Friday, 4 June 2010


Crikey - Friday again - how did that happen?  
I mean am I right, have we now had the Easter weekend bank holidays, the May Day bank holiday and the Spring Bank holiday?  That leaves us the late summer one and then it will be Christmas right?  Right? Scary!

So firstly I've made Rocking your World picture to be used as a button - yes you heard me right - I've no idea how the hell to turn it into a button so at the minute you just get to look at it, (if anyone out there knows how to turn it into a button with the little gadget stuff at the bottom so people can pick it up and take it then let me know because I'm so bored of reading the internet to fathom it out - something to do with the attention span of a gnat!  
 OK eyes - down let's do grateful - this morning I'm going to go for the smaller things in life

Firstly this little guy made me laugh out loud last week 
why?  you may ask - it's just a squirrel - it's a squirrel who came to our squirrel feeder when it was raining fairly heavily last weekend so he did this
Yes that is him sat inside the feeder - I mean inside!  Literally got in there had breakfast kept dry - genius don't you think.  Occasionally he'd obviously get warm and poked his nose out for a breath of fresh air and then back in he went!
Complete genius I tell you and cute to boot!
Then it's music, I'm loving being able to listen to music again, it's been very therapeutic although my play list has been mainly angry loud rock music!  It's still alllllllllll good! 

Time to think - so important, we all run around doing, cleaning, cooking, working being busy generally, learning, juggling juggling juggling and then you think - what for?  We're in the sixth month of the year and I haven't even stopped this year, I mean stopped and enjoyed time just literally time - you know - to glance at the blue sky, to really taste the coffee, to ruffle said 9 years olds hair, the year is slipping away and I'm just not taking it in, so here's to time and me appreciating it a little better! 

Then it's finding my creativity - it's been missing this week (literally), I know you probably thought the giant art work last weekend had got me back on track, but I just kept sitting to my table and moving things around.  

I just couldn't settle to anything, but a little bit of card making and I was back art journaling - now please be aware that I don't do cards - why you may ask? 

because I'm rubbish at them 

but I love my new stampotique stamp I bought at Dyan's 
 and this is what I made
which in turn led me back to this, to be honest I've had the blank page with the image on for ages - I've even considered covering the image up - but then it hit me and away I went - wiggly zig zag lines are great.  I then dug out a Tim Holtz mask (which are such fun)  My now totally abused star stamps = tattooed image and my new wings stamp!  

That's it everyone's going to have wings and tattooes from here on in!
then I managed yesterday to finish off a circle journal I've had for a while, because I've been all over the place I was struggling with this one which was called hopes and dreams!  But I persevered - significantly, as I can't show the full image (wouldn't want to spoil things) - here are glimpses
So there we go - grateful (ooh and the one I always love - happy to be here again for another day - it's always good to say thanks for that don't you think, because life is so precious and yet also so fragile!)

So here's the bit where I put a linky - this is where you put your blog if you are joining in Rocking Your World Friday!


  1. Fabulous post as Ever Virginia hope you are feeling a little better xx

  2. Wow Virginia you've gone all proffessional :P I love the button and am going to nick it and will for now just link it to your blog.

    I am in love with your squirrel (never thought I'd say that to you! LOL!) He is so cute and ingenious! Brilliant photos.

    I love your Stampotique stamp - I neeeeed more of those. Craig bought me 'Mary' a while back - I need to get her out and dust her off I think.

    Love your winged lady - I love wings but used up my last wing rub-on giving wings to Bette Davis - must look out for some more!

    Off to sort out my Friday post right now. Time to start looking ahead again instead of moping about the past!

  3. Hi Virginia! Lovely thankful list you have this week. You are so right about how fast the year is going - I can't believe how much of it is past already! The whole notion of Xmas terrifies me..... aaaaargh! Your squirrel is an ingenious specimen - my son and I laughed out loud at the photos. For someone who's muse has taken a hike, you've been mighty creative. I love your card and pages. Love your WRYWF button and will display it with pride! I hope lifes balance is soon shifting in your favour again and thank you so much for your lovely comments on my blog. Pen x

  4. Loving your cards and journals!
    Off to think about my post too.
    Sue xx
    p.s. what a clever squirrel and great photos!

  5. Hi Virginia, I'm a bit late today but have just scaped in with my 'What's Rocking...' post! That squirrel is wonderful - I got both my kids to come and have a look. He really made us laugh, what a character! As for your journal page - where do you find those fantastic images? (or is it you posing..?!). Love the colouring on Hopes and Dreams - looking forward to seeing more, you tease! Well, that's all from me, tara Chuck and have a fab weekend, xxxxx

  6. The squirrell photo's are brilliant - great job of capturing him! This is a happy post Virginia - glad you're powering through all the gunk! Cards look great and Stampotique-y! Do you know, I have her twin! heh heh heh! x x

  7. well for someone who's mojo has gone you have achieved sooo much, and its all looking great. I love that aquirrel, called squizzles in our house. We have an old cemetary nearby that is full of them, quite tame too they will come and eat from your hand if you take nuts.

  8. The squirrell definitely made me smile today too. :o)

  9. Found your blog through Carmens and have really enjoyed reading it. Love the canvas you have made, inspirational!