Friday, 18 June 2010


Wow Friday again already this week has absolutely flown, I'm back at work, stress levels not great but I'm trying to keep things in perspective!  This is my chance to comment on what I'm grateful for this week

My Mum and my sister, they came over last night and we talked tactics on weight loss and we're making plans 8 weeks to my cousins wedding and we really need to get ourselves in gear, it was lovely to catch up and my sister has a gorgeous new hair style - honestly it's amazing and she looks fantastic! 

My husband for agreeing to start emptying the office (honestly just to be able to walk in there will be amazing!)
Lynda Fields - for two books - Be Yourself and Instant Life Coach

My brother John for just being himself

Paint - I love the stuff, even when I'm dressed for work I can squeeze in a little bit of painting time before it's time to leave the house - my husband can confirm this as he witnessed it first hand this morning! 

My eyes - for allowing me to witness so many things in life, to read blogs and websites, to absorb books to watch things like Springwatch on TV

Being thankful for being here yet again, another week of my life lived and loved (stress and all)

Finally a big thank you to all of you who've started to join in on this little journey each week, I feel honoured and humbled that other people find this a worthwhile journey and a lovely way to start your weekend.  Whatever you are doing this weekend I hope it is truly blessed.

 A little of my art journal work just to finish off this posting - the final piece in my A3 book - a double page
and the back cover all done and finished
If you are joining in with 'Rocking Your World' then please add yourself below


  1. Beautiful reasons to be thankful Virginia. Thank you for letting us join in - it's calming to step back and think about life properly rather than just reacting.
    Your art work is fabulous - loving those images.
    Sue xx

  2. Hi Virgina

    Another fab entry sweetie. Joy art journal looks fab - you must put the final item on a slide show!

    Beggar of a week for me this week so am off to ponder my WRTF and commit it to the ether.


  3. First again! Hope the stress levels settle at work xx

  4. Ah, lovely rockin' today, Virginia. I'm giggling at the image of you painting in your work clothes - do you arrive at work smeared in paint?! Have a great weekend, xxx

  5. Great post, I find when I read the lists of things people are thankful for it always slows me down and I feel very peaceful, you wouldn't think a few words could do that.

    Thanks for the tip, I already have her blog in my favourites, her books are amazing.

  6. Hi Virginia, I've just posted my list (just about in time!). Happy weekend, xx

  7. Some of my favourite things in your thankful list this week too Virginia. Love your finished journal. Gorgeous as always. Love the painty worship. Am so with you on that. And thelittle things that amaze my eyes - I'm always astonished when some people seem to just not even notice them.

    I forgot to add to my post that I'm thankful for this Friday Exercise. Thanks Virginia :)