Friday, 11 June 2010


Well here we are on Friday again and time to reflect on the week and list my gratefuls

Finally I'm getting me back, I'm slightly more bolshy (ask hubby) have stopped bursting into tears over the most ridiculous of things and am generally feel more at one with the world!

I'm grateful for my glider (no impact - exercise thingy that I've had for years) it's allowed me to do 3 miles every day since Monday and has really started to lift my spirits which has made a huge difference!

I'm grateful to Susan Jeffers (who you may ask) the lady who wrote 'Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway' I've read this book so many times, I've owned so many copies often giving them away when I've seen someone in need (well you have to share that knowledge with the universe don't you know!) I'd forgotten how enlightening it was, how we can all sit in fear of - well of everything if we want to and fear breeds fear and well that doesn't float my boat, so if you feel that there are areas of your life that you are struggling with and you want to make changes but aren't sure how (and are worried about what 'might or might not' happen) then give it a whirl I promise you, you won't be disappointed!

Not a fan of Susan - try Lynda Fields - she wrote Weekend Lifecoach and one I picked up recently called Be Yourself - really simple sounding but speaks volumes. I decided that I can't be anyone else I can actually only be me, so if you do nothing else have a 'Be Yourself' day!

I'm grateful for lego - it provides such fun and enjoyment for my nine year old and anything that makes him happy makes me happy!

I'm grateful for being able to be creative, getting back to what I love again is lovely.

I'm grateful for digital cameras - I can take hundreds and hundreds of photos and choose the best and then get them printed (all 431 of them this last week) and it cost just over £30 - not being funny but before the age of digital photography we'd pay just short of £10 (last time I had some developed) for 36 shots of which most were pointless!

I'm grateful for being back on the slimming world plan, (why did I leave it) I'm eating healthily enjoying my food and feeling better in myself!!!!! Speaks volumes!

And as always I'm truly grateful for being alive for another day - yes I know the weather is lousy but we can go outside and enjoy the world just as it is - rain and all!

Crafting - you thought I'd forgotten? No don't be silly I'm officially enjoying my crafting, I've even been considering what I'm going to do about Christmas - stop screaming at the screen - you know I'm right in a way because you all promised to do 'handmade' for Christmas and so are going to wait until the silly season is upon you to make a start and spend the entire duration of December in hyper stressed mode, rather than planning ahead and doing a little bit of Christmas crafting as you go!  The gifts don't have to have a Christmassy feel to them, maybe you want to document a day out for a friend and give it to her as a Christmas present - well you can do that now and not have a strop over dealing with Chrismtas papers!  They don't have to be Christmassy they just have to be gifts you'd be happy to give away at Christmas and that you'd be happy to keep secret until then wouldn't they - it's not a difficult thought is it?

Anyway this isn't for Christmas this is actually for my neice for when she is away with school at camp next week, she is sooooo giddy! 

I made the book without a true purpose to it using an awesome tutuorial from You Tube that I discovered the other day - believe it or not the inner pages are made of envelopes! Each page has five pull out tags! I'm really pleased with the finished article
Who thought book rings could get exciting again!
I like it so much, I've decided to make more for the girls sharing her room with her (never happy at just giving myself one little project to do I now have another three to complete before Sunday) that way they've got half a chance of writing in the books whilst they are away, there is a complete page with tags etc for each day and prompts on the back of each tag, what you most enjoyed/least enjoyed, itinerary etc! 
More papers from the spring stack with a little bit of barn door distress inks to accent the whole thing!  The other three are different colours so once I've got them finished I'll put them on there.

And finally I leave you with this photo which I love!  Maybe it's how we should all be feeling this week, believe it or not this is from a gerbera that I've got in a mixed bunch of flowers and it started to lose it's centre, but rather than popping into the green recycle bin outside I let it drop the seeds onto the work top - maybe we should all try and feel a little lighter in our day, a little lighter in our hearts, not to feel so down but to be positive, to acknowledge that we're here again for another day and for that we should all be truly grateful and maybe we should allow our days to pick us up like the wind with a seed and carry us along to experience whatever life has to offer today!  I hope yours is truly blessed!
And finally Mr Linky - if you join in Rocking Your World Friday add yourself to the list so I can come visit! 


  1. First again I must be a very sad Friday person with nothing better to do LOL x Glad you are starting to feel better x Janet

  2. Glad things are brightening up for you and loving your latest project - those books are a great idea.
    Sue xx

  3. I'm hot behind you Janet .... must get out more - teehee! Glad you are feeling more bolshy V. Bolshy is good. I'm a big Susan Jeffers fan too. In our house its Chess that I'm grateful for ... my 14 year old and I play together but I remember the lego days fondly.
    I feel inadequate now that you've mentioned Xmas - I had such good intentions and they've all disappeared the closeer it gets. Your Gerbera seeds stopped me in my tracks and as I read what you'd written I felt all the stress start to drift away - your words changed my day so much for the better. Please may I nick your photo of the seeds to remind me? Just lovely. Thank you for the Friday Uplift Virginia. Have a great weekend. Pen xxx

  4. I'm so pleased you are crafting and enjoying it. I am one of the guilty ones who was all fired up to start my Christmas pressies in January. How many have I made? er... let me see, *counts fingers* that would be none then! You put me to shame. AGAIN! :P

    That book is gorgeous as is that bottom photo it's just so pretty.

  5. Thanks for the photo V! I've just printed it and it looks delicious IRL. Its just so soft and gentle to look at.Lotsa love, P x

  6. Have been lurking on your blog periodically but have decided to stop being such an ingrate and "What's Rocking Your Friday" seems like the ideal starting point!! Hope I can keep apace with my forerunners LOL!


  7. I wake up every morning knowing that I have a foundation on which I can build my Church.My Rock is truly my family. I love you, you are an amazing sister and one hell of a friend. Thank you x Lil Bro

  8. Hi Virginia, thanks for your kind comments on my blog - they're REALLY appreciated. I so agree with you about digital cameras - they're magic and so cheap for the fun you get from them. I'm hooked. Haven't read any of the books you mention, I'll have to give them a go cos I feel that I'm at that stage in my life when I'm desperately trying to be ME rather than who others might want me to be. I could do with some back-up and I think these books will help. Lego drives me up the wall, too many experiences of treading on it with bare feet - no, you're welcome! Gorg books, lucky lucky girls getting them. Your neice will be Miss Popular in her dorm! Enjoy your weekend with your lovely family, xxx

  9. Virginia

    Just popped by so say thanks for your kind commts on my blog. Roll on next Friday - it's a grat way to start the weekend!


  10. Just found your blog via Julia's WOYWW. Just love your honesty in this post. Like you, life had not been friendly of late I have been struggling to manage everything while keeping my sanity. To be honest, not quite sure if I have keep it - a dear friend of mine told me I have always been a bit nuts its just the past few months I just openly shown this to everyone! Who needs friends lol.

    Will have a look for the books you have mentioned.

    Not sure I will have time this week to join in with rocking my world Friday but will try next week. Looks good therapy to me - get all your feelings out

    Enjoy your weekend Hugs Can x

  11. Wow what a great way to use the book binding rings. Your Mini Books Rock. I really love how creative you are.