Monday, 13 September 2010


Yes here we are again on Rocking Your World Friday - can you believe how the weeks are flying by?
Well back to normality - whatever that's supposed to be - back to school back to longer working hours, it's been a mad week to be honest!
Thought I'd do a picture based posting for a change so thought I'd share a few photos from Chatsworth last week

Grateful for fun family days out which last week included the following- (and using the photos to summarise the joys of life)
Jousting Knights - which reminded me that I need to learn to be brave and bold when I need to be (and yes before you ask there was a female jousting)!  So nothing to stop us!  A little armour plating is sometimes necessary and can make us more colourful and vibrant.
and these amazing people - yes that is the Red Arrows!
Who through practice achieve so much - practising things means we can make progress and see improvements and also that dedication can lead to great things
 and this display team - who proved that even when you've never done something before (some of these had never rode a motorcycle until the joined the display team) that you can achieve anything!
 and a freefall team who proved that sometimes you can aim for the target and miss but that sometimes that's the way it's just meant to be
and fun times-the joys of just being a child!
and spending time with your Dad - amazing stuff (I still miss mine so much but it's always beautiful to see that love in our little one)
 and on Saturday we went and got lost in the cow's Christmas dinner (Maize Maze) and had great fun trudging round trying to find the clues!  Which reminded me that sometimes the maze of life leads us on a merry dance but even in the dark when it's not logical what we're doing that we can still have fun as long as we take family along for the ride!
and I'm also grateful for fabulous diet ginger beer at sensible prices but I don't have a fun 'life' statement on this - well maybe it should be that we should all be like ginger beer - fiery on the inside and bubbly to boot!
and time to craft
I also managed a little gift for a friend's little one that I'd promised month's ago -thankfully I haven't missed the birthday - it's amazing what a bit of felt and an evening and a sewing machine can achieve.

I'm also grateful for Lesley for encouraging me as I return on my weight loss program - not sure how it'll pan out but working on it at the moment.

Definitely grateful for fun family conversations - they make me laugh so much - honestly literally laugh til I cry! 

So if you'd like to join in and list your gratefuls once you've posted on your blog pop over here and provide a link so we can come and visit and find out what been Rocking Your World this Friday


  1. Good to see you back, Virginia. I was wondering if you were ok. Chatsworth looks like a fun day out - I love how you've twinned what you saw with reminders of how we can be. Was that a midnight wander in the Maize Maze?! Good luck with your weight loss plan, I know it's a slog but it's worth it!


  2. Hello Rovrum!! Love all your photos and your life-isms - spot on as always!! Love to all (esp. Mel...) xxx

  3. I've been struggling with the weight too so you arent alone - we can do it :)

    and oh boy is that so much more than a bit of felt - it's amazing and wonderful and is going to makea certain little girls day perfect. Everyone I've shown has said he's fantastic! Thank you again Virginia and hope you had a brilliant birthday!

  4. Thought I would pop on to here and post a comment as usual Virginia you are such an inspiration. You take a simple day out and use it to learn and live and inspire everyone round you. As for the weight loss thing we can do it! love you loads Melanie x