Friday, 13 August 2010


OK so here we go Friday again - the weeks are simply flying by - does anyone else think this or is it just me?  I mean we are into the third week of the six week holidays already!  
I've had an awesome week - really finding a little bit of me again - I've been missing a while - how? - well it's easy - you just set too and ignor yourself don't you - you know where you keep going full tilt auto pilot continually but before you know it what you're actually doing is missing out on life - you don't mean to do it and you're sure it will come good at some point and when it comes good life will be great but until then you'll just wait - wait and well wait a bit more - the question is what am I waiting for?  For life to start?   I'm 37 and therefore think that life may have already started, or maybe I'm waiting for when I'm thinner (yes this is definitely one of my favourite excuses) - it's like a form of self abuse, you see I'll not buy any new clothes until I get thinner - they look awful anyway don't they?  And then I don't bother getting my hair cut because well what's the point and then you think well we never go out so I get my happy 'fix' from eating food and more food leads to more food and I eat absolute crap and I know at some point I'll do something about it but until then I'll keep going and - well you can see the vicious circle.  So what do you do when you get into a vicious circle - well two things you take a deep intake of breath (usually followed by a few tears - but they are a good release and a way to start seeing a way forward), then you do something fairly outragious that goes against the norm (ie having a haircut) and you 

"be the best you can be whilst still living the life you wish to live"

and before you know it the self abusing individual goes from this haircut (with a smile plastered elaborately on for effect - even if the smile isn't that genuine) to..
and the grimace from the first picture turns into wanting to smile in the second and all because of a haircut (and time with my little man of course)!

so my grateful here is finding a little bit of me and allowing me to be me

I'm also grateful to acknowledge that I'm going to stop trying to beat myself up continually - I'm going to just be me for a bit, making sensible choices and enjoying life - so I'm grateful for the clarity that I have at the minute! 

I'm grateful for my sister who never ceases to amaze me even when she is going through the toughest of times, she won't let me accept second best - she won't allow me to say "it'll do" - when she knows categorically that it won't and for that I'm truly grateful! 

I'm grateful for milky coffees in the early evening and episodes of True Blood on DVD - pure escapism!

I'm grateful for the special time me and Craig are sharing, creating a joint piece of artwork for our bedroom, it's looking awesome I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to share it with you - it's fairly cutting edge and very very personal but it is beautiful!  I had to tell Melanie not to read it when she popped over recently - she giggled and said she doesn't read other peoples art journaling - all I can say is that it's a good job and thank you to all of you who commented on this I'm going to take on the recommendation about writing the story behind the canvas on the back hopefully future generations will benefit.

I'm grateful for the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, what a beautiful and amazing place, it's latest sculptures are divine - who thought wood could be so gorgeous.    

we wandered and photographed and had a coffee and chatted and laughed and giggled and it was truly beautiful!  I am surrounded by such beautiful people and for this I am truly grateful!
 and I'm also grateful for this little guy who we found whilst enjoying Yorkshire Sculpture Park 
who reminded me of the fragility and beauty of life, that we should enjoy the nectar that life feeds us, but when we are full to move on and flutter around life taking in it's delights and beauties, to share time with people, to love and laugh and truly embrace for our time is precious, not to be wasted or ignored or swallowed up with negativity but to be appreciated and sometimes not to take things too seriously!  I'm also grateful for him teaching me that it's OK to be different - in amongst the other butterflies he looked so different but going with the crowd isn't always the way!!  
Finally, I'm grateful for all those that read my weekly list and I'm grateful for all those that join in and allow me to share their precious moments of the week - until we meet again!  


  1. Wow Virginia! I always love reading your Friday post but this is a beautifully crafted piece of writing so I can only say thank you so much for sharing it with us.

    Fingers crossed for dry weather for the wedding tomorrow and thanks for your kind comments.


  2. Your hair looks great Virginia and I'm glad you're feeling better in yourself. :-) xx

  3. I love the new hairstyle Virginia, it really suits you, and thank you for sharing so much of yourself with us through this blogg, It is such a privilege, and also a huge comfort to realise that so much of how I feel at times is shared by another fabulous woman.

  4. Virginia I don't know if you realise how poingnent your description of how life is so precious - a beautiful written reminder which we all need from time to time. From your pic the new hairstyle looks gorgeous x

  5. Virginia, your hair looks fantastic!!!! I can understand exactly what you said about waiting to live your life especially once you're thin, I felt like you were taking the words outa my mouth.... Well my mind because even though this is exactly how I think I've never really dared say it out loud!!!


  6. You gorgeous woman. Inside and out!
    Your hair looks wonderful and suits you so well.

    Hugs x x x

  7. Can I just say - I've loved the way you look ever since we first started talking Virginia. Your whole family seems to have those gorgeous dark eyes. Your new do is fabulous though - really really suits you.

    I'm not going to go into a long waffle but will just say that you have so eloquently described exactly how I live my life. I am also coming to the conclusion at 33 that by the time I decide to start living it might be to late. So have to do something now. My first step is going to be to buy some make-up. I haven't bought any since my cat piddled in my make-up bag! She has sadly been departed (blimey now I think about it!) 4 years! The only time I wear it is to see Alice. Time to make a change. Get organised. Face up to the fact that I may have to just accept and live with some parts of my life that I'm not happy with but that I am the only one who can change other parts.

    Love you lots Virginia :) Am so pleased you both went ahead with the canvas and that you are going to record it's story.

  8. Hello my lovely, funny, gorgeous (inside and out), philisophical friend!! Taking the time this morning to catch up in Blogland with a cup of tea and relative peace and quiet (they are all - amazingly - watching CBeebies together!?!)

    Anyway, I loved this post...your new haircut looks seriously amazing - it really suits you and has taken years off. I think we all feel a bit like life is passing us by at times - think this is particularly true if you're a Mum. I really try not to do the whole "When I change X then Y will happen" but it's really difficult. The saying "Life is what happens when you're busy making plans" is so true and I think we could all step back and appreciate where we are and what we're doing instead of chasing some perfect idea of how we think it's 'supposed' to be...

    Love the look of the Yorkshire Sculpture Park - have seen it in a couple of blogs now and definitely want to go!! Also love the sound of this canvas that you and Craig are doing - can't wait to see photos!!

    Hope Mel's okay - trying desperately to get a free weekend where she can visit (kids are back to school this Wednesday) but we seem to have lots on all of a sudden...send my love.

    Right, off to get everyone dressed and head out while it's nice - rain forecast for later - boo! Ooh - was really excited to see a comment from Ann-Marie!! Was just asking Sandra how she was doing - hi Ann Marie!! xx