Friday, 6 August 2010


Wow Friday already
can't believe it's arrived again
OK List - let's make this a good one! 

No 1. A lie in - I'm not sleeping very well at the moment and this morning Craig left me fast asleep in bed (with a morning cuppa by the side of the bed just in case I woke - which I did - drank it went back to sleep), then little man got up and left me fast on as well - how sweet is that - he did wake me when he brought the VIP passes that apparently I need now to get into his bedroom but that was at 9.05am!

No 2 - Free play events in the park last weekend, our council has gone all out to provide low or no cost activities through the holidays and last weekend there was a full weekend of free activities in the main park in town, so we headed over to see if there was anything interesting to do.
First he tried the bungee trampolines
We laughed so much because the lad who was monitoring the harness and the trampoline was amusing in the 'is he real' kind of way and as little man is getting older he gets slightly less tolerant of people who treat him in a patronising way - he tends to look at us and roll his eyes!  In this particular instance the lad said two confusing statements that had the eye roll happening
the first was 
"do you like to bounce?"
well derr it's a trampoline with bungee cords what do you think
the other when he was trying to encourage the kids - said with deadpan voice
"are you alright sausage!"
there are all kinds of offence that could be taken by people with statements like this I tell you and the more he said it whilst little man waited for his turn the more Craig and I ended up in stitches, thankfully when it was little man's turn this bloke when for a cigarette break and so little man had someone slightly more ... well human LOL

Anyway second thing was golf
it was set out over a large area and to be honest I didn't think either would enjoy it but they did and played it like 'proper' golf as little man called it, Craig used to play golf quite a lot when we lived in Stafford but little man has only ever played it on the Wii and they both had great fun playing it 'for real' well sort of nearly almost! 

Then he spotted the Kangoo boots up on the hillside so we headed over to them which he loved - action shot proving the point!
Then finally we were pointed in the direction of the board games tent - now before you groan these board games were nothing like any we had played before and once the bloke from showed us how to play we were well away!
This particular game called Gobblet had little man enthralled but we played loads of other games as well - we were in there over two hours!  

So the end of Saturday a fun day out and we'd spent - wait for it £2.40 (on two cups of coffee) we hadn't even had to pay for parking because the local council has abolished charges on a Saturday, to try and encourage people to shop local! 

No 3.  Our anniversary evening, I did completely different food - feta salad, olives, flavoured breads, houmous - all delicious finger foods - the canvas was set up to paint on and we were raring to go - didn't get a lot done on the canvas during the evening LOL too much chatting and wine drinking but it's primed and ready and we've discussed some ideas - I'll share once it once its done.

No. 4 Phone calls from distant (geographically speaking) friends - the gorgeous Jude - she is such an amazing person and managed to call not only when I had time to chat but Melanie was here too so she got two for the price of one as it were!  

No. 5 - Finally for my sister, who although having her own difficulties at the moment, took time out with me yesterday to cajole me into making changes - you see I had a hair appointment and not a clue what I was having done - so she brought magazines and sat and chatted and looked online at ideas etc and then she came with me to the hairdressers so that I wouldn't just do what I normally do which is say 'yes that's fine' all the time - and I came out with a hairstyle I like - so thank you Melanie - you are awesome! 

Little on the crafting front to share, I've been on with two circle journals - but don't want to spoil the surprise so they're photographed but not shareable and I shared the mid week photo with you, promise to try and do some crafting this weekend and if I do I'll try and share, now what to do with little man today - we were stuck in all day yesterday waiting for a delivery (which was broken when it turned up but that's another story) so need to get us out of these four walls at least for a little bit today!

Hope you're all having a grand rocking your world Friday 

let's try for the linky Rockettes - it's failed me the last couple of weeks! 


  1. I'll be back later with my Rocking Friday but loving yours I have to say Virginia :D How cool is your council?

    AND where is the piccy of fabulous new hair do?

  2. Morning Virginia

    A long lie - lovely!!!!!!!!! I'm long overdue a visit to the hairdressers at the moment, it's on my to do list for when I'm off the next two weeks. Thank you for sharing all the fab photos of your trip to the park - it looks like a wonderful time was had by all.

    Must dash - thanks again for sharing.


  3. Am back again xx Huge hugs to both you and mel xx

  4. Loving your list Virginia - esp. Saturday - what an enlightened council you have.
    Your anniversary evening sounds fun too. Wish I could borrow your sister to take me to the hairdresser's too!
    Sue xx

  5. Hello!! Taking a 5 minute break from organising the new craft room (HOW much stuff?!?) to read your blog!! Was SO good to talk to you and Mel last week - thanks for the pep talk...

    Loved seeing all the activities the wee fella did - I need to get me a pair of those Kangoo boots!!

    Had a fabulous weekend, will share it soon via my blog - if I ever get finished unpacking boxes, baskets and bags full of paint, paper and God knows what else!! xx