Friday, 16 July 2010


  Ok so here we are again it's 
did you hear the drum roll?  What do you mean no!

So how's your week been?  Have you been busy - we have as we've been emptying rooms, stripping wall paper in the heat of last weekend, repapering and starting to paint now, coving in just needs a bit of filling then on with the painting and then we're good to go on the fitted wardrobes that are currently flat packed in the front room.  I've got a charity shop picking up the old wardrobes today so that should free up some more space - so yes in all honesty it's been mighty busy.

So down to the grateful list 

I'm grateful for the ability to read - I so lost this for a while, too much academic reading and not enough just reading for enjoyment, but I've recently regained this again, so I've finished all the Sookie Stackhouse books (all very good although the last one left something to be desired), eight of the nine Morganville Vampire books and now I've had the JR Ward books recommended - yet again Vampire based and definitely not for children, but a fun read that doesn't hurt my brain.

I'm grateful for milky coffees - yes a splash of milk warmed in the microwave with coffee and hot water added makes a really rich comforting drink - far better than just plain old coffee any day.

I'm grateful for a now clear scrap area and the fact that I am going to do some scrapping tonight above all else - no matter what! 

I'm grateful for my sister coming over on Wednesday night to put the world to rights - bliss - we chatted, drank coffee, played music, got weighed and measured and giggled at facebook comments whilst also painting the office!  

I'm grateful for a letter from Stafford that took my child on a bit of research followed by the opportunity to teach his class mates!  The teacher has given them the chance to deliver a lesson to their classmates this week, some have done it in pairs some on their own, little man chose his subject of tag rugby despite the fact he has done it for a couple of years, but then a letter from Stafford had him learning about hieroglyphs and before we knew about it we'd managed to pull off a simple alphabet a few basics on the Egyptians and he was all set with a completely different subject - and the class voted today on their favourite subject and he was picked as the winner!

Thought I'd provide you with a little video of the setting of the Yurt that we recently spent time at - excuse the fact that I seem to have lost the ability to identify hills (I kid you not)

 Had great fun with the video function on the camera during the holiday, but most of it was taken after we'd had a glass of wine so I've been banned from putting any more on here LOL! 

So if you're joining in this weeks Rocking your World don't forget to add you to the link below so we can come and visit!  Off to work now - hope you're all having a grand day.

Right well I'm having e-mail and internet issues big time today - so if you are joining in then put a comment below and put your blog address so people can come and visit that way!  Sorry peeps hopefully normal service will resume shortly!



  1. Hi Virginia x sounds like a busy household! Missed last week but I am back now!

  2. Great list!! I sooo empathise with the reading - when my Mum died I just lost the ability to read too, so lost my "comfort blanket" - thankfully it did come back eventually.
    WTG to your son for his lesson on hieroglyphs!
    WTG you for a clear craft space - what is that?lol
    Have a great weekend.
    Sue xx

  3. Hi Virginia

    another fab post as ever. Mine is pretty self-explanantory this week LOL!!! Come see me at


  4. Good luck with the fitted wardrobes - it'll be worth all the hard work in the end. Glad you're back reading for pleasure, one of life's simple pleasures. You really do have a Top Son don't you? Good for him (I know I'd rather listen to a talk about Egyptian hieroglyphics than rugby). Have a lovely weekend, my friend.

    My gratefulnesses are on my blog -


  5. Mine is done and here's the link:

  6. LOL! I love how you make the yurts sound like some elusive beast! LOOK there's another one! *g* You crack me up Virginia and I now have the giggles after watching that - I know not why but thank you :)

    I will be linking up later today but will stick my blog linky in ready... but it's not there yet... but it will be ;)

    BTW I love your accent!

  7. Oops and the link that the blog post is not at yet is here:

  8. Hi! Can't stop long - I have just done a quick post this week! I'm off to the showground now to set up my craft entries!

  9. OKeys I has rocked my world...and now am exhausted *g*

  10. What's Carmen on about - accent? It's us Yorkshire folk that speak right- its the rest of the country that need elocution lessons!!! hehehe!
    Love your post Virginia. x x

  11. Just popped over to say Hi and catch up with you as I have not been blogging much lately. Internet problems and then life just seem to take over. Take care Lynne x