Friday, 30 July 2010


Ok - I'm sorry I'm soooooooooo late but it's still technically Friday isn't it...
 Anyway what's Rocking your world this Friday?
Wow where did the week go - I mean one minute it was here and then it was Friday again.

My first grateful is a big thank you to all you Rockettes - last week I divulged the fact that I rarely make 'real life' friends but seem to have made plenty on my blog, so many of you seem to be the same, maybe we've reached an age when making friends has become something that is practically impossible in person but in our levels of initial anonymity in the world wide web it becomes easier to make that first step!  So thank you one and all - you made me feel almost normal (tee hee).
I'm grateful for the learning curve of life, years ago when people I knew were suffering in their own world I would attempt to 'fix' life for them, I thought it would help, I really did but it has taken a degree of maturity (and a few frequent flier miles on the same issue) for me to accept that 'fixing' people was a method of making me feel better, it didn't actually help the individual suffering.  Now when these people are struggling with life, when they need to step away from the treadmill and take a moment to catch their breath I don't try and save, alter, push or cajole I simply accept that they are who they are and that when they are ready to make that step back onto the treadmill of life that they will do so, in their own good time.  I've also learnt to ensure that they know I'm here for a chat, a listening ear, a rant, a bounce board, whatever they want, just being me and allowing them to be them.  A precious part of life to learn and albeit that it's hard because all I want to do is wrap them in cotton wool it is a way of us both moving and growing together in ourselves.

I'm grateful for conversations with said 9 year old (and hubby), yesterday's conversation had everyone confused 

I said "stop doing that"
He said "I'm not doing anything"
I said "well whatever you're not doing stop doing it"
Husband then looks confused "Is that a double negative"
"what?" I said
"Have you just told him to continue doing what he's not doing"

I mean are you following this yet?  Honestly a genuine conversation with my hubby and little man - awesome stuff if not a little amusing!

I'm grateful for my sister who volunteered to have little man overnight so me and hubby could have a 'date' night.  (We'll have been together 20 years next Wednesday - I mean where did the time go!)  She looked after him fed him maltesers, ice cream and offered other copious treats, sat and watched Alice in Wonderland with him and then when he and my niece headed up to bed allowed them to watch DVD's - he thought it was awesome and can't wait to stop at Aunty Melanie's again!  

In the meantime I'm grateful for the actual night itself - a Spanish Tapas meal and the cinema to watch Inception - strange film - still can't quite decide how good it was - but it was lovely to do something completely different!  Love it love it love it! 

Right - hubby helping me on this one tonight on the grounds I'm tired and posting this way later than normal so his ideas for gratefuls have been 
"Grapes" - that'll be on account of wine obviously!
"Marks and Spencer meal for two for £10" on account of what we're having for tea (both tonight and tomorrow night) - chuck it in the oven and then light some candles - romantic meal t-derrrrrrrrrr - I don't mean we're cooking by candlelight that would be silly and take hours (and probably give us food poisoning)
"3-D films" on account of the advert for the new Harry Potter film!

OK back to gratefuls - 

Argos - for having bookcases that will absorb the things we call our library!
Staples - for having a filing cabinet that will absorb some of the household paperwork!
However I'm not grateful for B&Q on account of receiving a second broken wardrobe door - grrr - really want the wardrobes finished and what the hell kind of sticker is that they've stuck to the mirror glass I mean how are you supposed to remove it - ooh dear got off the gratefuls list now on the grrrrrr list - drat!

Back to gratefuls - grateful for the local council providing activities in the six week holiday - little man and niece have been to a local park today for four hours of fun - two hours KMX bikes and two hours on park equipment and quick cricket - when we picked them up they were all smiles and had had a great time - all for the price of £2 - I mean really and truly where else can you get that much fun for that price - the shame of it is with the cut backs affecting the councils I wonder whether they'll be able to provide the same next year?  We'll see!

Finally I'm grateful for live theatre - it totally rocks!  The gorgeous atmosphere that you get waiting for the actors to commence, the stage set, the costumes, the adaptations of a truly wonderful story - we saw 'Alice' (at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield) a new adaptation of the original, with a sad twist that brought the story into a more modern setting - no longer simply a dream but now a way that Alice can escape her life following the death of her brother - the actors were fantastic, the story quick witted and lively - we loved it and spent a fantastic afternoon immersing ourselves in the story!  The icing on the cake was little man getting the signatures of the Cheshire Cat and Alice outside the theatre afterwards - amazing stuff!

OK so crafting - well I've done a bit, I've created a layout to cover the theatre trip which was great fun, and I've pondered - no actually I've spent hours trying to fathom out how on earth to do this circle journal that I need to complete and pass on!  Really frustrating - think it's because its the first one and I don't want to let it down - I ease into these as I get the journals further down the line!  Hey ho let's see what this evening brings as hoping to spend some time on it!  I'll keep you informed on how I get on

OK so that's it - my list - how's yours?  

Promise I'll try and sort some photos for next week LOL!

Right Mr Linky - where are you?

OK - so I've spent twenty minutes trying to get Mister Linky to work and he's not having any of it - so if you've joined in - include your blog link on comments - hopefully normal service will resume shortly!

Friday, 23 July 2010


Ok so Friday again I meant to post something earlier in the week - honestly - anything really crafting, life, scrapbook class - just something that shows that I've not lost my creativity completely.

Actually I haven't lost my creativity completely what I've actually lost is time in which to do it!
Anyway enough of that - let's have the gratefuls - let's roll them out - is it a long list or a short list?  MMMMmmmmmmm 

OK tough week, have to be honest, do you ever feel like you're on a treadmill at the gym (metaphorically speaking - well for me anyway - chance would be a fine thing) and all your friends and family are around you jogging or running, or sprinting or walking and laughing and talking and well your treadmill doesn't work?  No - mmmm maybe just me, my treadmills not been working, it's not just unplugged (ie quick fix) mine's broken on an uphill gradient that keeps getting me falling off it and when I get back on the instructions are written in a different language.
Anyway, the culmination of my broken treadmill meant a serious heart to heart with hubby the other night - so number one has to be him listening to me, taking it on board and not allowing me to start it the following day but to in fact start it right at that moment - even though that initially made me grumpier - as the evening progressed an inner calm started to materialise that I hadn't realised I was missing but missing it I was, not sure how long the inner state of calm is for but I'm going to attempt to enjoy it whilst it's here!

Music - definitely high on my list, I've found a new journey with music recently and have started to discover new bands, I've always been into loud rock music so loud rock music with meaning is even better - love the stuff you can sing your head off too - bliss! 
My sister Melanie, and my brother John (sorry no current pictures of John but I'll get some), they are both amazing people anyway and they are both on something of a weight loss mission and both looking fantastic and conversations with them always make me smile!  Just to show you how amazing she and my niece are a photo of them on my nieces birthday - how gorgeous do they look (plus Melanie is sporting a brand new hairstyle which looks amazing on her) 

My blog friends (through the discussion with hubby mid-week I commented that I don't have many real life friends - really I don't), I've always struggled to take it from general acquaintaince in a typical setting into the "you should pop for a coffee" moment and sometimes I realise just how bad I am at making friends and yet on here I chat to loads of people even though I've never met them, so to all my blog friends I thank you and I am extremely humbled to know that you take part in my life as well.   

So onwards to show that I do (occasionally) manage to squeeze in a bit of crafting to my life even when it's under duress. 

First breakfast and after school club staff - I really struggled this year - primarily because the staff don't change, it's the same staff year in year out and well I was running out of crafting ideas let alone time - so I went for something simple (hubby insisted I be practical for a change)
Altered chocolate bars (I kid you not)
Two of these inside a decorated paperbag (in same papers) matching cards with stampotique stamps and we were good to go, gifts despatched Monday and Tuesday

So then last night I arrive home and there is still no teacher gift, no idea of what to make, no mojo anywhere in the building and I almost (very nearly almost) went for a shop bought gift but little man said how proud he was that we always sent a home made gift ARGH!!!!! Anyway - rummaging, thinking, struggling, a few hours and away I went with this, this was actually a class the gorgeous Sandra taught an age ago and I had one of the boxes surplus in my 'alterables' box so two things done, the first is that I've used something out of the alterables box and the second is that I managed to turn around a simple small black box into this in less than an evening!
This is the box closed up 
Dear hubby helped on setting eyelets in the papers and the box and also helped sort the ribbon out so that they were evenly spaced - close ups
and on the back
Little man has written on the tags this morning so it's all wrapped up and ready to go and the card - well what do you think (new stamp alert, new stamp alert)
So there you have it, gratefuls, crafting, family, cards - it's all good, if you join in Rockettes - then link below and let us know so I can some and visit, it doesn't matter how long or short your list is, how trivial or huge the item is in the grand scheme of things - if it's good for you then it's good generally!   Hope you have a great rocking you world Friday! 

Friday, 16 July 2010


  Ok so here we are again it's 
did you hear the drum roll?  What do you mean no!

So how's your week been?  Have you been busy - we have as we've been emptying rooms, stripping wall paper in the heat of last weekend, repapering and starting to paint now, coving in just needs a bit of filling then on with the painting and then we're good to go on the fitted wardrobes that are currently flat packed in the front room.  I've got a charity shop picking up the old wardrobes today so that should free up some more space - so yes in all honesty it's been mighty busy.

So down to the grateful list 

I'm grateful for the ability to read - I so lost this for a while, too much academic reading and not enough just reading for enjoyment, but I've recently regained this again, so I've finished all the Sookie Stackhouse books (all very good although the last one left something to be desired), eight of the nine Morganville Vampire books and now I've had the JR Ward books recommended - yet again Vampire based and definitely not for children, but a fun read that doesn't hurt my brain.

I'm grateful for milky coffees - yes a splash of milk warmed in the microwave with coffee and hot water added makes a really rich comforting drink - far better than just plain old coffee any day.

I'm grateful for a now clear scrap area and the fact that I am going to do some scrapping tonight above all else - no matter what! 

I'm grateful for my sister coming over on Wednesday night to put the world to rights - bliss - we chatted, drank coffee, played music, got weighed and measured and giggled at facebook comments whilst also painting the office!  

I'm grateful for a letter from Stafford that took my child on a bit of research followed by the opportunity to teach his class mates!  The teacher has given them the chance to deliver a lesson to their classmates this week, some have done it in pairs some on their own, little man chose his subject of tag rugby despite the fact he has done it for a couple of years, but then a letter from Stafford had him learning about hieroglyphs and before we knew about it we'd managed to pull off a simple alphabet a few basics on the Egyptians and he was all set with a completely different subject - and the class voted today on their favourite subject and he was picked as the winner!

Thought I'd provide you with a little video of the setting of the Yurt that we recently spent time at - excuse the fact that I seem to have lost the ability to identify hills (I kid you not)

 Had great fun with the video function on the camera during the holiday, but most of it was taken after we'd had a glass of wine so I've been banned from putting any more on here LOL! 

So if you're joining in this weeks Rocking your World don't forget to add you to the link below so we can come and visit!  Off to work now - hope you're all having a grand day.

Right well I'm having e-mail and internet issues big time today - so if you are joining in then put a comment below and put your blog address so people can come and visit that way!  Sorry peeps hopefully normal service will resume shortly!


Friday, 9 July 2010


Morning all Rockettes it's Friday morning already and a time for quiet reflection (or loud shouty reflection if that helps) of the week that has just gone by - yes in the blink of an eye your life has moved on by a whole week, for some of you it will have been the usual mad dash from school to home to school to after school activities, for others it will have been mass stress at work whilst the house goes to rack and ruin (OK this might actually just be me), for others life will have been easier and calmer and for others life will have changed and will never be quite the same again (sending you big prayers Jo - hang on in there hun and take each day as it comes).  But in amongst all this I'm going to try and find some beautiful positives.

The first is that we all seem so busy, busy doing something often rushing it so that you can rush on and do the next thing - is this you?  Do you race from one urgent job to the next, well stop just stop right now and say to yourself "Be here now" - yes that's right not thinking about yesterday or ten minutes ago or worrying about later (what's for tea, whose collecting said child from said place) just be here right now.  Stop for a second and breath this is your life right now in the moment it isn't in the past (because that's gone) and it isn't in the future because that's not here yet it is in fact right here right now.  I sit here typing furiously before work and glance around at a rather neglected living room space with a child laid out on the sofa watching some kids program, we've had lego trauma (it was in bits and the world was about to end because of it) the remote control trauma (can't find it therefore we need to sob) so after shouty crossness, then reflective it's ok-ness all is good and calm - my desk looks like a bomb has hit it - I kid you not!  But here I am right here right now typing to all that will listen about what's rocking my world - so I'm grateful for that - for being able to stop and live right now.

Secondly, I'm grateful for my relationship with my hubby it really is something that I cherish so much.  It's been nearly 20 years since we first met (which I can't honestly believe that it's been 20 years - where did the time go) we still have so much fun and love and happiness when we're together and for that I am truly grateful - we really does rock my world.

Thirdly I'm grateful for music, it has become more and more important recently and has provided a beautiful way of relaxation, from the rock cd that arrived in the week in the new circle journal that I'm doing, to newly found bands on You Tube, to older music that I've been listening to, to the gorgeously beautiful asian lounge that we bought on holiday.  All is good with the world when you have music to rock with.

I'm grateful for all the fabulous ladies on Monday night at my scrap class, we had a riot as always, altering papers, chatting and thoroughly enjoying ourselves, most of us have been scrapping a while now so Sandra's gorgeous pages usually mean a couple of us deviate off the path towards something else meaning we end up with pages that don't always resemble the original, here is my attempt for this week (looks nothing like the original but had much much fun making it - got a little obsessed with stitching - I love stitching! 
I'm also grateful for the sky, it provides such beautiful serene moments in my busy life at the moment - we caught this one on camera on holiday whilst not looking through the lense
Isn't it gorgeous

I'm also grateful for time with family from Peter Rabbit's garden to stone circles we did it all
Good memories now my back has started to recover LOL

However, my mojo seems to have gone missing - if anyone knows where it is can they return it pronto - I always know when it's gone missing because I end up making cards (I don't do cards) and currently as I have only the one stampotique stamp of my own (I really need to buy some more) then she gets used over and over again!  
See what I mean?

So if you find my mojo send it my way will you!

OK so if you're joining in - add yourself below - if you've never done it and think your list may be small and insignificant it won't be if it's rocked your world this week then it's worth being grateful for so join in post your link so we can come and visit!

Friday, 2 July 2010


OK so I'm late (very very but forgive me only just arrived home)

I've got an awesome list of gratefuls for this week - eyes down people - for those of you who weren't aware we've had a week away in a yurt (which is a mongolian tent) in the Lake District, it sounds idyllic and it was certainly escapism from many things but the idyllic yurt was actually quite hard work in all honesty (for those who do camping - I simply don't know how you do it - honestly I don't!)

So this is what I'm grateful for this week

I'm grateful for my dishwasher because this is what I've had this week (plus a walk down a steep hill to wash the pots (sometimes in the rain) followed by a walk back up the steep hill!

I'm grateful for my hob and my cooker hood - because this is the hob that we've had this week which was interesting and made the yurt very very hot!
I'm grateful for a fitted kitchen with all it's cupboards, drawers and worktops - this is what we had as a cutlery drawer, saucepan cupboard and crockery cupboard (all in one you'll note)
I'm grateful for electricity and lighting at the flick of a switch - because we had solar powered spotlights to help prepare tea by which were useless in all honesty
I'm grateful for lamps as the form of nighttime lighting was either a wind up lantern
or candlelight
I'm grateful for many many chairs we have in the house because this was the the dining table we had at the yurt - don't ask about nights when we had rain!
I'm grateful for my dyson because this is what we had at the yurt 
I'm grateful for running fresh water - as opposed to the jerry cans we had
I'm grateful for central heating not that you need it at the moment - but well!
I'm grateful for wardrobes even the rubbish ones we're currently contending with because well let's be honest 5 coathangers just don't do it!
I'm grateful for our fridges and freezers because living out of a cool box is just no fun!
and my all time favourite I am completely and utterly grateful for our double bed - as this is what we had in the yurt - now in all honesty for a woman with a bad back does that look like a double bed to you?
Yes if you zoom in that is a mattress on four wooden pallets I didn't know whether to laugh or to cry!

But I am grateful for all of them, because it's so easy to take things for granted, we live at such a fast pace, we struggle to sometimes stop and say this is life at the moment, here and now, whatever you are surrounded with, whether it's thoughts of work or home, family or friends, TV blaring or music in the background, cars on the drive, shopping to do, e-mails to answer, bills to pay - sometimes its nice to say stop the roundabout I want to get off and what do you get when you do this?  Well you get these sorts of views!
and the view from the Yurt!  The hill was worth it because the view as breathtaking
or maybe just seeing a setting from a favourite book character
or maybe the moon that we were given?
then the homourous side of life - my sister - no drink involved!
and I'll leave you with this - it's not as a result of computerised wizardry - we were all there at the same time and had the photo taken at the same time!  Do you like?
So there you are time to take the step back and enjoy life as it is - even when sometimes it's hard work, my week at the yurt will be something I look back at with great nostaligia - it's been an education (or as a fellow yurter said - it's been character building)!