Monday, 30 August 2010


OK, so a big thank you for all your responses from Friday's post - don't stress too much, it's just that when I get cross or angry or frustrated I often find it easier to write it down - even if I have to make it cryptic LOL!  I'm doing OK, I allowed the universe to deal with the issues, kept fingers and toes crossed offered up the odd prayer and the universe came back and said - all is good.  It doesn't alter who I am or what I stand for but it does mean that I can start to re-focus a little and stop stressing quite so much.  And for the record the story about the sleeping wasn't me either it really was someone else, me on brain balancing tablets would not be a good idea!

So to prove that I'm doing good a little bit of crafting - I know don't fall off your chair!
Now I've documented all my 12 x 12 layouts I feel able to hit the format again and document some more recent fun we've had.

I think I put this picture on my blog the other week and now here it is finally done, I'm in a using up mode at the moment, trying not to buy stash for the sake of buying stash, I always feel good when I manage to use up little things and papers and to be honest I thought the wooden scrabble letters had had their day - but no I will not be defeated I will use them up! 
Another layout from the same day - loving the action shots! Again using up bits that I've had for ages - including some metal brads that I bought that say sport!  Now all I need to do is use up the 'alien face' brads and the 'rocket' brads that say space on them and I'll be all sorted (not joking on this - the brads had three styles and I'm still trying to use them up!)
 Change of colour I love this layout - loads of glossy accents and mismatched papers that - well that actually matched once I'd done, some velvet ribbon and journal around the edges!  Plus there was a metal structure in the way on the picture of my little lad so by overlaying the photo - your eye is drawn to the picture! 
  And finally - well let's be honest when you get a photo of yourself that you can cope with you really need to scrap it - just to prove you were around when the camera was out!  And yes more scrabble letters used up!
So there you have it, four layouts all completed. 

We've had a very exhausting weekend up to now, we've been decorating and reflooring and reskirting and hanging venetian blinds and curtains and sorting beds and well you get the idea - actually the 'we' part is mainly the royal 'we' because if my better half Craig left me to hang curtains and do laminate and fix skirting - well I dread to think - never known one end of a spirit level for the other so it wouldn't have been a good idea, but all the sorting of the stuff that came out of the office into the guest room, then into lad's room and our room and some back into the office wouldn't really have been sorted without little old me - so I will take some of the credit!  

The promise today is that we'll do nothing (except possibly spend three hours in the cinema watching Avatar 3D extended version - I never got to see it 3D first time round so might just have to do that today - but apart from that - nothing doing - nothing - well maybe a little crafting but definitely no cleaning or tidying or well you get the idea

What are you doing this bank holiday monday?  Anything fun?


  1. WTG Virginia! Fabulous LOs and I love the using up of old stash - perhaps you could teach me how to do I keep promising nut end up buying new - oh dear.
    I've nothing planned today except a nice dog walk (fingers crossed for good weather) and some scrapping.
    Enjoy your film.
    Sue xx

  2. Hi Virginia, I'm still here! I have been keeping track of what you've been up to but I've been coping with a few battles of my own and just haven't felt up to opening up my heart to Blogland. The problems are still there (not too close to home so i get some respite) but I'm just about coming through the other side now having learnt how to express my own feelings rather than just taking on someone else's. Love your layouts, girl! My faves are the football one and the one of you and that gorgeous lad of yours - Mother love is always worth documenting for future generations. I've been chillin' this weekend (apart from the usual washing, cooking, cleaning and ironing, of course!), just got back from walking our dog and I'm just going to pot up some heathers for the front door step before spending some precious time crafting - I'm doing the Collage Coterie online class and LOVING it! You know when you find something that is just so YOU? Well, this is it for me. I'm hoping to return to rocking Friday this week - as long as I don't get beaten up emotionally again between now and then, that is! Take care, my friend, xxx

  3. Last minute uniform shopping. Eurgh! But last proper day out before return to school is Wednesday - Howletts zoo. Yay. Can't believe the holidays are almost over all ready - they've flown past!

    Didn't think you were talking about you with the falling asleep bit, just a feeling - hope whoever it is OK. They are lucky to have you watching over and caring about them.

    Love the scrapbook pages and am with you on the trying to use everything up. I may not be getting to Ally Pally this time round but am going to make damn sure I use nearly everything up so I can have a spend with a clear conscience come April :P Plus it's fun getting the most out of your stash isn't it... um.... absolutely no ideas on how you can use those brads though *g*