Friday, 24 September 2010


Some weeks this post is a breeze to do - really easy to draw on the little things in life that make life beautiful but this week I feel like I'm treading treacle and it's become seriously hard work.  Now don't get me wrong that would seem that I've had a 'bad' week - (actually I don't believe in 'bad' weeks just challenging ones) so this one has definitely been challenging.  But Rocking Your World Friday is about the gratefuls and the positives and that is where I'm going to stay this week - even though I could have a good old moan - it won't change anything and it won't make it any better.  (I started this post on Thursday morning because I like to plan ahead and properly reflect, my day today has been just as challenging but more productive, rather than hide away from issues I've dealt with them head on in a positive and productive way and as a result I've come home somewhat happier in my head) - the moral of the story is that communication is a fantastic thing when done properly and productively!
I'm very grateful for family days out and making them a priority! 

We went to Chatsworth again last week for their Sotheby's sale called Beyond Limits now you'd assume this was an auction being Sotheby's, but what it actually is is a sculpture show in the gardens at Chatsworth - they are all technically up for sale and I'm assuming there will be an auction for them at some point but I'm sure they are all serious money and to be honest one of them would be bigger than our postage stamp garden could contend with, however, I do like the day out we have when we go to see them.  

The day was cloudy but the rain held off until we came away, we had a fabulous day, wandering around, deciding on our favourite sculpture, enjoying a picnic (a slimming low fat picnic but a picnic nonetheless) and later in the afternoon we enjoyed a coffee on the terraces outside Chatsworth house, sheer bliss! 

Little moments of beauty we saw on the day
from this flower
to the trees (I love trees)
to our favourite sculpture
to secretive visitors
absolute bliss - if you haven't been and can get to Chatsworth I can highly recommend it, it's on until the end of October check their website for details.

So a positive grateful to the great outdoors, beautiful artwork, exquisite gardens and absolutely grateful for family time!

Speaking of which - last night was spent with my Mum, my sister and my niece and we were - wait for it - crafting!  So a big grateful for family craft nights!

My sister is making great strides into the crafting world and was keen to have a go at making a card - something a few months ago she wouldn't attempt, we used a sketch as a base and all had a go using up some card stock and papers I had left over from last year and although I will never profess to be a cardmaker I'm actually quite happy with the results, we spent a couple of hours playing with composition and colours and had fun in the process, we've decided to meet weekly so we can do 'Christmassy' things in the build up to Christmas - I refrained from putting on the Christmas carols - despite Melanie protestations that it wasn't too early.  However, in the process of two hours we only managed to make 3 cards each - at this rate we'll be ready for next Christmas not this one LMAO! 

So here is what I managed 
I did mention a couple of weeks ago that we had finally finished the guest room so here are the photos to prove it and yes that is the Rocking Your World Friday button canvas finally in it's rightful place in our home!
It feels so positive in this room now! 

In addition to this are the canvases we did for the stairs and before you ask the words are lyrics from my favourite song of all time - Glitter in the Air by Pink!
and the overall effect

it's amazing how 'finished' this part of the house feels with the pictures up.

And finally a big grateful for belated presents - this one was presented today when I was feeling mighty low and was from my lil bro!  Now the question is read the book first or watch the film?  Decisions decisions!
Thank you for visiting my blog today another huge grateful to you!  If you are joining in with Rocking Your World Friday don't forget to let us know either by leaving a comment with your blog posting or adding a linky to your blog on Mr Linky below!


  1. Well this is a brill post as usual. I really enjoyed the craft night and am looking forward to it becoming a regular part of my week! Getting geared up for christmas was exciting and I really enjoyed putting my first cards together having spent an inordinate amount of time telling myself i was rubbish at it. I was surprised to find I'm not rubbish just not practised enough to be good yet!

    Chatsworth is beautiful but the sculptures set in Chatsworth doubly beautiful! I love trees too!

    Hadn't realised lil bro had sorted your b'day present out yet, looks gorgeous will have a look when I'm visiting next. Hope your Friday does indeed rock XMelanieX

  2. Just a quickie from me today - Love how your canvasses finish off you hard work and love the Pink lyrics - now theres a talented lady :0) Think your cards are brill too papers by our fav designer me thinks??? Huge hugs Janet

  3. Hi Virginia, what a great Rocking post this is! Well done for positive communication, not always possible despite best efforts.

    Chatsworth sounds wonderful, wish it was a bit nearer to me. That's a super photo of the flower - it looks like it's made of silk. Beautiful.

    And those canvasses are FANTASTIC! How individual are they?! You should be really proud of yourself for producing them - they look stunning up your stairs.

    You've started your Christmas cards, grrrrrr. Don't you know you're supposed to leave it until the last day of posting is nigh?

    Finally, I don't know The Fountain - looks fantasy elfie?

    Have a wonderful weekend, my friend.


  4. Hi Virginia

    What a fab list as always. Will have a look at the other blogs tonight but at least I've made the effort this week!


  5. Garrr - Friday whipped past in a blur! I should take your cue and start on Thursday. Love your post as always Virginia and how fantastic to see so much of your art. I love the canvasses and the Rocking Friday canvas looks amazing on the wall.

    You still have at least one more pressie to come from me too :)

  6. Greatb post really enjoyed the read. Thanks for info on Chatsworth not been there in ages, we used to live very near by. It would be good to go again. Your Christmas cards are great, maybe if you made 3 a week?? :-) love the canvases. Lynne x