds amazing! My two love it too though we haven't been to see Shakespeare! Wow - good for your son :)

  4. The question is Virginia - has the back got any better over the week?
    Hope so as I know how bad it can hurt, and the torture inside - like all the life gets drained out of you x. I have to say a big thankyou for telling me about the free online course from Art, heart & healing - I've done week 1 and learned loads, really enjoyed it and finished something! Hope you are also following & enjoying it x

  5. Hi Virginia, just popping by to say hello now we're connected up here...I hope your back is getting better with the TENS machine...sending a big bloggy hug! x x

  6. Oh Virginia, I'm really sorry to hear about you back, it sounds horrendous. Hope it's eased a little bit by now, you were lucky you managed to get into work. I've never seen Hamlet, it sounds as though you all had a good time. xx

  7. Hi Virginia, glad you liked your gift! Your pages in my CJ will be treasured, they are so beautiful. So sorry to read about your back. You show amazing strength by managing to keep going. I hope the pain is easing now and you're feeling better. Take care X