Friday, 17 September 2010


Ok so let's hope I can actually get this posted on the correct day this week!  Honestly!
 So this week has been a strange one - settling back into school routines, enjoying family time oh and my 38th birthday (ssh don't tell anyone I'm getting old) and my son reached double digits - yes he his the grand old age of 10 - I mean when did that happen?

It's all very scary if you ask me the time seems to fly by, work is very busy at the moment which means I'm having to be ultra organised at home, I'm thankfully receiving many many many e-mails each day from Flylady which allows me to consider my cleaning options which are usually
look away look away it'll get better eventually 

clean something right now

the only downside to the e-mails is if I start to read them late at night I feel the urge to go and clean something so I've decided to ignor them if it's too late and deal with them when I can.
We've finished the guest room which has now been renamed from purple room and finally have a home for the awesome piece of artwork that my bloggy friends helped me create in a dark time in my life 

There are still a couple of things to tweak but overall things are looking good and I'm ultimately happy with the overall look of the room - it looks great and feels really positive which is exactly what I was after.
Next room our bedroom but thankfully that just needs paint and new bedding but before I can consider that i need a serious sort out so going to start on that challenge shortly - hold up Rocking your World has become a cleaning to do list what am I like - I apologise for a break in the transmission and assure you that normal service will resume shortly.

Grateful for an awesome family who bought me some beautiful gifts and came and spent time with us over the two day birthday celebrations.

Grateful for my Mum preparing food for said celebration because I was at work, it was lovely Mum thank you.
Grateful for my little lad taking on board new ideas, we are re-introducing pocket money because he seems to have lost the concept of the damn stuff and as I rightly pointed out the other day there is no magic tree at the bottom of the garden on which this stuff actually grows (although he did look when I pointed LOL).  His first birthday list made me sit down and go a very pale colour followed by "You are joking aren't you" - his innocent bewildered look meant he wasn't - so back to jobs and pocket money we go so he starts to 'get it' again! 

Grateful for clean windows, I know this sounds mad but you can't get to the back of our house without going through the house, so the window cleaner never makes it round this far, so the back upstairs windows don't get cleaned very often, but after all the decorating I was determined to sort them even if it meant me sitting on the window cill and hanging on for dear life - it was worth it because now I can see out of them - bliss!
It's 14 weeks to Christmas so I've set out a plan to get sorted for then, I need to shift some weight (my only new year resolution this year and yes I may have lost 5 stone but it's been the same 4 lbs all year - you know the one 4lb off then 4 back on 4lbs off then four back on - if I add up how many times I have lost that same 4lbs it probably would add up to the magic 5 stone figure I was after - just not in the way I wanted - so concerted effort to Christmas me thinks - gone teetotal - healthy eating - exercise and preparing for the happy season tee hee - don't you love me -you do really!)

And for all of those out there saying that they were going to make things in advance for Christmas there is still time, sit down write a list and then start working through it, do a little bit each week and before you know it the season will be on us, everything will be sorted and you'll all be ready having achieved what you wanted to - how awesome is that!
Talking of list writing - little sis back in blog land - she's converted her 'crafty' blog into a 'chatty' blog - she chat's better than most and more than me and yes i know that is difficult to believe so if you fancy reading the ramblings of another of my clan try here and here (two separate blog posts) encourage her to keep going and if you fancy following her blog follow her  - I think she has a whole 5 followers at the moment - so the more the merrier!

Back to gratefuls - grateful for words of wisdom that come my way in whatever format.  I received an e-mail at work this week about a wellbeing study that has been carried out that has tried to identify the critical parts of day to day actions that are important for our well being - I loved these and am grateful for the knowledge because I intend on trying to introduce them to my day each and every day
 With people around you - family friends, colleagues and neighbours be it at home, work, school or local community - apparently these are the cornerstones of life and investing time developing them will support and enrich our lives I'm all for that!

Yes I know we hear this one all the time but exercising makes you feel good and it doesn't have to be a marathon run at tea time anything that lifts your mood makes you feel slightly sweaty and breathless is good - my sister this week pointed out the fact that me throwing myself around a squash court trying to hit the ball was actually exercise and I was finding it fun - there was something of a question mark on my face but then I understood what she meant - exercise is supposed to be fun -if  it isn't then you're doing the wrong exercise for you - try something new or something different, hire a squash court and get some racket ball equipment for a change - great fun and apparently counts as exercise!
Of everything from the world around you to the sight of something beautiful, something unusual or remarkable, notice the seasons changing, savour the beauty of a clear autumn day, or the sight of loved ones laughing - look for what we take for granted and take notice - that way you get to appreciate the beauty of life.
This doesn't mean going back to a classroom (but it can if you want) this means trying something new, or rediscover something you used to enjoy, learn something you've always wanted to but never go around to, take an on line course in a new interest, learning new things gives you new insights and confidence - try it and you'll be amazed.
Doing something nice for others is a great positive - thank someone, smile, volunteer to do something, join a community group, look outside of yourself as well as inside, think of something you can do to make someone's elses life better it doesn't matter how big or small this is - simple actions make your life feel richer and enhance the lives of others!
Some of these ideas you'll do anyway but there might be some you don't do or don't extend beyond your own four walls in order for the richness of our lives to be felt and seen constantly rather than the odd beacon in our lives if we follow these actions every day our lives become an awesome line of discovery and overall this creates a greater sense of well being!
Well here endeth the lesson I hope it gave you food for thought - if you got to the bottom of this posting - well done give yourself a pat on the back and a big cyber hug from me!
How's your world Rocking this week Rockers and Rockettes?
If you are joining in put your linky below so we can come and visit! 


  1. Fabulous post as always Virginia. Might print out that last bit. I know what you mean, oh how I know what you mean with the money situation. Pheebs will hit the magical double figures in November and am sure she thinks money comes out of the tap. They are getting better the two older ones as we have really got tough on pocket money - "well yes you can have that but you do realise it's 4 weeks pocket money? Oh you thought I would just buy it for you because I love you? Well I do love you but I still aint buying it" :P

    We've told them this year Christmas is going to be different too. Am fed up of all the expense, it really sickened me last year so have been buying small gifts throughout the year - they are getting one big present to share between them and the rest is small, made or won ;) They are actually pretty up for it.

    Just pondering my Rocking Friday... I'll be back with a linky. (Pressie is still in process btw - haven't forgotten *g*)

  2. *hugs*

    Ooh what a long'un :)

    We give our 12 year old a pound a week but he usually blows it on sweets


    Great words of wisdom

    *big hugs* and *weightloss fairy dust* to shift a little by Christmas


    G xxx

  3. Lovin' your post today and particularly like the last bit. Most of it just about sums up your 'Rocking Your World Friday' doesn't it - think POSITIVE, be GRATEFUL, there's a big world out there to ENJOY, you only have one short life (in this body) so LIVE IT, you must let people know you LOVE THEM, and bear in mind that other people have battles of their own. My Rocking will be up tomorrow......tooooooo ti.....r......ed!

    Just realise all those capital letters make me seem rather NUTTY but you get my point!


  4. Hi again, Virginia. It's Saturday afternoon (late afternoon, some would call evening!) and I've finished my Rockin' list! Have a great week, xxx