Wednesday, 4 August 2010


OK - so thought I'd manage a mid-week post - yes it's not a What's Rocking Your World Friday for a change - it's a good old fashioned scrapbook layout tee hee!

Got a load of photos printed and they dropped through the door earlier in the week, so set too with a favourite piccie and this is what I made 
I love this photo of my beautiful sister Melanie and her daughter - pure natural beauties - both of them - not a stitch of make up was worn, not planned, nor organised - just the two of them enjoying time together on my niece's 11th birthday! 

I loved doing the layout, using my Tim Holtz stack of papers, tearing paper, stitching it, inking flowers, adding buttons and 7 Gypsy's stamps for the title!  A few subtle additions - glossy accents and little tiny diamantes
then I managed to use up some of these black hearts within the stitched hearts this morning - I'd left it out on my table and finished it this morning when the idea came to me!
 then a rub on to remind me that they aren't just mother and daughter but girlfriends too!
 Right off again now - super quick post do you like?  I'm off to try and fathom out how to empty the office contents back into the office without it looking like it did before, I've already managed an hour and well it doesn't look any different LOL - but I'm sure perseverance will help!

Finally it's a whole twenty years since I met my soulmate I can't believe how quick that time has gone my life has been beautiful ever since I met him and I am truly blessed and grateful every single day - so what to do for an anniversary evening? 
I could make a romantic meal and we could sit and chat and eat (which is pretty much something we do most weekends) 
or my other idea is 
well it's a little bit different 

what do you think?
I'm thinking about getting one of the giant canvases out and setting up in the dining space - moving the table out of the way, grabbing some cushions for the floor, getting some simple foods to nibble on and then spending the evening doing a giant canvas to celebrate twenty years together, listening to music, laughing and giggling - so what do you think?  Which one would you do?


  1. Gorgeous LO - love all the clever little details - esp. the hearts.
    I'd go for the second option - very romantic (and fun!!).
    Have a great evening.
    Sue xx

  2. oh Virginia definitely the second option - what a fabulous idea! xxx

  3. Oh do the canvas! A little bit of different keeps us it lively! Fantabulous page of Mel and Nirvana x x Happy meeting day!

  4. Hello!!! feeling much better after a rant and a giggle with my Roffrum sisters...

    LOVE the sound of your arty evening - we're so lucky to have lovely hubbies and that sounds like the perfect way to celebrate 20 years together!! Gorgeous photo of Mel and Nirvana too...

    Promise to get blogging once I come back from Harrogate - won't be the same without you lot there - think good thoughts over the weekend for me and fingers crossed I don't become too traumatised painting my MASSIVE face over and over...!!

  5. Ohhhhh! I so hope you went with the canvas. That's something to live on for generations. Tag the story behind it to the back of the canvas for those future generations! How Romantic. *sigh*

    I love your scrapbook page Virginia and if you are telling me that your sisters eyelashes are naturally that dark and yummy. I may have to sulk a little.

  6. Stunning! This is a beautiful L/O Virginia, love all the attention to detail.

    Was it the canvas, if so can we see it? What ever you did hope you had a great evening.