Friday, 1 October 2010


Well good morning Rockers and Rockettes 

It's Friday again!
Well what a week what a week - gratefuls - mmmm let me think

Well the first is that dear husband has found the leaking brake pipe on his car this morning BEFORE he set off for work - let's offer a prayer up for that one!
Then there is my smiley sister - for those of you who know Melanie she is a vivacious, happy, smiley person but she's also very good at using that as a front even when other parts of her life are difficult - well last night was crafting night with her and my Mum and she had her sparkly eyes and smiles that created dimples in her cheeks which mean it's a genuine smile - so I'm grateful for that too!

I'm grateful for family crafting last night even if I didn't get any done whilst helping Mum and Melanie complete a popcorn style gift box - Melanie has officially got her first Christmas present sorted - this is an amazing fact and most unlike her if I'm honest - she's the one at 4.30pm on Christmas Eve still running around the Meadowhall like it's a trolley dash - I'm trying to prevent a recurrence of that this year for her but we'll see!  We did Christmas cards last week and gift boxes this week - any suggestions for next week's activity - I've mentioned making an advent calendar out of match boxes and Melanie wants to do the Journal your Christmas this year so there will be a degree of making on that front too - but I'm not sure what else - Melanie's trying to make things as well as learn techniques and we've managed it both weeks now but on a bit of a wing and a prayer and I'd like to be a bit more organised for next week!

I'm grateful for an accurate weather forecast yesterday which meant that the washing basket diminished somewhat - just ironing to sort now!

I'm grateful for managing a day off today - I'm going to craft shops for goodies - not sure what if I'm honest other than 12 x 12 cardstock but I'll let you know later what I've bought! 

I have been doing some crafting this week but I haven't managed to photograph it - I promise I will photograph it and I will put it on here at some point over the weekend!

I'm grateful for Charity Shop lego - kept said 10 year old quite happy and busy last night - despite his protestations that one of the pirates in the kit was 'harmless' - I asked "why" (because pirates were very often ferocious?)  Puzzled he brought said pirate over saying "Armless Mummy - Armless!" LOL 
And indeed it had no arms - ahhhh!

I'm grateful for fantastic brothers whose birthday it was this week - I'm not sure if I've ever seen anyone so giddy about what he had receivied as a birthday present - his very own tattooing equipment - I kid you not ( he got theatre tickets from me but i bought them before the plea towards his main present was put out!)  And to add to that he had some more tattoos done (not by himself - yet!) on his birthday so he was a very happy bunny on that front!  He was eager to show me all this amazing tattoo equipment and I said it was all great but I hadn't got a clue what any of it was LOL!

I'm grateful for long evenings, this week has been a strange one on that front Craig (DH) was away from Sunday to Tuesday evening on a course so I had two very full crafting evenings, when he arrived home on Tuesday we shared a takeaway (yes don't ask about the diet LOL) and he brought wine even though I said not to - and the usual happened I get all cozy on the sofa and then fall asleep - Wednesday morning I was grumpy because the evening had disappeared - you'll be pleased to know there hasn't been a repeat performance since then which has meant lots and lots of evening crafting - sheer bliss!  So I'm grateful for new paths in life - these are always amazing and fun!

I'm also amazed at the gorgeous ribbons sent by one of my CJ buddies - they arrived yesterday morning and are absolutely gorgeous!  

Right I'm going to stop waffling now before you all doze off - to my beautiful Rockers and Rockettes - join in the therapy of listing your weekly gratefuls and add your linky below!  No matter how hard a week there are always little things to be grateful for!  Finally my major grateful is being here for another amazing day - for that I am always truly grateful!



  1. Great list today, Virginia - particularly the one about the brake fluid........OMG! I've gotta go out now but I'll be back later to post my happies!


  2. wonderful list Virginia - that tattoo equipment sounds scary though! You have to scroll down for my post as the stamp mans blog hop post is staying at the top for a while x

  3. Virginia

    can I jsut say yet again that I love your style of writing - you really make your gratefuls come to life. Makes my Friday morning.


  4. Grrrrrr! Blogger was not making me smile this afternoon - it's taken ages to get this on but, hurrah! I'm finished! Thanks for hosting our Rocking again, xx

  5. Ha ha love the above post Virginia always so positive. Also wasn't sure if I had thanked you for helping me with my Christmas preparations really looking forward to Christmas this year and that's mainly due to your help as always! love hugs and kisses X Melanie X

  6. He's going to tattoo? On HIMSELF?? I'm not sure whether to be impressed or scared for him.

    An amazing list once again Virginia - for Melanie, how about crackers? I took part in a cracker swap on UKS last year where you had to also make the cracker - it's amazing how much you can get in them and they look great on the tree :) Plenty of templates online.