Friday, 25 June 2010


Good Morning Rockettes - how are you this fine morning, I'm off for a week away today so next Friday's posting is going to be late (sorry) but hopefully I'll be relaxed and calm and have a whole armful of things to be grateful for - but that's next week and well we're on this week aren't we, so without further ado 

The beautiful blue skies and warm weather, sheer bliss a little bit of sunshine to lift your spirits (even if I was getting grumpy with the fan at working that was pushing hot air around)
My sister who is amazing and managed to keep tonights conversation on track away from work and onto the subject in hand (weight loss!)

My Mum whose list of excuses tonight had us all rolling around - can't repeat them here they might offend someone but she made us laugh (a lot).

The wine growers (husband says it should be vineyards but I like the idea of someone growing a bottle of wine) around the world - I've enjoyed the odd glass this week and it's been lovely!

All the ladies at my scrapbook class on Monday, I had a lovely class and thoroughly enjoyed escaping for a few hours - so thank you ladies and thank you Sandra for a lovely class again!

My hubby for clearing the ironing pile in its entirety without prompting - love ya babe!

And finally said 9 year old making me laugh about football

On Wednesday his school allowed the children to be collected early if they wanted or alternatively allowed them to start watching the England game on TV, now for those who don't follow my blog regularly might not know that we don't do football in this house - not interested in the slightest or at least, however the euphoria of watching it with his school mates meant he was quite animated when he came out of school at half three

"Mum, Mum, I've been watching the football we're winning one zero!"

Yes that's how much we watch football on TV we don't do one nil we do one zero!
So when we got home he put the TV on so he could continue to watch it, we had a blow by blow account of what was happening (no named players just a general running commentary of antics), then he started the countdown

"Only 4 minutes to go Mum"

so I glanced at the TV 

"No, 14 minutes"


"It's 90 minutes they play not 80 minutes like rugby"
"Ooh for goodness sakes Mum I'm not watching all of this"
so he turned it onto the children's channels, at 87 minutes he turned it back over and started his 3 minutes countdown, at 1 minute to go he got really excited until I said

"Yes but they'll go to extra time"


so I explained to which he replied

"Oh for goodness sakes how much more time are they going to give them before they stop playing!"

Thankfully we won and I was left with a lovely funny little conversation for me to document on here!

So now for the crafting - there's been the compilation of a circle journal that needs to go as soon as possible and well in all honesty that's it and I haven't photographed it so I'm useless - slapped wrists sorry but you'll have to put up with the grateful list this week!  If you're joining in please add yourself to the list below


  1. What a fun posting and list.
    Enjoy your week away.
    Sue xx

  2. Later than usual but here I am xx fab list as always V xx

  3. Oh GInny, I do love reading your posts, such great reminders of what is important in life, especially when it seems such hard work! Have a great week away love, enjoy every minute and come back to give us more of you wonderful humour.
    Much Love
    x Michelle

  4. I'm thinking I'm grateful for the wine growers too! I shall be sitting out in the garden shortly enjoying a long cool drink myself!
    Love the football story - although we love football in our house (Andy and Martin watched England match together - one in Yorkshire and the other in Belfast - conversation plus cheering and shouting at TV - via iphone! pretty cool eh?)
    Enjoy your away time, post piccies when you get back x x

  5. LOL - nope not footie fans here either and had similar conversations with Phoebe. She wanted toknow why the bloke running up and down with a flag didn't just join in *g*

    Not so good on the weightloss here. Have put 1lb back on over the last couple of weeks - can I nick some of your Mums excuses?? :P