Friday, 8 October 2010


Yes it's Friday again - I mean where are the weeks going - this is crazy I tell you!

Yes we're on with the weeks gratefuls - I can't believe how quickly the weeks are flying by at the minute - it's almost time to put the tree up LMAO
OK - so let's get down to the list 

Let me see
(yes this is a wing and a prayer post on a Friday morning - crazy I tell you)

The first thing to be grateful for are free online courses and yes I did say the word free - so if you fancy a bit of art journaling with healing thrown in for good measure this is the place for you - course starts 18th October 2010 and from the classlist it looks fabulous - so head over and take a look!

The next are all the fantastic ladies at my Scrapbook class - I arrived on Monday with said 10 year old in tow (long story but he had to come with me due to a family crisis) Sandra (the gorgeous and talented Sandy Poppins) was there to deliver the class - a gorgeous mini book (having travelled all the way down from Durham).  Lynn (owner of said gorgeous craft shop) kept said 10 year old busy whilst I did a little speed scrapping!  The book is coming together and we have the remainder of the class next Monday where we'll be making the embellishments and finishing off the 'Book of Me' it was just the tonic I needed after a frantic and fraught day - so thank you one and all - it was most fun! 

My craft evening with family occurred yet again on Wednesday - I wasn't prepared - threw a quick bolognese together so I could feed the masses and then we tucked into crafting, thankfully (as I'd had a hard day) they just set too throwing cards together whilst I did a little circle journal crafting - I wasn't particularly 'with it' that night but they put up with my half sentence answers and seemed to enjoy themselves - I'm going to stop professing that I'm going to get more organised prior to these events - to be honest I think they'll be done on a wing and a prayer throughout the run up to Christmas.

Good neighbours - think I'll leave it at that for the time being - this is after all a grateful post so you don't need to know why the neighbours in question are good - just take it as read that they are.

Evenings - yes I'm grateful for evenings - they've been missing a while - but I'm slowly clawing back the balance between home and work.  I'm also grateful for 'fly lady' network who has encouraged me to embrace the cleaning aspect of life and thus managing a little and often is allowing the house to tick along! 

I'm also grateful for fun conversations with little ones - although my little one isn't that little anymore, having recently reached double digits!

However he does still have me rolling with laughter - pretty much all the time!   The recent one went like this 

Background information - on our way to the supermarket we pass a farm which has a field next to it, in the field is a large mound of earth and during certain times of the year the farmer has been known to let the sheep run around the field, the lambs in particular enjoy running up and down the mound of earth anyway back to the story 

"Mum - look at that!"
"What love?"
"The hill in the field has disappeared"
Glancing out of car - it is noted that said mound is no more but the farm has recently been sold and therefore presumably the new owners were not lovers of the mound of earth

"So it has" I said
"Must have been the sheep"
"What must?"

"That ate the mound!"

"No sweetie I think you'll find the farmer moved the mound!"

"Nope definitely sheep that ate it"
"but it was made of soil - sheep don't eat soil"

"I think you'll find they do"

"No they don't"

"Yes they do"
"They don't"
"Well they might have - if the entire mound was made of grass"
"it wasn't made entirely of grass it was made of soil with grass on it and the sheep did not eat it"
"I think you'll find they did" 


Love them don't you!

Grateful for speed decorating - similar to speed scrapping!  We set too on Saturday morning last weekend with buckets of paint to hand - painted ceiling - painted walls - twice, painted gloss work - put everything back, made bed with new duvet - (had to wait overnight for gloss work - grr) but then Sunday took curtains up - ironed and hung.  Artwork hung, mirror moved to new position - back in room Sunday evening - all snuggly and warm - bliss! 

Right enough of my waffle - time to hand the reigns over to you - how is your week?  How are you managing?  How are things generally - one of our beautiful Rockettes last week managed her grateful posting despite it being one of the hardest of times for her - her ability to find gratefuls in amongst this was truly humbling and I feel blessed that you shared that with us - you know who you are and you've been in my thoughts and prayers this week!  

Mr Linky - if it's behaving below, if you don't want to link like this then leave a comment with a link - I love your comments so please leave them - means that I'm not just talking to myself LOL! 




  1. Looks like you've had a bit of a roller coaster of a week. Well, you made it to Friday and have got a great list again. Thanks for hosting!

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Ooh, Mr Linky seems to have lost my list, so it's here


  2. No you're not just talking to yourself - your gratefuls are one of the highlights of my week too Virginia because no matter how crappy we think we've had it you make us search out that ray of sunshine or the rainbow we might otherwise not have noticed.

    I know who you mean and I've been thinking of her too, it's really a kick up the bum to stop moping about the little things.

    big hugs x x x x

  3. Hi Virginia

    Love my Friday morning gratefuls and yours always make me smile to one degree or another. Keep up the good work!


  4. Hi I have linked hopefully ha ha. My grateful's are a very random bunch but have been enjoyed more I think for this reason! Enjoyed your post and just as an added grateful I am grateful that you are my sister and I can say I was personally there for some of your grateful moments! lol


  5. Hi Virginia
    I went on ur blog last night n got the details for the online course and signed up, it looks great cant wait to start it! thanks for putting the link on. xxxx