Friday, 29 October 2010


Evening all - yes I did say evening - sorry it's late but only been back home for a couple of hours!  We've been away for a week in Scotland and have had a long trip home - so feeling tired - I'll apologise in advance that this post may be short but I'm wrecked!

My first grateful this week is to you lovely blog readers for all the positive thoughts regarding my back!  I have struggled immensely in the last couple of weeks but have refused to allow it to stop me!  I struggled for the first few days on holiday but a combination of TENS machine, painkillers and walking (yes believe it or not walking) have meant that I've managed to drop the first two by the end of the week and I'm still upright!  So thank you for all your beautiful wishes to me - I am immensely grateful!  

My second grateful is a lovely lodge which we had for the week which has become a home away from home!  This was the inside of the lodge that we've stayed in - definitely feel spoilt! 
Then I'm grateful for time to step back and enjoy the sheer wonder of the world around!  This is what greeted us on Weymss Bay beach last weekend!  How blessed did I feel to get this beautiful photo! 
 I'm also grateful for whoever built these little tiny mounds of pebbles on the beach, whilst the boys (hubby and little one) were exploring rock pools I had to behave and stay put (back related) and as I sat I got the amazing photo above and then spotted these little guys on the beach.  It makes you realise that sometimes the little things in life are the ones to be truly grateful for!
  Then there are days when you find likeminded people - we've always wanted to be officially eccentric people but have always professed we don't have the bank balance to allow us to truly explore this side of us - but occasionally we see things that tell us that if we had the money that we could own a Castle - we would do something just like this to it!  Kelburn Castle - a fabulous day out, with walks around the garden (unfortunately the house was shut but the gardens and the exterior were so worth it) walks around the Secret Forest and then walks further afield - amazing blue skies day - bliss
 And whilst we were there the giants castle led us to the base of the beanstalk - I mean don't you just love this!  Sheer imaginative genius! 
 Then my little man - he is so animated and funny and loving and I feel mighty blessed - this was one of those photos that was too much for him - you know when you're just click click clicking away - which means - it'll be the one I use to scrap with!  We were enjoying a coffee on the shores of Loch Lomond and little man was tucking into a hot chocolate!
  And then I'm grateful that dear hubby did occasionally manage to get a photo of me that I didn't detest completely!
This was the view outside the coffee shop
 Then grateful for fantastic days out - the trip to the Wallace monument in Stirling was fabulous!  And I managed to make it to the top of the steps - without completely freaking out - I'm not one for heights!
 Grateful for educational places which make the days interactive - the Glasgow Science Museum was awesome including the Science Show that we saw - half an hours live show which was funny, chaotic and educational!  And the planterium was fabulous! 
 St Mungo's Museum in Glasgow is an old haunt for us as it housed (notice past tense) a Dali print that is very dear to my heart, unfortunately when we arrived we discovered it had been moved and so thought we were going to have to have a huge hike across Glasgow to see it - but were then informed that it was currently on tour in America - so definitely grateful for information officers who kept us informed!  This was one of the statues in the building which is dedicated to all religions, it was amazing to learn about other religions all under one roof and we admired the Zen garden outside which was gorgeous!
 This little replica was gorgeous given our love of all things Celtic it certainly caught our eye - so grateful for beautiful craftmanship!
 Grateful for quiet moments in beautiful places, this is one of the stained glass windows in Glasgow Cathedral which is simply outstanding!  Sharing a quiet sit down with my little lad was lovely as we made our way around the building.  Even if he did keep insist on trying to find out where St Mungo's body was!
 Speaking of my little man - I must also mention him again for embracing the holidays we've had this year - they haven't been exactly conventional but he's enjoyed them all and embraced them all! 

He was quite taken with the car we had this week so much so that before it went back (hire car) he insisted on taking loads of photos of it - I won't bore you with the actual pictures but they include the fold down arm that gave him somewhere for his drinks, the boot, a close up of the gear stick - I mean honestly there are loads of pictures - we didn't even know he'd taken them until I downloaded the photos tonight - I mean what is he like!

Anyhow I'm going to toddle off now as my tiredness is reaching a peak!  

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  1. Oh Virginia what an amazing list. I NEED to go see that castle, am going to write that down!

    I'm so glad your back is not as bad as it was - and you are right being mobile does help - it's just unfortunate that the being mobile bit feels like you just want to rip your spine out. The stones and beach are gorgeous. Thank you for sharing with us. I'm late because I was SURE today was Friday not yesterday - so much so that I hadn't done my IACW post or anything! Aargh! Be back later with my RF.

  2. Hi Virginia, what stunning photos! Good to hear you were still able to get out and about. We're all with you on the back-thing, as Carmen says you just want to rip our your spine don't you?! Your 2nd photo is just beautiful, quite breath taking. I'm gonna do my Rocking tomorrow (v v late, I know). Love ya Rocking Mother. xx

  3. Sounds like you had fantastic week. Glad to hear your back is a little better. Thanks for sharing your fabulous photos. Looks like a beautiful calm place. Lynne xx

  4. Hi, hope it's not too late to share my post with you. Love those photos!

  5. I was sure I'd already posted a comment ..oh well..
    What a great week your days out sound like so much fun.
    Had to laugh at little man and his photos - truly a "man in training".
    Sue xx
    p.s. Hugs (gentle) and sparkles for your back.

  6. I'm back, even later than promised, but my list is up!

    Be gentle with your back,