Friday, 30 July 2010


Ok - I'm sorry I'm soooooooooo late but it's still technically Friday isn't it...
 Anyway what's Rocking your world this Friday?
Wow where did the week go - I mean one minute it was here and then it was Friday again.

My first grateful is a big thank you to all you Rockettes - last week I divulged the fact that I rarely make 'real life' friends but seem to have made plenty on my blog, so many of you seem to be the same, maybe we've reached an age when making friends has become something that is practically impossible in person but in our levels of initial anonymity in the world wide web it becomes easier to make that first step!  So thank you one and all - you made me feel almost normal (tee hee).
I'm grateful for the learning curve of life, years ago when people I knew were suffering in their own world I would attempt to 'fix' life for them, I thought it would help, I really did but it has taken a degree of maturity (and a few frequent flier miles on the same issue) for me to accept that 'fixing' people was a method of making me feel better, it didn't actually help the individual suffering.  Now when these people are struggling with life, when they need to step away from the treadmill and take a moment to catch their breath I don't try and save, alter, push or cajole I simply accept that they are who they are and that when they are ready to make that step back onto the treadmill of life that they will do so, in their own good time.  I've also learnt to ensure that they know I'm here for a chat, a listening ear, a rant, a bounce board, whatever they want, just being me and allowing them to be them.  A precious part of life to learn and albeit that it's hard because all I want to do is wrap them in cotton wool it is a way of us both moving and growing together in ourselves.

I'm grateful for conversations with said 9 year old (and hubby), yesterday's conversation had everyone confused 

I said "stop doing that"
He said "I'm not doing anything"
I said "well whatever you're not doing stop doing it"
Husband then looks confused "Is that a double negative"
"what?" I said
"Have you just told him to continue doing what he's not doing"

I mean are you following this yet?  Honestly a genuine conversation with my hubby and little man - awesome stuff if not a little amusing!

I'm grateful for my sister who volunteered to have little man overnight so me and hubby could have a 'date' night.  (We'll have been together 20 years next Wednesday - I mean where did the time go!)  She looked after him fed him maltesers, ice cream and offered other copious treats, sat and watched Alice in Wonderland with him and then when he and my niece headed up to bed allowed them to watch DVD's - he thought it was awesome and can't wait to stop at Aunty Melanie's again!  

In the meantime I'm grateful for the actual night itself - a Spanish Tapas meal and the cinema to watch Inception - strange film - still can't quite decide how good it was - but it was lovely to do something completely different!  Love it love it love it! 

Right - hubby helping me on this one tonight on the grounds I'm tired and posting this way later than normal so his ideas for gratefuls have been 
"Grapes" - that'll be on account of wine obviously!
"Marks and Spencer meal for two for £10" on account of what we're having for tea (both tonight and tomorrow night) - chuck it in the oven and then light some candles - romantic meal t-derrrrrrrrrr - I don't mean we're cooking by candlelight that would be silly and take hours (and probably give us food poisoning)
"3-D films" on account of the advert for the new Harry Potter film!

OK back to gratefuls - 

Argos - for having bookcases that will absorb the things we call our library!
Staples - for having a filing cabinet that will absorb some of the household paperwork!
However I'm not grateful for B&Q on account of receiving a second broken wardrobe door - grrr - really want the wardrobes finished and what the hell kind of sticker is that they've stuck to the mirror glass I mean how are you supposed to remove it - ooh dear got off the gratefuls list now on the grrrrrr list - drat!

Back to gratefuls - grateful for the local council providing activities in the six week holiday - little man and niece have been to a local park today for four hours of fun - two hours KMX bikes and two hours on park equipment and quick cricket - when we picked them up they were all smiles and had had a great time - all for the price of £2 - I mean really and truly where else can you get that much fun for that price - the shame of it is with the cut backs affecting the councils I wonder whether they'll be able to provide the same next year?  We'll see!

Finally I'm grateful for live theatre - it totally rocks!  The gorgeous atmosphere that you get waiting for the actors to commence, the stage set, the costumes, the adaptations of a truly wonderful story - we saw 'Alice' (at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield) a new adaptation of the original, with a sad twist that brought the story into a more modern setting - no longer simply a dream but now a way that Alice can escape her life following the death of her brother - the actors were fantastic, the story quick witted and lively - we loved it and spent a fantastic afternoon immersing ourselves in the story!  The icing on the cake was little man getting the signatures of the Cheshire Cat and Alice outside the theatre afterwards - amazing stuff!

OK so crafting - well I've done a bit, I've created a layout to cover the theatre trip which was great fun, and I've pondered - no actually I've spent hours trying to fathom out how on earth to do this circle journal that I need to complete and pass on!  Really frustrating - think it's because its the first one and I don't want to let it down - I ease into these as I get the journals further down the line!  Hey ho let's see what this evening brings as hoping to spend some time on it!  I'll keep you informed on how I get on

OK so that's it - my list - how's yours?  

Promise I'll try and sort some photos for next week LOL!

Right Mr Linky - where are you?

OK - so I've spent twenty minutes trying to get Mister Linky to work and he's not having any of it - so if you've joined in - include your blog link on comments - hopefully normal service will resume shortly!


  1. Woohooooo hello :)

    My post is here

    I sent you a friend request on Facebook and a message.

    We don't have much going on round here that doesn't involve lots of money so trying to keep the 5 year old occupied is a little on the AGH side....

    Have started a scrapbook...AGH AGH AGH lol


    Gail xxx

  2. Grapes! Ahahaha! I love that one.

    It sounds like the Hastings town council is doing somthing similar the week we are there on hols. So we will be taking the kids to that.

    I'm loving this scrolly background you've got going on - has that been there a while? I've only just noticed.

    The date night sounds lovely. I keep meaning to try those M&S meals. The adverts have me drooling!

    Big huggles x x x

    I is here:

  3. Hi Virginia, I made it on time this Thank you for helping me make the space to sit and think about the positives, and the simple pleasures.

    My blogg is here.

    Bee xx

  4. Hi love you found me already :0) We should have talked more when we met oh how your learning curve sounds like mine x I have only in recent years found true friends - since turning 40 in fact. Serious therapy at 40 then I have moved on so fast if only I could have felt so comfortable at 20! sending you a huge hug and that M&S meal sounds scrummy xx

  5. A great list Virginia - love the conversation with 9 yr old and hubby!
    My list is here:
    Good luck with the crafting!
    Think your council is marvellous running that play scheme at such a great price - only one near us is Church led (mind my son is 21 so he couldn't go anyway!lol).
    Enjoy your romantic meals courtesy of M&S - they're fantastic value aren't they?
    Sue xx

  6. Hi Virginia
    I love your idea of lists of gratefuls - it is something more of us should do. It makes you realise that there are good things going on in your life, even when you think it's all dark and miserable.

    I'd add being grateful for live music (and music in general). Went to the Albert Hall last Saturday and it was utterly magical. I came out feeling fantastic and glad to be alive. You just can't beat that feeling :-)

    Keep your chin up and carry on being inspiring.
    Best wishes
    Liz B

  7. Hi Virginia, lots of lovely gratefulnesses this week from you which are great to read about. You always bring a smile to my face. Love the conversation with top son and husband....! I was rocking yesterday just didn't write about it so I'll set to later (( think it still counts cos I was thinking about it lots!). See ya later, my friend. xx

  8. Hi Mummy Rocker! Grateful list sounds like mucho fun this week! I love date nights at the piccies - we had one too to see the same film! I know what you mean - it was very fast paced and I had to concentrate hard to keep up(!) - I have decided that I liked it though :)
    Oh - and what is a KMX bike as opposed to a BMX bike? x x

  9. Think a KMX is one of those bikes mixed with gokart things

    ......look dangerous to meee hehe

    ...but then life always looks dangerous to me I usually walk at such a slow pace people knock me over :P