Friday, 2 July 2010


OK so I'm late (very very but forgive me only just arrived home)

I've got an awesome list of gratefuls for this week - eyes down people - for those of you who weren't aware we've had a week away in a yurt (which is a mongolian tent) in the Lake District, it sounds idyllic and it was certainly escapism from many things but the idyllic yurt was actually quite hard work in all honesty (for those who do camping - I simply don't know how you do it - honestly I don't!)

So this is what I'm grateful for this week

I'm grateful for my dishwasher because this is what I've had this week (plus a walk down a steep hill to wash the pots (sometimes in the rain) followed by a walk back up the steep hill!

I'm grateful for my hob and my cooker hood - because this is the hob that we've had this week which was interesting and made the yurt very very hot!
I'm grateful for a fitted kitchen with all it's cupboards, drawers and worktops - this is what we had as a cutlery drawer, saucepan cupboard and crockery cupboard (all in one you'll note)
I'm grateful for electricity and lighting at the flick of a switch - because we had solar powered spotlights to help prepare tea by which were useless in all honesty
I'm grateful for lamps as the form of nighttime lighting was either a wind up lantern
or candlelight
I'm grateful for many many chairs we have in the house because this was the the dining table we had at the yurt - don't ask about nights when we had rain!
I'm grateful for my dyson because this is what we had at the yurt 
I'm grateful for running fresh water - as opposed to the jerry cans we had
I'm grateful for central heating not that you need it at the moment - but well!
I'm grateful for wardrobes even the rubbish ones we're currently contending with because well let's be honest 5 coathangers just don't do it!
I'm grateful for our fridges and freezers because living out of a cool box is just no fun!
and my all time favourite I am completely and utterly grateful for our double bed - as this is what we had in the yurt - now in all honesty for a woman with a bad back does that look like a double bed to you?
Yes if you zoom in that is a mattress on four wooden pallets I didn't know whether to laugh or to cry!

But I am grateful for all of them, because it's so easy to take things for granted, we live at such a fast pace, we struggle to sometimes stop and say this is life at the moment, here and now, whatever you are surrounded with, whether it's thoughts of work or home, family or friends, TV blaring or music in the background, cars on the drive, shopping to do, e-mails to answer, bills to pay - sometimes its nice to say stop the roundabout I want to get off and what do you get when you do this?  Well you get these sorts of views!
and the view from the Yurt!  The hill was worth it because the view as breathtaking
or maybe just seeing a setting from a favourite book character
or maybe the moon that we were given?
then the homourous side of life - my sister - no drink involved!
and I'll leave you with this - it's not as a result of computerised wizardry - we were all there at the same time and had the photo taken at the same time!  Do you like?
So there you are time to take the step back and enjoy life as it is - even when sometimes it's hard work, my week at the yurt will be something I look back at with great nostaligia - it's been an education (or as a fellow yurter said - it's been character building)!  


  1. I knew there was a reason I "don't do camping"!
    Pleased you had a week away with time to reflect - those views are fabulous and I love the photoof the moon.
    Sue xx

  2. Welcome HOME (with all its comforts!) Glad you had a (character building!) great time!
    Were you in the 'Land of the Giant kids' on the last 'photo?!!! Scary! x x

  3. Sounds like a great week x J x

  4. It has brought back some great memories of camping while reading your post. Thanks for sharing. You have some fabulous pics for scrapping. Have a good weekend. Lynne x

  5. I don't think yurt's are for me! I like my creature comforts rather too much, but it might just be worth it for those views, which are stunning. What an experience. Virginia, thank you for your kind comments about my Dad - and that Irish blessing is so beautiful it did, of course, make me cry. But that's ok, I guess. xxxx

  6. Oh I did laugh at this Virginia :D Maybe I should be glad our tent doesn't fit in our boot yet ;)

    Love the piccies of the views and ooooh I sympathise with your poor back. I couldn't be without my lovely firm orthapedic mattress (Craig hates it - not squishy enough!)