Monday, 14 June 2010


I had a lovely response to my Rocking Your World Friday last week, from new people joining in to some pretty amazing comments.  I am deeply humbled that people are enjoying taking that step back from their life to appreciate sometimes the little things (particularly when the big things are tough) and my heart feels much lighter for it!  I love to read what everyone feels and thinks and to see glimpses of other peoples lives, I can only lead my life and well - yours is yours and so it is different, so it's lovely to see how different life is and I appreciate that life isn't always kind and sometimes it can be very tough but we all try and celebrate a little bit of what it provides on 'Rocking your World Friday!'

Now sometimes do you feel you wish you could put things into words but you stumble clumsily to say what you mean and the words never seem quite right, I often feel like that but I so appreciate it when I can read something that really speaks to me, I am lucky to have an amazing family and am even more fortunate that some of them have joined me in blogland to share their creativity and sometimes a little bit of them, this is a link to a post from my brother John that had me in tears on Friday because it was so beautifully written, if you visit and read remember to say hello.

So on with the crafting - the big question is did I finish the books for my niece?

They were complicated to make and took more time than expected, a single book took 3 pieces of chipboard, 3 book rings, copious ribbon, paper (not sure how much but approximately 7 or 8 sheets each), 15 envelopes, several sheets of cardstock to produce 25 tags per book, ink, embellishments etc?  I wanted to make four in total - had I bitten off more than I could chew?  Yes in all honesty it was too much in the time I had.

But anyone who knows me knows I don't do defeated
SO - yep here they are all done, and even better my niece spent time helping me get them finished (as did my sister and my husband and well said 9 year old just offered moral support LOL)
We even managed to include names on them
my niece hand picked which one to give to which child, she was in her element!
And I have to say they were a pleasure to do for her!  I know they are made of envelopes and everyone does the shock horror what about the acidic content due to the envelopes, but they will primarily be used for documenting their week in words rather than photos and it will take years for it to affect any photos if they do include any!

I love the rings - what do you think? Not wanting to blow my own trumpet but how pretty are these?
I hope the girls enjoy filling them out and can't wait to hear all about their week when they get back!

Now I also have my little art project to share, this is the book with pull out tabs that I have been fighting with because well it's full on and has full on photos to boot, in all honesty should I not have made the book simpler?  Well yes of course I should - did I - No I wanted busy in your face, happy, arty book and that is what I've got!  

Now the picture isn't tilted the photo on the front is at a jaunty angle!
The tabs pull out to reveal the inner feelings of what was going on in my life at the time - I love my bad stamping with the almost blank clock - to a certain degree my life did stand still for a bit - so I thought this quite apt! 
Because I was worried about anything being stuck to the tabs catching when you pulled the pages out I stuck to ink, paint, spray ink, stencils, masks and good old fashioned pen!
A few felt embellishments added to the overall effect
And eyelets and ribbon trimmings, just fun, in fact it's difficult to see where the art photos stop and the art begins again!
It was almost as much therapy as the original piece was!
And how do you finish something like this - well with three little words

If you pop by don't forget to say hi, apologies for any typos or missing bits on words on this, it's been my first day back at work and to say I'm tired is something of an understatement!


  1. WTG on getting those books finished - I'm sure the girls will appreciate them.
    Love the art book too.
    Sue xx
    p.s. just off to "visit" John.

  2. Well this is more like the Virginia I know! Art, mini books and lots of it! Yes I think you're slightly crazy at times to set yourself so much to do (but I love ya anyway!) Those little books are gorgeous and I'm SURE the girls will love 'em! x x

  3. Yay!! You're back!! The books for the girls are so pretty, they'll love those for sure and will help make their camp experience all the more special. And as for the art mini book, it's just awesome Ginny. I am so impressed and can't wait to see it for real (sometime?!?)

    Hope your week goes well, Go easy on yourself, don't take on too much and remember to enjoy the feeling of being at home at the end of the day. xx

  4. Great projects, no wonder your niece was delighted with the albums - they are really beautiful :)

  5. Wow, some amazing stuff going on here Virginia, love the books, they are fantastic.

  6. Hiya.... It's just me popping along. Lovely blog as per usual!! How on earth you find the time to fit everything in is beyond me.

    Just wondering I know you've used your mums gps thingy fir some geocatches, what sort is it and would you recommend it??? We're looking for one but there's that much choice and a huge difference in price I'm baffled!! ( even tho that doesn't take much!!) we usualy just use our iPhones but I'm off to France in august and would like to do some there so a gps would be better.

    Thanks, lots of love.

  7. I missed that post on your brothers blog the other day - and the one about his helmet so thank you for sending me back. How beautiful??

    And as for you missus. You are a constant inspiration. Your art book is amazing - the books are beautiful. It's good to see you back :)

  8. All the books look fabulous, they must have taken you ages and I am sure all the girls will love em! Love Lynne xx