Friday, 9 July 2010


Morning all Rockettes it's Friday morning already and a time for quiet reflection (or loud shouty reflection if that helps) of the week that has just gone by - yes in the blink of an eye your life has moved on by a whole week, for some of you it will have been the usual mad dash from school to home to school to after school activities, for others it will have been mass stress at work whilst the house goes to rack and ruin (OK this might actually just be me), for others life will have been easier and calmer and for others life will have changed and will never be quite the same again (sending you big prayers Jo - hang on in there hun and take each day as it comes).  But in amongst all this I'm going to try and find some beautiful positives.

The first is that we all seem so busy, busy doing something often rushing it so that you can rush on and do the next thing - is this you?  Do you race from one urgent job to the next, well stop just stop right now and say to yourself "Be here now" - yes that's right not thinking about yesterday or ten minutes ago or worrying about later (what's for tea, whose collecting said child from said place) just be here right now.  Stop for a second and breath this is your life right now in the moment it isn't in the past (because that's gone) and it isn't in the future because that's not here yet it is in fact right here right now.  I sit here typing furiously before work and glance around at a rather neglected living room space with a child laid out on the sofa watching some kids program, we've had lego trauma (it was in bits and the world was about to end because of it) the remote control trauma (can't find it therefore we need to sob) so after shouty crossness, then reflective it's ok-ness all is good and calm - my desk looks like a bomb has hit it - I kid you not!  But here I am right here right now typing to all that will listen about what's rocking my world - so I'm grateful for that - for being able to stop and live right now.

Secondly, I'm grateful for my relationship with my hubby it really is something that I cherish so much.  It's been nearly 20 years since we first met (which I can't honestly believe that it's been 20 years - where did the time go) we still have so much fun and love and happiness when we're together and for that I am truly grateful - we really does rock my world.

Thirdly I'm grateful for music, it has become more and more important recently and has provided a beautiful way of relaxation, from the rock cd that arrived in the week in the new circle journal that I'm doing, to newly found bands on You Tube, to older music that I've been listening to, to the gorgeously beautiful asian lounge that we bought on holiday.  All is good with the world when you have music to rock with.

I'm grateful for all the fabulous ladies on Monday night at my scrap class, we had a riot as always, altering papers, chatting and thoroughly enjoying ourselves, most of us have been scrapping a while now so Sandra's gorgeous pages usually mean a couple of us deviate off the path towards something else meaning we end up with pages that don't always resemble the original, here is my attempt for this week (looks nothing like the original but had much much fun making it - got a little obsessed with stitching - I love stitching! 
I'm also grateful for the sky, it provides such beautiful serene moments in my busy life at the moment - we caught this one on camera on holiday whilst not looking through the lense
Isn't it gorgeous

I'm also grateful for time with family from Peter Rabbit's garden to stone circles we did it all
Good memories now my back has started to recover LOL

However, my mojo seems to have gone missing - if anyone knows where it is can they return it pronto - I always know when it's gone missing because I end up making cards (I don't do cards) and currently as I have only the one stampotique stamp of my own (I really need to buy some more) then she gets used over and over again!  
See what I mean?

So if you find my mojo send it my way will you!

OK so if you're joining in - add yourself below - if you've never done it and think your list may be small and insignificant it won't be if it's rocked your world this week then it's worth being grateful for so join in post your link so we can come and visit!


  1. A beautiful list.
    Can totally relate to missing mojo - perhaps yours and mine are on holiday together?
    I too have been taking photos of clouds this week.
    Sue xx

  2. Hi Virginia, thank you so much for remembering me in your rocking post today. You're so right about taking stock of 'now', if you're not careful you can rush your life along and before you know it it's all happenend. And I think you can say you got real VFM out of that rubber stamp! Just shows how versatile you can be doesn't it?! I think I'll be back rocking next week but in the meantime, have a lovely weekend xx

  3. Hi Virginia, lovely to read your happy post today :) Your pages turned out fab didn't they? The next page is on the theme of dream (I have lots of stamp on this topic!!) So bring your piccies. x x

  4. Virginia, it really felt like you were talking straight at me today. I can relate to so much you've said there. You're right about the living in the moment thing - I've come to realise that this week. I've also had the rediscovery of my love for music as well that CJ has been amazing for that. I think Ruby might be a bit put out but she does for some reason keep asking me when Alice will be coming over to stay *g*

    Gorgeous Rocking Friday this week as usual. I also have only one Stampotique - Mary. Give me a shout if you'd like some stamped images. But be forewarned I'm not the best stamper in the world ;)

  5. Hellllllooooo Virginia. Nice to hear you had a good holiday apart from the bad back.

    I thought I'd leave you comment, I went caching today and noticed both you & nutty Nanan had signed the log book before us!!!! I was chuffed to bitss to tell Adam I knew you! It's the first ti time we've known someone tanks signed a log before us !!!!!!