Friday, 20 August 2010


OK, it's been a strange week overall, I've been off work this week (well technically), although still seem to be in work mode as well so it's a bit of a mixed week.
First on my grateful list is spending time with my hubby, Craig, he's been off this week and spending time with him has been awesome, we've been busy, had some time out, some time at home, travelling to friends in Stafford busy busy busy so he's number one on the list this week - love ya babe!

I'm also grateful for the family time we had over the weekend when my cousin Sophia got married, it was a beautiful service and she looked absolutely gorgeous as did all the bridesmaids and page boys etc, we stayed overnight at the hotel where she had the reception so it was lots of fun, although we were all a little the worse for wear on Sunday which meant lots of sleeping etc on Sunday meaning it disappeared in a flash - (in all honesty we stole some of Sunday to enjoy it on Saturday - so we paid the price on Sunday) oh hell fire I'm waffling big style aren't I!

 A picture of the happy couple
and me and my hubby at the wedding
I'm grateful for digital cameras - I decided this week to try and photograph every 12 x 12 layout I've done and that's no small feat when you consider that I've been scrapping since 2004 - I have many many albums and apparently 418 pages!!!!! but have recently realised that I've occasionally scrapped the same event twice - so this is my way of preventing this happening again!  Craig has been a star with this as removing all those layouts from albums, photographing and replacing has taken an absolute age - but hopefully will be well worth it! 
I'm grateful for the wallpaper stripper - it's meant the purple room has been stripped of it's wallpaper in less than a day and that is no small task, it's now looking well like a room that needs papering but at least the wallpaper is no more and we're going to have to rename it - because it's not purple either!

I was amazed last week at how my posting seemed to really strike a cord with quite a few of you - I was of the view that I was the only one who did the self sabotaging self abuse but apparently not!  So if you were one of the visitors last week who read that post and either commented or sat at home nodding then I am thankful and grateful for not feeling so alone or so different than everyone else!  I'm stopping the waiting game - not for me and in my weekly rocking your world posting I'm going to try and put something down that I wouldn't normally do to try and get myself out of this 'waiting' game!

This week I'm going to spend some time painting my nails - for nobody else but me!  (Please note this is usually the one thing I do for a wedding and so my fingers and toe nails have been painted twice in the last two and a half years!)

For those of you keeping up with my posting - dear hubby has given me permission to share our canvas with you!  It has taken an age to do and has been a true bonding experience for the two of us but so worth it! 
The knotwork on the right hand side is the knot we used when we go married which Craig designed and we've used ever since.

And finally - step back in amazement I've done some crafting and yes I know it's ony two 12 x 12 layouts but hey - it's crafting!

So there you go another Rocking your World Friday

If you stop by say hello and tell me what you'll be doing this week because you're no longer waiting for life to change before you get on...

And finally is Mr Linky behaving this week?  Yep looks like it - if you join in don't forget to link so I can come and visit!


  1. Great pictures. Weeks off always go so quickly and end up being sooo busy.

  2. what a busy bee. The layout are fab too btw :)

  3. Hi Virginia, Glad you had such a fab week and that the wedding went well. Yur photos are fab - thanks for sharing. Off to do my WRYF before Friday is gone!! Have a fab week and photo those nails for us for next week!


  4. Those wedding pics look Fab! Am late playing along this week but thats because Ive had a really good day:0) Loving your LO didnt know you were such an ardant scrapbooker xx

  5. First of all, that canvas is gorgeous! As is the knotwork within it. Wow what a treasure to create.

    I'm late because I have been thinking it's thursday all day! I know! And this is AFTER I did one of my firsts which was buy a diary to try and organise myself (because no-one else will.) AND, AND I've been making everyone go on an hour walk each night, much grumbling at first and a huge (teenage) row during the first one but now we are all raring to go come 4pm ;)

    I love your pages Virginia, I can't believe how many you've been photographing! HAve a fabulous weekend - it's a bit late now so I will come back tomorrow andpost my Rocking Friday (Saturday) linky *g*

    Oh and thank you for coming to see me over on GA. I was absolutely pooping myself - I still am. Made my day to see your comment there. Am having doubts if I'm up to the job but I keep telling myself off.