Friday, 15 October 2010


Ok another week but it's been eventful!

Why do I say eventful well try this out for an equation
Clearing kitchen cupboards for duration of Saturday + Mowing postage stamp garden from hell on Sunday = Poorly back (big style)

Yes yes I know I've got a dodgy back and yes I do know that doing too much can result in causing it grief but what exactly is too much?  Apparently the sum above shows the 'too much' factor - sod! 
But I have a grateful from this - ooh yes I do 

I am grateful for still being upright (ie I didn't hurt it so much that I could actually straighten even if I am in pain LOL).
I am grateful for crafting nights with family I was feeling low (poorly back syndrome) before they arrived and wasn't sure if I'd manage but we had a good giggle and it reminded me that time with family is spectacularly beautiful and can lift your mood no matter what - so for that I am truly grateful.

I am also grateful to have finished my last entry in a beginner's circle journal, it has been an absolute joy to do but I do insist on making the current one better than the last and this has been the case every month.  The one just completed is Suzy's I have posted to her every single month and so she's probably got to know my style but I hadn't seen any of Suzy's scrapbooking until this one which is hers.  It was gorgeous before I got my hands on it and there were three double pages left - so I filled them (something about the Virgoan in me means I have to finish things LOL) and it's all wrapped up and on it's way again now back to its home!  
I am also grateful for rolls of brown parcel paper - I've finally managed to put gift I made weeks ago into a parcel and send it on it's way to a friend who has recently had a baby - so that's another job done!  Loving finishing all these tasks - not that the list is getting any smaller LOL!  On the grounds said recipient is a friend on facebook a not a follower of my blog I thought I'd share what I've made, it's a keepsake in a box which is decorative with her baby's name on one side and contains all the facebook messages that she got on the other side - I really enjoyed making it - I don't often get chance to play with pink so this made a lovely change!

I am grateful to my work colleagues who left me alone long enough today to actually get the month end finished - done on a wing and a prayer but it's on its way to where it needs to be - no doubt there will be questions but I can sort them! 
I am grateful to my hubby who when I threw a strop several weeks ago jumped on the teetotal following weight watchers band wagon whole heartedly!  I've had a roller coaster year with my weight (not that it's done much movement on the scales front just stayed the same which was not what I'd set out to do) but I've managed a week on plan.  I'm not doing classes they always want to discuss what you can't eat or what they've eaten that they shouldn't which usually means you leaving want a take away and a bottle of wine thinking that's what everyone else is doing!  So we're doing it from home, I'm counting the world in points and loving the versatility of everything.  Tonight we're having fish chips and mushy peas - all weight watchers, all pointed and all on plan!  I'll explain more in later posts if I manage to keep it going - just want to get on the treadmill that is weight loss and stay there for a bit before I decide that 'I'm on it'

I'm grateful for excellent vampire books, reading a fabulous series at the moment, very adult in content but a good read and not too stressful, there's nothing nicer than going and sitting in our bedroom on the bed (now it's all decorated and gorgeous) with a hot steaming cup of coffee and a good book! Bliss
Talking of which the alternative is the Christmas magazine - not being funny but I love the Christmas magazine it reminds me of all the things I want to make because buying them is far too expensive LOL!

So there you go 

Leaving you on a funny of little man's - school reading book a story which includes a little boy going to a kennels to choose a dog 
"first there was a spaniel, then there was a mongrel and then there was a cockerel!"
"A what?"
Mmmm - we giggled somewhat - what on earth was a cockerel doing at the kennels - needless to say it was a Cocker Spaniel!

If you fancy joining in then add your name to the list, being grateful on Friday is a lovely way to start the weekend.


  1. Loving your list Virginia and that baby gift is awesome.
    Sue xx
    p.s. sparkles for the bad back. Nothing from me this week - hopefully I'll be back next week.

  2. Lovely list again Virginia and I'm well and truly with you. Epsecially on the weight loss - I've been struggling the last month or so but am wiping the slate clean (again!) on Monday and starting afresh - don't know why I always have to start on a Monday but I do ;)

    Do share what the vampire series is?

  3. Hi Virginia, another beautiful list. Your baby gift is just so gorgeous - a real work of love and art!


  4. Oooh poor you with your bad back - as a fellow bad back sufferer I'm feeling it with you, sister! You've been so busy with your super crafting - that's such a cute baby gift, really thoughtful. Keep going with your weight loss - it WILL happen, you've got to break the will of those extra pounds that are clinging on for dear life. Sounds like you've got a top family, one to treasure. xxx